Nemesis: Major Haley. 2 – Operation Smash and Burn

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Allo, allo!

We’re back to getting time shifted and dodging bullets here on the frontlines this week. Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the List and its general game plan. It’s not a bad idea to have access to the Major’s rules while you read. Never forget that pods are busted!

A Tyrant’s Troubles

…are quite few in this case. Skorne are good against Cygnar in general. Large numbers of Krea buffed elephants are very troublesome for gunlines with no Purification. They also hit very hard and excel at taking big single models off the table. This gives you plenty of good options, and probably the best chance of any Faction to drop a general list and do very well against Dub-Walls!

The Rasheth tier is very good, with loads of agonisers, and almost nothing that cares about covering fire too badly. That and a host of cheap elephants is great, not to mention that with no Thorn you can keep Fatty relatively safe with paralytic aura and a few transfers. Arcing random breath of corruption is also very good at killing key pieces of that army.


Haters gonna HATE!

Morghoul1 is also not too bad, with an extremely fast Mammoth or just heavies, a counter feat and maybe also an agoniser he should stomp all over that matchup. I was playing him with almost all beasts and the Mammoth and its great as long as single burrowers don’t resist being blasted to death 4 times in a row!

It’s all so much more positive than the Lich2 matchup! The list I’m going to give today is a Xerxis one however. Despite it being boring, Xerxis is maybe the best matchup in the game against Haley double stormwall. That’s why everyone took him and Haley1 at the last Iron Gauntlet at Lock and Load after all.

Xerxis, 5 warbeast points
-Tiberion, 11 points
-Gladiator, 8 points
-Krea, 4 points

Cataphract Cetrati, full unit, 11 points
Cataphract Incindiarii, full unit, 9 points
Venator reivers, min unit, 5 points
-Venator reivers unit attachment, 2 points
Paingiver beast handlers, min unit, 2 points

Aptimus Marketh, 3 points

Though originally a proponent of the Mammoth with Xerxis, I think I prefer more elephants and units with him. Martial Discipline is very good with the reivers, they and the Incindiarii are very good at clearing troops away from your 7” Cetrati march every turn at Def 16, Arm 24. With fury the Incindiarii can hit very hard, and if needs be the Krea’s animus and defender’s ward can keep them safe in many matchups. It’s a solid brickey list that can play against many matchups (but never Cryx). You can afford to drop Marketh for a Tyrant Commander, but I really like him in this list and stray dying reivers and Cataphract will see him well fueled.

Skorne smash good! Who’d have thunk it?

A Scrutator’s Solution

Well what about our friends in the protectorate! Maybe some double Judicator action with Durant? Maybe some Kreoss2 exemplar spam (Don’t try this at home!)? The menoth matchup is a very interesting one. It all depends on whether Aiyana & Holt is in the list. This is much less likely with Haley and two stormwalls, but they could still replace the Black 13th and give you headaches. That and many single stormwall lists do take Aiyana and Holt, I know I certainly did and was very happy with that matchup. That is combined with the commonality of Caine2 with mercs taking A&H and being a Menoth matchup however means that you will probably see the Black 13th but not often have double stormwall dropped against you’re divinely wrought army.

I think Feora2 has a very excellent matchup against the standard Haley2 matchup. The avatar and Templar are utterly terrifying in melee and Passage should keep all four of your heavies safe from Stormwall. I think the Judicator build is actually less good against Haley as you are still out-threated and Arm 19, but can still do the job and if it ever gets there should beat the tar out of a stormwall. I always like Eiryss2 with Feora as it means your 2nd list can have Purification and you don’t give no craps about upkeeps.

Kreoss with the new Taryn change makes for a list that is amazing at just killing the crap out of Haley from down town, maybe with a Durant and Kreoss power pair of redeemers to just caster kill with boosted pow 14s from down town! Taryn is an excellent addition to Haley hunters in the modern day, just look out for Caine’s with accompanying Taryn.


Please hide base to base with collosals forever!

xoxo Gunmage Girl

I’m going to take a leaf out of the book of our hosts over on Muse on Minis though. High Reclaimer is probably best PoM matchup of all. It isn’t affected too adversely by the inclusion of Aiyana and Holt to your opponents list. So it matches up well against nearly all Cygnar as a shooting resistant medium infantry heavy list.

High Reclaimer, 6 warjack points
-Reckoner, 8 points

Avatar of Menoth, 11 points

Bastion, full unit, x2, 16 points
Holy zealots, full unit, 6 points
-Holy zealot unit attachment, 2 points
Visgoth Rhoven & Honor Guard, 4 points
Choir of Menoth, min unit, 2 points

Bastion Seneschal, 3 points
Gorman Di Wulfe, 2 points
Anastasia Di Bray, 2 points

This is SHAMELESSLY stolen from phatasian. I love it! I just don’t want to play against it! You should listen to battle reports and Dojo from around the 70s mark of Muse on Minis for more from the man himself. Think a bit about Rhoven and Gaze and about delivering Anastasia with clouds. It’s sick stuff. The avatar and two full units of blessed weapon masters should make short work of Stormwalls that can’t shoot them on approach.

Next week we’ll talk about Circle and Cryx!

Stay Classy!

Author: VagrantPoet

Dickhead, Debater, and Dilletante! Eoin dabbled in Trolls many years ago in Mark 1 after the release of Hordes. He returned to the game in Autumn of 2012 to the unified regret of all that is good and holy. Cygnar was his first real faction, followed by Circle before buying and selling Legion after a brief but successful spate. He has won a few local tournaments and loves to think about list building more than is healthy. Eoin is playing a lot of Circle in 2013. As a chronic faction ADD sufferer though, more models will be bought. Eoin writes for Overload Online at where he pens weekly (...okay, occassional) Nemesis articles, among other burbling and whiffling.

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