Nemesis: 13 – Cryx vs. Clocks, On Angels and Dennys


You cannot fight against the future. Time is on our side. W.E. Gladstone

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Now we’ve seen the faction of the clock. Cyriss has been released to fanfare and fandom at Lock and Load. The limited release faction has been met with a mixture of feelings from Mweh the models won’t ever be released to Mweh they are going to break and end the game. I actually think they are startlingly well balanced. Since Gargantuans, Privateer Press has been kicking their game design and balance chops into overdrive, in my opinion. They are though, a battlegroup faction, with a bit of a melee bent. So they are, almost by definition, Cryx bait. This week I’m going to try to build lists that I think will have a solid Cryx game with them.

The Lost Boys

Lucant is your worst bet. He does have purification, to hopefully get rid of those pesky crippling grasps and parasites, but the combination of his spells, abilities and playstyle doesn’t really lend itself well to facing off against Cryx. A mass of high Arm, shooting resistant, valuable models are the definition of Cryx bait. Lucant will be seen with probably a Prime Axiom or a Cipher and some Conservators, with a unit of Reciprocators around a galzaniser and an enigma foundry invincibly tarpitting. That’s not a good cryx plan, though likely to be a pretty common Cyriss list.

Axis has some interesting tools. His feat and the razor wall spell are very potent in this matchup, but he will probably play very far forward, and be relatively susceptible to Deneghra, Lich, Terminus assassinations. The Rat 2 on his jacks I feel hinders his ability to build a serious dedicated Cryx list. You would certainly want the full FA of clockwork angels if you do, then maybe obstructors and some medium infantry, I’d recommend a conservator, but I think I just love that guy. I’m not going to try to eck out a great list for him here though.


Hammer pants, Hammer pants, oh hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer pants.

Children of the Mother

Iron Mother Directrix and Exponent Servitors, 4 warjack points
-Monitor, x2, 8 points each
-Assimilator, 8 points
-Modulator, x2, 6 points each
-Corollary, 3 points
-Diffuser, 3 points

Optifex Directive, 2 points
Reductors, full unit, 6 points

Attunement Servitors, x3, 2 points
Reflex Servitors, x3, 2 points

This is list is fundamentally a jack-wall, gunline. It is a lot of heavy jacks to put up against Cryx, but it’s goal is to clear models fast and hard with ranged weapons. The modulators are your front line. They will move in, fire their two now range 13” guns, preferably at imperilled units, then one will retreat with tac supremacy. This should give you two turns of shooting with at least one of them, possibly both. Then they get hit with weapon masters, and probably another 2-3 die. This doesn’t seem like a great trade, but you’ve probably already done a considerable amount of work and they cost 6 bloody points! Satyxis raiders and backlash are a very real danger to these guys though. It is well worth running and exponent servitor, or your diffuser forward in order to arc spells to snipe their leader.

Be wary when using the optifex to give the modulators magic weapons in order to help out against blood witches/blackbanes, they are living models and can get excarnated. Speaking of chilling out behind the lightning bots, your redactors and reflex servitors should be set up just behind the modulators. Specifically, the reflex servitors want to dig in in a position so that infantry charging the modulator get countercharged. If this is the dregs of a shot up imperilled unit they probably lose another model or two to this counter charge. Make the modulator cost a startling amount of models and you’ll start to win the race.

The assimilator offers ground pounder to ignore the clouds of Lich, and stealth of banes. Especially on the feat turn he can do some excellent work clearing weapon masters. At least one monitor should be in every Cryx tailored list. They hunt Tartarus, they seek out the blood hag, and they keep the Dennys honest. This is especially true at Rat 8, range 15”, with magical weapon on demand, and arc nodes to but extra damage on coming from every direction. Both of these jacks are very solid in melee with attunement and exponent servitors to hit a target first, before a diffuser lights them up for a free charge. In other matchups the mother and corollary can make it so that these three jacks boost damage, she lands a boosted damage shrapnel swarm, and maybe sometimes a guns shot, and with exponent servitors all of these shots are Pow 15. That’s incredible heavy killing potency, offering a good answer to the likes of Saeryn, and a very different style of play to how I envision Lucant working.


True sight. It’s a thing!

From Forge to Field

Forge Master Syntherion, 6 warjack points
-Assimilator, 8 points
-Monitor, 8 points
-Cipher, 9 points
-Modulator, 6 points
-Corollary, 3 points
-Diffuser, 3 points

Clockwork Angels, x3, 3 points each
Optifex Directive, 2 points

Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex, x4, 1 point each
Reflex Servitors, x3, 2 points
Attunement Servitors, x3, 2 points

This list is an amalgamation of good anti-Cryx tools rather than a list with an over-arching anti-Cryx plan. I feel that the Forgemaster really wants a Prime Axiom, but that’s wasted points against Cryx. What he does like a lot is a reconstructing modulator. You can keep alive for longer with magnetic hold to slow counter attacks, stop charges, and then once they lose a few models to kill it, it reconstructs and they have to lose a few more. That and the surviving attacks are all standing close together and are perfect targets for a reflex servitor or ground pounder.

A moment should be taken to consider how good magnetic hold and a clusterbomb of flares are with ground pounder. Yeah. YEAH! RIGHT!? This list also has plenty of models to get it’s synergy chain going, so that you can get pow 23 ciphers charging Terminus, etc. The clockwork angels love the accuracy boost and the space granted by magnetic hold. And will do stunning amounts of work with the binomial beams before they have to close. Hot shot is at it’s best on a Cipher, especially once you snipe out the satyxis raider UA, etc.

[RANT: If I see another person thinking that hot shot is why Syntherion is good with the Prime, just because hot shot is bonkers on another collosal I will turn this internet around and no-one gets to see Disney land god damn it. Hot shot is not impressive on a guy with puncture and pow 11 rat 5 guns that don’t have AoEs. The Axiom’s guns were clearly designed so that he wouldn’t be a no brainer with hot shot. Don’t do it. And if you insist on it, please write a long, reasonless forum post and link it to my friend Stu (Valkine), he loves to read baseless conjecture online, he learns a lot on the forums (Eh?).]


Probably the best vector. I guess Carlsberg DO make warjacks.

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Wings Still On

Aurora, (Tier 4), 6 warjack points
-Monitor, 8 points
-Cipher , x2, 9 points
-Diffuser, 3 points

Clockwork Angels, x5, 3 points each
Optifex Directive, 2 points

Steelsoul Protector, 2 points
Reflex Servitors, x6, 2 points for every 3 servitors
Attunement Servitors, x6, 2 points for every 3 servitors

The FA of clockwork angels and steelsoul protectors is increased by 2. Clockwork angels gain Stealth first round (often a meh theme bonus, but on very fast AD troops this is kind of awesome). Steelsoul protectors AD. Heavy vectors in Aurora’s battlegroup gain Advanced Move.

No. I don’t have a corollary. Yes. This list is up the board very fast. No. I don’t think that’s too many flares. Yes. This is F***ING AWESOME! With that much flare, though you shouldn’t expose the ciphers early, your angels will almost all be accurate. And they will tear shit up, walking around 9” before shooting and reforming. Going first will be pretty incredible for buying board space and control. Aurora with her 14”-23” threat is absolutely deadly to many Cryx casters. The refuge feat lets you get in, shoot up his army early, then back up. Even your attunement servitors will get to retreat after the flare AoE’s tag anything. It lets you stroll forward, pop a big sawing cap in Tartarus’s punk ass and then refuge back. The more I think about how that feat works, the more powerful it seems to me.

Always keep admonition on Aurora unless you are sure she’s safe and have a slightly exposed vector whom admonition will keep alive. The muse guys said it first, this theme force is incredibly fun, and has some really solid game against Cryx.

This faction will always probably hate Deneghra1 and Lich2, but who doesn’t!?

Keep ticking tock brothers,
Stay Classy,

P.S. No I didn’t jump from 11 to 13. The Morvahna-sode was never numbered. And I only realised as I uploaded! I thought it was appropriate! Primes 4 EVA!

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