Natetehaggresar goes to the Mayhem Cup Practice Tournament Part II – The Games

The Champ!


This is part II, the games I played at the Mayhem Cup practice tourney held at Mayhem Collectibles in Des Moines Iowa on 2/9/13. I went through my normal pre-tournament routine, got a good night’s sleep, and had breakfast. In this/ case I cooked blue berry pancakes and sausages, has some dark coffee and enjoyed my morning. I arrived at the shop a little after 10, and filled out my lists quickly, and prepared for an enjoyable day of Warmachine.

As a note the lists below are to the best of my recollection so if they are incomplete, well so is my memory. Also descriptions of the boards when given are from my point of view. Sorry I didn’t take pictures, also writing this up from memory is alot of work!


Round 1 – pJosh Holt a.k.a. Ooh_Shiny

Scenario: Outflank

I was glad to see my first round pairing. Josh and I have known each other for well over 10 years. I first met him playing Warhammer Fantasy while I was in High school and he was in Undergrad. I also was happy to see he was playing Skorne. As a faction Skorne has a hard time dealing with high defense infantry, this will change soon with the Incindiarii and the Mammoth. I knew before I sat down that I would be playing pIrusk. Josh was running pMakeda, and a Xerxis Titan brick. He selected pMakeda.


Cyclops Brute

Molik Karn

Max Nilators

Max Venator Reivers + UA


Tyrant Radiem


Totem Hunter

Tyrant Commander and Standard

Pain Giver Beast Handlers

I win the roll for turns and elect to go first. The board has a medium sized obstruction on Josh’s side of the board just outside of the right zone and towards the left/right center of the board. There is wall just on Josh’s side of the board running vertically through the left zone. The obstruction and wall create a sort of corridor down the center of the board. There is a second wall on my side of the board just out of my deployment zone to the left of my center running nearly laterally. There are also hills and forests that really play no part in the game.

I set up my Pike men Center, Kayazi to the right, and Nyss to the Left. Behemoth, Gorman Irusk and Bears to the center. Josh sets up the venators across from the Nyss. He also puts Hakkar, Radiem, Marketh and the Tyrant across from the Nyss. Nilators Brute and Makeda deployed to the Center. Molik Karn and Totem Hunter placed across from the Kayazi. During AD I set up the widow makers to center, and Totem Hunter preys the widow makers.

My Round  1 – I run everything as far forward as possible. IF goes to the Nyss, Superiority to the Behemoth. The widow makers advance to a few inches beyond the AD line. I’m careful to keep Valachev behind the wall outside my deployment zone.

Josh Round 1 – He runs most everything forward. The venators advance and take pot shots as Nyss, they all miss. Josh keeps 2 of the venators behind a makeshift wall he creates with Radiem and the Tyrant Commander. Makeda Feats and puts defenders ward on herself. Savagery was cast on Hakkar.

My Round 2 – I let IF drop upkeep superiority and give 3 to the sub cortex. Kayazi run ahead splitting the unit into 2. Some go to the zone on my right and two run to engage the nilators, keeping one back to receive iron flesh. Irusk Feats moves a little forward – he is now just a few inches outside my deployment line, and castes IF on the Kayazi leaving a camp of 1 focus.

The Nyss Aim and Zephyr killing 9 venators. The Behemoth aims and shoots at the Tyrant Standard killing the standard and a nearby venator with a boost. The Second aimed shoot went to the Venator UA commander killing him. The widow makers shuffled around to get shots at the last venator and clear charge lanes for the IFP. A widow maker kills the last venator and the rest and cause 3 passed tough checks from the Nilators.  The Pike men end up shield walling and waiting to engage the Skorne. Some set up to charge into the Nilators next turn, killing a few this turn won’t help any due to Makada’s feat. Some other IFP set up to charge into the right zone.

Josh Round Two – Josh decides that he doesn’t like the way the attrition is going and tell me that it is now or never. Hakkar vengeances deep into the Nyss and kills one. Hakkar advances further in and kills two more Nyss. The Marketh activates and moves savagery onto Radiem. The Tyrant commander gives Radiem extra movement. Radiem advances through the Nyss, Leaps, and lands next to Irusk. Radiem’s AP attack connects but he rolls very poorly doing two damage to Irusk, and Radiem’s mount misses.

Makeda casts carnage, the Nilators whiff on IF Kayazi. The Totem Hunter whiffs on IF Kayazi, and Molik Karn manages to Kill 1 IF Kayazi. Ending his turn in charge range of the Bears.

My Round Three – I Upkeep Superiority and let IF drop. Irusk Keeps all 6 focus. Irusk advances to the edge of Radiem’s melee range and casts IF on himself and Battle Lust on the Bears. Gorman throws a black oil bomb onto Radiem. The bears kill Molik Karn. The Kayazi Kill the totem Hunter and cause 2 more passed tough checks on the Nilators. The IFP charge (in retrospect they should have shield walled), 5 or so charge into the Nilators, 3-4 run into the right zone, and another 2-3 run to face Hakkar. The IFP cause more passed tough checks on the Nihlators. Widow makers shoot at the KD Nilators and I think I kill 2. The Nyss charge Hakkar, I get ~ 4 into him, and fail to bring him down he was left with 2ish life.

I think the Behemoth aimed and took out Marketh, and I think he may have gotten a distant Nilator with some deviated blast damage.

Josh Round 3 – Makada cast Savagery and walked into the right zone. The Tyrant Commander reviled the Nilators. The Nihlators charged everything clogging up the center, 2 had moved around to the right zone and they charged into the underboss and some great bears. Yarovitch died and Kolsk got damaged. The other Nilator missed the underboss.  Hakkar killed some more Nyss and healed up some, thankfully he was no longer camping any souls. Radiem sacked his action and walked over to engage Gorman.

From this point I can’t remember the specifics of the game, the remaining Nyss and Widow Makers cleared out the Nilators and Tyrant Commander in the center, Behemoth finished Hakkar. I don’t remember how Radiem Died but the game ended with Irusk Dominating the left Zone, and Makada failing to kill what I fed into the right zone.



Round 2 Dave Drahaus a.k.a. Adurot

Scenario: Supply and Demand

Second round I got paired against Cryx Dave, you might recognize his Necron-Cryx conversions. Excellent, a chance to use my anti-Cryx tech. I look over his lists and see pGorshade and pGaspy, both lists are fielding Satyxis Blood Witches, and the pGaspy list is fielding Raiders as well. I know what I’m playing, Sorcha.



2 Bone Chickens with arc nodes

Wraith Engine

Wither Shadow Combine

Max Blood Gorgers

Max Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch

Satyxis Raider Captain

Max Satyxis Sea Witches + Hag

Dave wins the roll to go first. Ah the exact setup that my other lists always struggle against, being pinned by Satyxis before I even get the chance to activate a model. The choice of sides is pretty irrelevant, there is no terrain at all in the zone in the middle, and my objective was on a hill just outside the zone.

Dave set up the Wraith Engine on my left directly across from my objective. I set up the Gun Carriage on the right directly across from his objective. Dave set up Gaspy just off center on the right near his objective, blood gorgers in the middle, wither shadow and a bone chicken left of center, and the Blood Witches on the far left flank on the other side of his wraith engine. A bone chick was set up on the right side near Gaspy.

I set Sorcha just left of center near the hill and my objective. It put everything else in one big blob in the center, which I regret because they were tripping each other up.

Dave placed the Raiders on the AD line on the far right away from the hill and Sorcha. I split the Doom Reavers placing one unit each on the AD line on each far flank, then eEyriss was placed on the left near Sorcha.

Dave Round 1 – Dave ran everything forward. He was very careful to keep everything out of the Reavers 11 inch Charge threat.

My Round 1 – I was very aware that my army was already in Gaspy’s spell threat range, and with very little forward movement on my right flank I would also be within the Raiders threat as well. Sorcha gives 1 focus to the Spriggan. Sorcha activates and advances casts fog of war, and wind rushes onto the hill behind the objective.

The Spriggan runs into the zone. The war wagon tramples forward at an angle to get just outside the zone and fires two speculative shots into the blood gorgers. I don’t think I kill anything, but two nice deviations put down a lot of rough terrain into the unit they have to dance around and through. Both units of doom Reavers advance the ones on the right flank advance to a hair inside the Raiders threat. The ones on the left advance into the wraith engines threat. For some reason I group them closely together, don’t ask me why, I like making bad decisions. EEyriss chills out where she is. The WGI bob and weave forward and Joe tough and fearlesses them.

Dave Round 2 – Dave has a lot of options this round. He goes back and forth on whether the Raiders should go after to doom Reavers in their threat, or after the gun carriage. The Raiders are place so far onto the flank that only a few of them are capable of reaching either target. Dave decides to get started and comes back to them later.

The wraith engine ports 2 inches forward and charges the doom Reavers. I knew that was coming, but due to my idiotic positioning he kills 4 of the doom Reavers on my left side, and only fails to kill a 5th due to some bad dice. The Sea Witches run forward, 2 engage the lone unengaged doom reaver on that flank, the rest hold back slightly, assumedly afraid of berserk and the winter guard.

The Raiders on the right are desperate paced and charge into the doom Reavers on the right. Due to blind luck only 3 of them are in range of the doom Reavers. I knew I was skirting their charge threat very closely, but I didn’t think I was quite as close as they were. The raiders passed their abomination check and killed two Reavers, failing to hit 1of them.  Wisely half the raiders decided to hang back once the lead raiders engaged so they would not be at risk next turn and could charge back in. The Blood Gorgers ran into the zone, Gaspy advanced into the zone near his objective. The wither shadow advanced cautious to stay away from the spriggan’s flare range. The bone chickens took position just on Gaspy’s side of the zone.

My Round 2 – Sorcha kept all of her focus and upkept fog of war for free. Wyshnallyr advances and arcane secrets Sorcha. Sorcha advances into the zone and feats catching all but the back two blood gorgers, a few near raiders, and the wraith engine. Sorcha then casts freezing grip on a stationary raider, and freezes the whole unit. Sorcha wind rushes back into a pocket in the winter guard, forgetting to shoot her hand cannon at something.

The Spriggan advances into the zone mirroring where Gaspy is. Both of them are on a straight line between our objectives.  The gun carriage kills the Sea Witch and most of the far Satyxis. The doom Reavers advance and kill all the near Satyxis. Dave is very amused when I point to a large clump of them saying they’re all auto hit and auto killed.

The left flank goes less well. The WGI bob and weave forward with a few lead members getting 2-3 inches into the zone, and they fan out to the left to take some CRAs into the wraith engine. Between the WGI and the doom Reavers the engine is reduced to slightly below half heath. Some of the lead winter guards kill a few stationary blood gorgers as well. The doom reaver that was tied up in melee with the blood witches kills 1 and whiffs on the other. Lady A and Master H are out of range to do anything useful, same with Corbeau. EEyriss decides that she isn’t any help where she is at and runs through the winter guard unit towards the center of the board, she ends up standing slightly in front of Sorcha. I’m worried that one of the bone chickens will run up and channel death to Sorcha who is not camping any focus. I’m hoping that her 5 inch no channeling bubble saves Sorcha’s life.

At the end of the round Dave asked if I had kill boxed myself. I measured, and indeed I had. It completely slipped my mind. Dave scores 2 points, thank you for not auto death!

Dave Round 3 – Dave keeps all Focus on Gaspy.  The wither shadow combine advances. An unstationary blood gorger is puppet stringed, and the other two take pot shots at winter guard and miss. The two blood gorgers who are not stationary charge and kill 1 blood gorger that is blocking the charge lane between Gaspy and the Spriggan.

Gaspy Charges the Spriggan, parasites the Spriggan, and scything touches himself and deals a lot of damage to the Spriggan. Gaspy pops his feat, kills 3 unfortunate winter guard with the pow 5, and finishes off the Spriggan with 2 to spare. Gaspy then teleports back to near his objective. The Raider captain charges a doom reaver and fails to hit him.

The blood witches kill a doom reaver, and the rest of them run around to threaten the WGI.

My Round 3 – At this point I’m pretty sure I have Gaspy. Again I placed Corbeau in a bad place and didn’t get an intrigue movement. Sorcha lets fog of war drop. Sylas advances and arcane secrets her. At his point I have a decision to make.  Gaspy is close enough that I can advance and tempest him directly, but I don’t think the objective is close enough for Sorcha to advance and tempest that instead, I could charge 1 of my own winter guard to get the objective, but then I don’t get a hand cannon shot on Gaspy. In the end I decide to roll the 9 to hit Gaspy and walk Sorcha forward, tempest and the dice come up 1, 2, 3, then a 5 after some spinning, whew. Gaspy goes down to winter guard fire after EEyriss strips his last focus.

We finished up over an hour before the next round was scheduled to begin. I told Dave that I think he should have probably gone for the mass WGI kill instead with the combination of parasite and his feat the winter guard would get killed on sixes. I didn’t think the Spriggan was the right choice to blow his feat on since he can easily create swings of 5 armor. Dave wanted to get rid of it so he could start scoring points easier since I had kill boxed myself the previous round. Which is a fair point.

We also discussed the potential Sorcha assassination. Gaspy would have needed to kill at least one winter guard that was blocking LoS from Gaspy to Sorcha, and he was also far enough away that BoK could still drift off her. At the time Sorcha’s def was 20, so he needed 13s to directly hit her. Dave also considered using a bone chicken to do it, but decided against it. He had completely forgotten about Eyriss’s no channeling aura, but where the chicken would have ended up was right on the verge of her aura so we would never know whether EEyriss would have “Gotcha’ed!” him. Oh well.

Phatasian told everyone next paring was at 3:00 so I knew I had time to get a late lunch. The break was also being used for the days painting competition. I entered my pieces, pIrusk since I forgot to bring my Horsey-Vlad, a unit of Doom Reavers, Drago, and my Conquest.


Round 3 Ryan Marquardt a.k.a. Maul

Scenario: Close Quarters

Ryan’s a good gamer buddy of mine; he’s very sporting and a pleasure to play a game with. We met playing Warhammer Fantasy back when both of us were in High school, so we go waaaay back as well. We had been joking about getting matched up during lunch, my Irusk list has been his bane for a while now, but he had a Damiano list he thought fared well in a matchup against it. When the pairings went up I told him I’d be running Irusk, and that he could bring it! His other list was Gorten; Ryan decided to take his Damiano list.




Wyshnayllyr the Seeker

Max Gunmages + UA

–          Marshaled Vanguard

Max Steelhead Halberdiers

Max Boomhowlers and Co.

Lady Ayanna and Master Holt

Alexia and Risen

Rupert the Piper of Ord

Ryan won the initial roll, and elected to take first turn. I didn’t mind too much because there was some meaningful terrain to exploit. There was a wall within 2 inches of my flag, and a forest between my flag and Ryan’s side of the board. There was also a patch of rough terrain just outside the deployment zone on my left flank, and he had a hill a few inches away from his flag. The middle of the board from the center to my left flag was otherwise devoid of terrain.

Ryan set up putting Boomhowlers, A & H on the right side across from my flag, and deploying the gun mages directly behind them. Damiano, Rocinante the Nomad and Vanguard were Center, with Alexia, the piper and Wyshnalyrr behind. The Steel heads were on the left side of the board.

I deviated from my standard deployment. On my right I had the Pikes with Irusk and his retinue of bears, Gorman and the dog center right so Irusk could advance up to the wall. The Nyss and Kayazi were intermixed in the center and center left. I deployed the Widow makers near the AD line on the left flank and Orrick was placed near the rough terrain patch.

Ryan Round 1 – Everything runs or advances forward. Sure foot on the vanguard who runs just behind Boomhowler. Death March on the Steelheads. The Gun mages run across the back of his line to reposition behind the center and steel heads. We both know their job is to hunt Kayazi and Nyss under deadeye, not to waste their shots into Shield walled IFP. Piper toughs the Steelheads.

My Round 1 – I consider using my feat this round to counter jam, but in the end decide that I would prefer to use it offensively instead of defensively. Irusk gives 1 to the cortex and 1 to the sub cortex. The Pikes run forward taking up position behind the wall and around the corner of the forest in a spread out crescent. The Nyss cautiously advance forward to what I judge to be just outside the Steel heads charge threat. The Kayazi spread out while still remaining intermixed with the Nyss. Both units are careful to keep a least 1 member near Irusk to receive buffs. Irusk casts IF on the Nyss and Superiority on the Behemoth, then advances to behind the wall. The Behemoth tramples forward and lobs a speculative bombard. It lands on a gunmage killing him. Big B lobs another speculative bombard which lands on 2 more gun mages and Rupert. The gun mages die, Rupert survives with 1 HP. The Widow makers and Orrick Run around to the center of my deployment zone.

Ryan Round 2- Ryan Upkeeps sure foot and death march, one for free. 2 focus to Rocinante. The Steel heads run forward engage a few Nyss and spread out. The gunmages advance and snipe shooting at Kayazi, I think they kill 1. Alexia runs forward keeping most of the Steelheads in her collection aura. I think Damiano casts warpath, then decides against using it later this round. Rocinante advances and shoots killing a widow maker. Boomhowlers runs forward, the lead trollkin are just past my flag, no attacks are made because none of them had range to the pikes they can see or LoS to the Pikes that are near them due to the forest. Ayanna and hold advance, the Vanguard runs ending his movement in the boomhowlers giving sure foot to about half the Boomhowlers, Damiano, and Rocinante.

My Round 2 – Irusk upkeeps Superiority and lets IF drop from the Nyss. Irusk keeps all his focus.  Irusk activates first and pops his feat, casts Inhospitable Ground, and puts Iron Flesh on the Pike men. The Nyss Aim and Zephyr forcing tough checks on all the Steelheads, killing all but 1 or 2. The Kayazi finish the Steelheads off. Behemoth attacks and kills 1 Boomhowler that was pinning him, but the other one toughs. A speculative Bombard deviates and kills Master Holt without any focus to boost, another speculative shot kills another gun mage.  The Pikes shield wall and iron zeal, advance and attack the boomhowlers. Between 4+ tough and sure foot they only manage to kill 2 or so of them despite getting around 9 attacks. The widow makers take some shots at unengaged ones but I don’t think they scored any kills. Gorman advances around to the side so he is slightly behind the wall and right next to behemoth.

Ryan Round 3 – Sure foot is upkept, 2 to Rocinante I believe. Alexia gets to place a whole gaggle of risen from all the dudes who died. Piper toughs the Risen. Damiano pops his feat and death marches the risen, and dead eyes the remaining gun mages. Ryan starts charging the Risen into my Nyss. After a few move we both remember that I have Inhospitable Ground in play, only two of the risen have movement to reach the Nyss, the rest can only shamble forward meekly.  1 Nyss dies. Rocinante advances and shoots, I think he kills a widow maker and a Nyss. Lady A attempts to harm an engaged Pike man and misses, then harms the Boomhowlers instead. Boomies flail at the Pike men; I don’t think a single one dies. The Nomad advances to behind Rocinante. The Gun Mages kill 2 Kayazi and hit the underboss, but he tough and steadies it like the boss he is.

My Round 3 – 3 to the Cortex, 1 to upkeep superiority. I think Irusk casts Inhospitable Ground. The Pikes shield wall, and press further into the Boomhowlers. They finally start to fail tough check and most of them die.

The Behemoth charges into Rocinante. I totally forget that he has defensive strike and he takes 7 off of the Behemoths 3. Big B then pulverizes Rocinante. The great bears move up. Gorman advances and throws black oil at Damiano; it’s out of range and deviates onto the Nomad. The Nyss and Kayazi do battle with the Risen. Many die, but a fair number of tough checks are made.

At about this time I start to get worried about dice down. Looking around a fair number of games have wrapped up. Neither one of us has scored any scenario points, but he still has a nomad, vanguard, a caster, Wyshnaylyrr and a few boomhowlers near my flag, and the Kayazi and Nyss are struggling against a giant mass of Risen in the middle of the board. During Ryan’s next two turns I’m anxious, not because I’m worried about him killing my caster or attritioning me, but instead because of dice down potential.

Ryan Round 4 – Damiano Upkeeps sure foot and death march. Gives 3 focus to the Nomad. Damiano advances in a rearward direction to get away from the behemoth. The nomad sacs its move and attacks the behemoth rather ineffectually. The Nomad is blind so its Mat is 2, and the Behemoth still has superiority so its def is 12. This forces the Nomad to Boost to hit. It does some damage, but fails to take out any systems.

The Boomhowlers and Vanguard try to kill some Pike men, 1 or 2 die. Alexia and the risen kill a Nyss or 2, again IG is a thorn in their side, and they are piped tough and fearless. 2 Risen charge Gorman and fail to kill him. Some gun mages Aim and snipe killing another Nyss and Kayazi.

My Round 4 – I upkeep superiority, I think I give 3 to the cortex. I remember making it my goal this turn to move Irusk up to the flag and score a control point this round, but for some reason by the end of my turn I had failed to accomplish it. I think there was an order of activations snafu that I didn’t realize. I think Irusk battle lusted the Pike men, but then couldn’t fit to cap the flag.

A combination of Pike men and Great Bears finished off all the rest of the boomhowlers, Vanguard, Ayanna, and Wyshnaylyrr. Behemoth killed the Nomad, but didn’t advance around to the side because I’m an idiot. It was questionable if the behemoth was contesting the flag, I thought he was out, Ryan thought he was in, but it never became an issue. The Nyss and Risen continued their epic duel, the Nyss tied zephyr shooting and doing 2 mans into alexia. She used tough risen as ablative armor and continued to survive. I also was dumb and only had a few infantry that were obviously contesting Ryan’s flag; I think 1 Kayazi and 1 Nyss.

Ryan Round 5 – Damiano upkept death march on the risen and ran to the hill near his flag. Damiano was about 2 inches away from the flag. I think Damiano could have run to the flag, but I think Ryan felt safer on the hill. I think Ryan could have scored 1 point by killing a Nyss and Kayazi with the remaining gun mages, as I said earlier I don’t think big B was near enough to contest. It was getting really late in the round and 1 point would have won him the game if dice were called during his turn.

The gun mages instead aimed and attempted to thunderbolt the behemoth. They all missed! Alexia and Risen killed another few Nyss and the last of the Kayazi. Rupert Piped tough on the Risen.

My Round 5 – I upkept Superiority. All focus to Irusk. Irusk moved to the flag as fast as I could move him. I knew I had won the game because if dice down was called I would have a point on final scoring. Behemoth walked forward to the left to contest the flag and near enough to some gun mages to auto hit them with bombards. On the first shot behemoth finished the last two regular gunmages, and the piper, the second shot missed the dude. The deviation stayed on the dude, but it failed to kill him. There were around 4 or 5 Nyss including Cylena left at this point, and Valachev. Valachev tried to spray Alexia and missed. The remaining Nyss all CRAed Alexia and rolled bonkers for damage. Instead of spreading the damage out to all the remaining Risen which would have resulted in Alexia taking a tough check anyway Alexia elected to take all the damage and failed her tough check.  Irusk scored 1 point.

Ryan Round 6 – Ryan vengenced 1 risen into a Nyss and it missed. Ryan was thinking about how poorly Damiano would do fighting the behemoth when dice down was called. Irusk scored a second point on dice down.

Whew, that game was a nail biter. I didn’t pull ahead in tie breakers until about the last ten to fifteen minutes of the game. I wanted to sit around and chat about the game for a while with Ryan. Ryan has been playing Warmachine for about a year, but since he lives in the country he can’t regularly make it to game night. I think this is his second tournament and I think he could have made a stronger play for the win if he had been playing more conservatively for the scenario. Damiano could have kept his upkeeps in play and his war jacks in his control while sitting on the flag on his side of the board. I think he could have racked up a CP lead playing in that manner, while still jamming me up on my side of the board. Phat had the next rounds pairings up very quickly so we didn’t have time to chat, rush rush rush.


Round 4 Michael Mensing

Scenario: Into the Breach

Mikes a player from the Ames Mayhem who came up to play in the tournament. We met a few months ago, I make it a habit to try and make it to the Ames game night at least once a month, and more when I can. Mikes been playing a few months and came in second in the Ames Warmachine Football Style league. Given all this I was still a little surprised to see him 3-0 going into the fourth round. Mike played Troll bloods in the league, and he just started up Menoth a few weeks ago. Mike was running pSevarius and pKreoss. I didn’t even look at his lists before selecting. Sorcha does not like being knocked down, Sorcha does not like the covenant of Menoth, and Sorcha’s list is light on armor cracking. pIrusk again.








Knights Exemplar

Max Zealots + Monolith

Max Choir

Vassal of Menoth

I won the initial roll and elected to go first. Going Right to Left there was a Forest slightly on my side of the board near the right flank. There was a Large Obstruction just outside Mike’s deployment zone on the right center, then a small obstruction slightly past his AD line just right of center. I had a Small obstruction a few inches past my AD line in the center of the board. There was a small wall on Mike’s side of the board running nearly right to left in the zone, there was a forest in Mike’s deployment zone a running along the zone, and then there was a forest in my AD zone far off to the right side.

I set up Nyss to my Right Flank to take advantage of the forest near the middle of the board. I set up the pike men and bears towards the center of the board in front of Irusk. The behemoth is slightly to the left of center, and the Kayazi are on my left flank.

Mike sets up the Zealots to the right of the large obstruction. The Knights exemplars are placed to the left of the large obstruction. Sevarius, the choir, vassal, and all the jacks except the Avatar are placed in wall from just right of the forest to the center of the board. The Avatar takes up position just to the left of the forest.

I advance deploy the widow makers to the center of the board, and place Saxon behind the Pike men.

My Round 1. One focus to the cortex, six to Irusk. Nearly everything runs as far forward as possible. Irusk puts superiority on the behemoth and Iron Flesh on the IFP. The IFP Iron Zeal and spread out. Valachev hides behind the forest, the widow makers only advance forward and to the right to get closer to the exemplar.

Mike Round 1 – Gives 1 focus to each jack and runs them forward the crusader and vanquisher towards the zone, the repented runs towards the middles of the board, the Revenger runs into the zone and is about an inch and a half behind the wall. The Avatar Gazes and run, ending its activation about a half inch outside the zone, nothing is gazed. The exemplar run towards the Nyss and widow makers, the zealots run around the obstruction. Choir chants safe passage. Sevarius arcs ashes to ashes towards the Kayazi, but it misses due to stealth. Sevarius then moves to behind the forest near the zone.

The vassal advances and ancillaries the Vanquisher. The shot deviates forward and lands on two pike men. Neither is killed, but both are on fire.


My Round 2 – Fire burns 1 Pike man, but goes out on another. Irusk upkeeps superiority and keeps 6, letting Iron Flesh expire from the Pike men. The Kayazi run further into the zone, 2 engage the avatar, and the others attempt to clog up charge lanes to where I plan on moving the behemoth.

Irusk activates advances slightly, feats, casts Battle Lust on the Pike men, and Iron Flesh on the Kayazi. Irusk Camps 1. Orrick advances and puts pathfinder on the Pike men. Two pike men successfully charge the Revenger, the rest are obviously out of range so the run to take good counter charge positions, and to spread out further from the inevitable template death. Both charging pike men connect, and with battle lust and precision strike scalpel the arc node of the revenger.

The Nyss advance through the forest and are careful not to get too close to the zealots. About 4 Nyss are in range of the Exemplar and zealots, and about another 4 are in range of just the zealots. 3 Nyss shoot into the Exemplar and kill 2 of them, and then they redirect the rest of their shots into the zealots killing 3 or 4 of them.  Valachev then casts Zephyr pulling the unit further away from the zealots, and spreading the Nyss out so that templates will tag fewer of them. The widow makers advance 4 shots, 4 dead exemplar, finishing the unit. The behemoth advances further into the zone. Gorman smokes Irusk, war dog advances.

Mike Round 2 – Avatar rolls 1 focus, Mike hands some focus out to the jacks but I forget the precise allocations. Hierophant does harmonious on Sevarious. Sevarious activates and casts defenders ward on himself. I think he casts ashes into the back of one of his jacks, rolls a 1 for extra models hitting a pike man, who proceeds to tough.

The Avatar tries to kill the Kayazi but misses both attacks; mat 8 has a hard time versus def 19. Mike does a double take when I tell him their def (19). The Avatar was way too far away to receive a buff from the choir. The choir activates and chants infuse.  The crusader and revenger manage to kill 1 pike man, the vanquisher with an ancillary and the repenter manager to kill 2 widow makers and a pike man or 2 and set 5 more pike men on fire. The zealots advance towards the Nyss and pop greater destiny then chuck bombs towards the Nyss, 1-3 Nyss die.

Critically Mike advanced his jacks forward, but did not move anything new into the zone. At the end of Mike’s turn only the damaged Revenger was left to contest the zone.

My Round 3 –Fire kills 3 Pike men and goes out on 2. Irusk Upkeeps superiority and keeps 3. Last turn I had moved the behemoth into the zone. But it was questionable whether I had paced it near enough to charge the avatar, oh well mistakes were made. Irusk activated and battle lusted the Kayazi then battle lusted the pike men.  Saxon Orrick pathfinders the pike men again. One pike man charges the repenter, the rest charge the revenger and the vanquisher. The first pike man starts working on the Revenger’s flame thrower arm. The Revenger is finished off, and the Vanquisher is reduced to a few boxes of cortex.

The Great Bears activate and Yarovitch Charges the Repenter, Kolsk and Volkov move up to get lanes on the vanquisher and crusader next round. Yarovitch backswings and takes the Repenter down to a few HP. The two remaining widow makers take shots at the vassal, one aims, one needs to move. The aiming one misses the moving one hit and rolls a hard eight to kill the vassal (it was not in B2B with a jack).

The Kayazi Assassins charge, one charges out of combat from the avatar to a choir boy right in front of Sevy. Two more and the under boss charge the Avatar, the rest run to threaten the choir back line. They deal some good damage to the Avatar, taking out its shield, but not its sword.

The Nyss run away from the zealots. Like run far far away, basically moving from the right flank to around the center. The behemoth stumbles into easy charge range of the Avatar, and elects no to shoot the bombards due to risk of shooting friendlies.

Score 1 (2) points for controlling the zone.

Mike Round 3 – Mike upkept defenders ward. And kept the rest of the focus for Sevy. The Hierophant harmonioused Sevy. Sevy shot an ashes into the Kayazi in front of his face. He rolled something like a 4, but only the 1 Kayazi and an IFP were in range, both died. Sevy then shot an ashes into the back of one of his jacks but missed.  Choir chanted battle. The jack had in melee and cover from a wreck marker. The crusader walked into the zone and killed a few pike men. The vanquisher walked forward and whiffed on the pike men.  The Repenter killed Yarovitch.

The Avatar rolled max focus and spent the focus attacking the Kayazi, he killed the underboss and a grunt, and lit the other two on fire. The zealots advanced toward the center of the board and killed the widow makers, and maybe a trailing Nyss.

My Round 4 – Irusk Upkept Superiority and gave 2 focus to the behemoth. Irusk advanced toward the zone and battle lusted the great bears, Saxon Orrick pathfindered the IFP one last time. The remaining few IFP and Bears finished off the crusader, the vanquisher, and the repenter. The surviving Kayazi and Nyss ran into the zone, Gorman smoked Irusk. I scored 1 more point.

At this point in time I check scenario and realized that controlling the zone was worth 2 not 3, but since we had been playing that way I we decided that my score was at 2 and not 4.

Mike Round 4- Mike was in a hard place; he couldn’t clear the zone and couldn’t get anything except a choir boy or two into the zone to contest. He attempted to land some max range + deviation zealot bombs onto Irusk then ended his turn.

My round 5- Irusk walked into the zone and dominated.

After the game we talked a bit about list construction and some practice pointers. I recommended making use of enliven more especially early game, and perhaps dropping something to add a second Vassal. I also encouraged him to run the avatar nearer the choir and other jacks so they would be mutually supporting. We also talked about mean tricks you can pull with gaze of Menoth and enliven. I suspect that next time we play Mike will have a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Once Round 4 ended Phat gave out the awards for all prizes except first and second place so that people could spend the store credit before the shop closed. Mayhem is very generous with the store credit they award, nearly doubling entry fees in to store credit after tournament costs are paid. John gave out a few hundred dollars in store credit. Including four painting wards, one each for best painted Caster, Unit, War jack/Beast, and Huge based Model.

War Caster – Collin a.k.a. Mr. Prichard for his Pink Kreoss, prepped up for the Breast Cancer Brawl at Critical Hit games in Iowa City this February 23rd.

Unit – Dave a.k.a. Adurot with his amazing custom NeCryx Bane Knights

War jack/Beast – Dave  a.k.a. Thannan with Ghettorix

Large Based Model – Nate a.k.a. Natetehaggressar with Conquest

Profesor Lust visiting the shop from Mankato Minnesota got third place. Ironically enough he is a professor, and his last name is Lust.

There were also a number of random raffle awards for people who completed all their games.

Last round was myself versus The Great Purple Shirt, Mr. Thunder Strike, Keith.


Round 5 Keith Christenson a.k.a. Sepher32

Scenario: Fire Support

Keith and I have played before. I normally lose, but I apparently make Keith work for it, or at least so I’m told. Chatting before the game he was expecting to run Bart Galleon, and I was expecting to run Irusk. He was also fielding a Damiano list. I want to note that I’m especially fuzzy on this game as it was played under a great deal of exhaustion from a day of gaming. I don’t think I’m conflating any turns, but I don’t make any promises.




Max Nyss

Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw

-Bull Snapper

Lady Ayanna and Master Holt

Rag Man

Dirty Meg

Master Gunner Dougal McNaile

I won the critical first roll and elected to go first. The boar was relatively heavy with terrain. Working from right to left there was a house on the right flank, slightly on my side of the board, and a hill near his deployment zone. There was a pillar Obstruction right of center midway between my deployment zone and the middle of the board. There was a large 8ish inch diameter obstruction in the very center of the board; it was tall enough to block LoS to small based models. Slightly outside Bart’s deployment zone there was a wide wall towards the center of the board. There was a rough terrain patch on my side of the board between the deployment zone and my objective, and there were small forests on the right flank outside of each of our deployment zones.

Bart predeployed the Galleon on the left side across from my objective with a lane past the center obstruction.

I varied from my typical deployment. Placing the IFP on the left to counter the Galleon. Nyss on the right flank, Kayazi on the center with bears behind. Irusk, Gorman and the dog were placed center. Behemoth was placed off center to the left to counter Galleon as well.

Keith placed Bart center, Dougal, Ragman, and Meg were deployed near galleon. The Nyss, wrong eye, snap jaw, the bull snapper, vanguard and Lady A and H were placed on the right across from my Nyss.

I deployed the Widow makers on the AD line in front of my Nyss; Saxon Orrick was deployed near the rough terrain by my objective.

My Round 1 – I focus to the cortex, 6 to Irusk. The IFP ran forward as fast as they could and spread out, bracing for more inevitable template death I considered Iron Zealing them round 1, but decided that two rounds of steady would be more valuable then reduced damage from the Galleons Guns. Turned out I was right because they were not the galleons first targets. . Irusk casts Superiority on the Behemoth and I think IF on the Pike men.

The Nyss, widow makers and Kayazi go through the opening on the right between the house and the middle obstruction, creating what people in the military refer to as a “Target Rich Environment,” as they struggle to fit through the gap. The Bears, Irusk, and Gorman noncommittally advance down the center waiting to see which way are more opportune.

Keith Round 1 – Bart activates and Casts Batten and places hot shot on the Galleon. Galleon shambles forward and points so that his center line sees a Kayazi around the left side of the obstruction at a diagonal angle towards the right side of my deployment. 5 Shots later I’m down about half a unit of Kayazi, a widow maker, I think a Nyss and a Pike man. Snap jaw advances. Wrong eye spineys the vanguard and I Snap jaw. The Nyss advance, a few take position on the hill. Lady A and Master H advance and stealth.

My Round 2 – 1 Focus to the cortex, 1 to upkeep superiority, 5 to Irusk. Irusk advances and pops his feat, I think I was planning to cast Iron Flesh on the Nyss, but I advance so that I didn’t have LoS to any Nyss that were in range. Irusk I think ended up camping the full 5, a huge waste in retrospect.

The Nyss activated first and aimed and zephyred. I seriously misjudge distance the back Nyss are out of range to shoot the Nyss on the hill, the front Nyss shoot and kill about 3 enemy Nyss. The widow makers aim and shoot at the remaining enemy Nyss on the hill, two are out of range and one misses.

The remaining Kayazi including the underboss run around the center obstruction attempting to choke up Keith’s advance. The bears run towards the right flank in typical Bears formation in base to base with Yarovitch and Volkov in front blocking LoS to Kolsk.

The IFP continue to run forward, I’m careful to leave a handful of IFP between the behemoth and the galleon so Keith would have to gamble at removing the IFP to draw in the behemoth. The Officer takes up a quivering in fear position directly behind the center obstruction to make sure he lives to iron zeal next round. Behemoth runs up behind the IFP, careful to stay far enough away from the pike men no to act as a fire beacon for direct hitting cannons. Gorman runs up along the left flank ending near the behemoth. Saxon Orrick takes up scoring position near the center flag. At this point in time the IFP are about 3 inches past the center flag. The right flag has some of my Nyss just on my side of it.

Keith Round 2 – Keith gives 1 focus to the vanguard, upkeeps hot shot, and I can only assume gives one to galleon.  Bart activates casts Batten, feats, and moves back slightly to behind the wall on his side of the board.

Wrong eye spineys the vanguard and wrong eye. The vanguard charges diagonally from my right to the left and assaults a pike man. After the assault and charge I’ve lost 1 pike man and most of the unit is engaged with an armor 24 monstrosity, which is contesting the left flag. Galleon advances slightly towards the pike men but turns to face diagonally to the right of the obstruction and opens fire. The shots notably kill Kolsk, Yarovitch, Valachev and a sprinkling of Nyss, Kayazi and widow makers. Galleon shoots the trident at the behemoth dragging him marginally closer, but as planned the behemoth stops when he hits a pike man.

Snap jaw charges into some Nyss and Kayazi killing 1 Nyss but failing to get anything else. Keith’s Nyss advance on to the hill and take some ineffective shots on the widow makers and my own Nyss. Turns out without help Nyss are bad at killing other Nyss.

Notably when Keith retreated Bart he kill boxed himself, score two points for Irusk.

My Round 3 – Upkeep Superiority, 3 Focus to the Cortex, 3 to Irusk. Irusk advances so that he is taking cover behind the middle obstruction and spends 2 to Iron Flesh the Nyss. I think the pike men received the shield wall order and iron zealed. I wanted to charge the pike men but the combination of set defense and typhoon’s mat debuff more than made up for the def penalty for batten. I did a four man and a three man CMA, dealing some damage, but I don’t think I took out any systems. In retrospect I should have done a 7 man CMA and ripped off the shield.

Behemoth charged Galleon. Galleon was not spineyed so after armor pierce its effective armor was 13. The behemoth managed to take out the trident side of the grid. It’s at this time that I made a huge error that I thought lost me the game. I forgot to shoot the bombards. Meg was more than an inch behind the Galleon and therefore was a valid target for the bombards. The behemoth would have a fighting chance next round if the Trident was down. It’s the business end of the Galleon’s anti armor duty. I didn’t remember the bombards until Keith’s next turn. Once I realized I rolled it out to see if it mattered, first shot killed her on a deviated blast. That will teach me not to forget those bombards.

Gorman was also a chance at salvation. He was within walk and throw range of the Galleon, I had to be careful to fandangle around Bart’s feat, and the vanguards melee range. If I connected Galleon wouldn’t get any ranged attacks, and he would be at mat 2 versus a def 12 behemoth. That’s an enviable positions for big B. I misjudged Bart’s feat by a hare and down Gorman went to the Typhoon.

On the other side of the board the battle fared just a poorly. Most of the Nyss had to sack their move to aim. Some were engaged by Snap Jaw, but they couldn’t move to attack him due to Typhoon, and they couldn’t shoot because they were in melee. A few of the unengaged aiming Nyss managed to kill Keith’s Cylena this round. I also think that somehow at this point in time Ayanna died and Holt broke, but for the life of me I can’t remember what caused it. The remaining Kayazi aim to prevent knockdown from Typhoon. Volkov runs around to get a charge lane on Snap Jaw. Two Widow Makers aim and fire at Nyss on a hill, missing both shots.

Saxon continues to threaten scoring the left flag; the war dog runs up to threaten scoring the right one if I can clear it up.

Keith Round 3 – Hot shot is upkept, Galleon gets two focuses. Bart activates, advances, and casts Batten. Meg activates and fixes 1 point of damage on the Galleon bringing the trident back online. Ragman Death fields. Galleon kills the behemoth. The Vanguard continues to contest the right flag but I think failed to kill any pike men.

Wrong eye Kills a Kayazi bringing the unit down two and the underboss, and kills the Nyss he is engaged with. The remaining Nyss fire on the widow makers finishing them off. Wrong Eye Spineys the Galleon I think and Bart. Holt runs back into the deployment zone and rallies.


After this point the Turns are going pretty fast, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get attritioned to death so I can’t remember exactly how the game went.

My Round 4 – Irusk upkeeps IF on the Nyss. Battle lusts the last Kayazi and Underboss. Irusk then advances to the other side of the center obstruction and I think Battle Lusts the IFP.

Two Kayazi and the Underboss charge Snap Jaw and deal some Damage, a Third one runs into melee with the Galleon. Volkov Charges Snap Jaw and finishes him off. The back swing puts some damage into Keith’s objective.

My Nyss aim and CRA, I think I kill one of the remaining enemy Nyss.

The IFP do a shield wall and a full unit CMA on the Vanguard, I rip off its shield arm.

Keith Rount 4 – Hotshot Upkept. I don’t recall where all the focus went. Bart activated and cast Batten and advanced forward around to the side of his galleon. Meg heals more damage of the galleon. Ragman advances to behind the vanguard and death fields. Galleons activates, rotates and shoots into the shield walled dark shrouded Pike men and kills 2 of them.

On my right flank everything dies except Volkov, Cylena, another Nyss, the dog, and the 1 Kayazi engaged by the Galleon.

My Round 5- Volkov Advances to a gap between the galleon and his objective and backswings into the objective, but fails to kill it. Irusk Battle lusts the Pike men again and puts two sword cannon shots into Bart, dealing a little damage, while hugging the center objective for cover, Irusk is camping zero.

The last Kayazi Charges Bart, dealing a few more points of damage. Cylena and the last Nyss run into melee with the Galleon. They’re paced B2B with him. For the Galleon to be able to move to contest the left flag at least 1 Nyss must die.

The IFP bring the Vanguard down to 4 Health. Saxon Orrick then charges in from the side and RFPs the vanguard. The wardog then runs from the right Center of the board to the left flag brining me up to 3 control points.

Keith Round 5 – Bart upkeeps hot shot and casts batten. Bart takes a free strike from the Kayazi and walks away from Irusk and the IFP that are threatening him. Bart then sprays the last Kayazi and one of the Nyss boosting to hit both of them. His misses both. I’m getting excited hoping that Galleon won’t be brought to bear. Ragman walks up to near the last Kayazi and casts bone shaker, killing the Kayazi. The Kayazi then walks over and kills the Nyss blocking Galleon from walking around to my side of the board.

Keith’s Nyss advance and kill Volkov. Holt runs into B2B with the right flag.

Galleon tries to walk from his position right of center towards the left flag and doesn’t come close to contesting. Galleon goes for a Hail Mary trying to kill Irusk taking cover behind the center obstruction. The trident misses, and both gun batteries roll a 1. Both shots miss, Irusk lives. At this point Keith concedes since Irusk just needs to walk over to the left flag on my turn to dominate it winning by scenario.


Author: Natetehaggresar

Nate plays Khador and can be found most Wednesday evenings at the Des Moines Mayhem. He hasn't lost of Phatasian in well over a year, but regularly gets his S*** pushed in by Chad and Keith. When not playing warmahordes he can be found reading books or Wikipedia. His favorite beer is Newcastle Nut Brown Ale, and he likes his coffee dark, with a little creamer, but no sugar.

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