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Greetings All,

Phatasian here. I just wanted to drop a quick note out there for you all.  You might of noticed that Jay from Chain-Attack has recently started writing articles here at Muse.   Muse and Chain Attack will be working collaboratively on some exciting things in the future.  Keep your eyes peeled for more new announcements.

Warmachine Weekend is going to be really awesome this year.  I have been talking with Hot Carl and trust me when I tell you that it is going to be THE Warmachine/Hordes event to get too in 2012.  Jay, Trevor and Scott are trying to get to Warmachine Weekend and need our help.  We are going to be working with them on some unique coverage of the events at WMW and there is talk of a podcasters only throwdown.  We need them there for that to happen though.  If you have some spare change clinking around in your pocket you should go to HERE and back them.   Help us get the word out.

I’m a proud Backer !!


Author: phatasian

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