Moosemachine BatRep’s – Fyanna vs Shea


It has been a while since our last BatRep. Remember, Jay and I admittedly do these things to learn from you guys, so leave comments and suggestions for us! This battle was an 8 round slog fest that never seemed to end. We usually don’t play on clocks for BatReps because it distracts from getting things right and taking pics, but the game would have been so much different if we had. Appologies for the weirdness in the formatting. There is some weirdness that happened when bringing it over I can’t seem to fix.


Two 75 Point Lists. Terrain is pretty heavy, and relatively skewed to one side. The Scenario is “Take and Hold”


Roll – Will wins. Chooses to go first. Jason takes the side with the big forest and the hill.



I have been itching to try out this list before I invest full bore in to it, because it is expensive. From 10 feet away it looks like a killer, and I am dying to do a good Jack Spam with my pirates. So.. here it is.. I have been keeping it under wraps for a bit, but hey, I already have seen some people figure out the Shae synergies here.



Captain Phinneus Shae – WJ: +28

– Freebooter – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)- Freebooter – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)- Freebooter – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
– Freebooter – PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 1)
– Freebooter – PC: 9
– Freebooter – PC: 9
– Freebooter – PC: 9
– Freebooter – PC: 9
– Buccaneer – PC: 6Gobber Tinker – PC: 2
Gobber Tinker – PC: 2
Ragman – PC: 4
Savio Montero Acosta – PC: 6
Lord Rockbottom – PC: 4The Commodore Cannon & Crew – Commodore & 3 Crewmen:


I love this list.. the damage and threat range are ludicrous… it has one fatal flaw.. I need to be able to hit things.. and knock them down. No good against things like Hell Mouths, and collosals… Freebooters on feat have a threat of 16 inches, and knockdowns from Shea’s spells and the Commodore… which is always just a killer. I will have to proxy a tinker with an armless Roomie, and 3 of my freebooters will be represented with Random Merc jacks… since I only have 5 so far.

Acosta with Storm Rager.. ’nuff said. Try it, you’ll love it.

Buccaneer for the extra knockdowns

Ragman to lower amor for the hard to kill stuff.. and to be honest “bone shaker has been super useful for me against legion.



Fyanna, Torment of Everblight – WB: +28

–    Succubus – PC: 4

–    Angelius – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)

–    Angelius – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)

–    Typhon – PC: 24


Blighted Nyss Warlord – PC:

The Forsaken – PC: 4

Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1

Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1

Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1

Spell Martyr – PC: 1

Spell Martyr – PC: 1



Blighted Nyss Swordsmen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

Hellmouth – Hellmouth & 3 Tentacles: 6

Hellmouth – Hellmouth & 3 Tentacles: 6



So full disclosure, I knew ahead of time that I was going to be facing a lot of Jacks this game and I wanted to take a caster that had a good damage buff and could crack some armor. I also recently got Fyanna2 and was itching to get some more games in with her. Legion acquiring the spell “Fury” is a huge deal. +3 on melee damage rolls helps take away from of the paper punching of some legion beasts and pushes other up to some crazy damage output.

Having two Angelii and 2 units of Hellmouth will help keep me safe from some of the knockdown tech coming from Will’s list but that will also draw a bullseye on Typhon. All in all facing 9 jacks is always an uphill battle but if anyone can do it I think Fyanna can.



So I win the roll and opt to go first. I know I need to play bold and get to the flags first. But the Hellmouths will be a problem as I will have a hard time getting scenario with him always contesting and frigging impossible for Freebooters to kill. I have dealt with this before, it is like beating your head against a brick wall.


I opt to get Shea and the Cannon in to the trench and spread the rest of the booters down the line so I can easily shift around after he deploys. Rockbottom will hide behind the cannon and hand out buffs to it.Tinkers flank either side so they can head in and repair or sit on flags.





So looking at my terrain layout I choose the side with the forest and knowing the threat of 20″ from the Commodore Cannon I know i need to keep some high value models
hidden behind that forest for a turn or 2 and let him come to me. Putting things immediately in range of the cannon means they just get knocked back and take a fair amount of damage so unfortunately I have to keep Typhon hidden behind the forest even though he doesn’t have pathfinder. With this scenario having Killbox i know there’s a very small area for me to hide Fyanna and keep her safe from the “slam cannon” and not killbox myself. Keeping one of the Hellmouth Maw’s behind the forest also keeps it nice and safe and against a list like Will’s keeping those tentacles in play is incredibly important. I deploy the swordsmen fairly centrally to allow the to spread out and because the Nyss Warlord grants them precision strike i want to get them into as many of those jacks as possible and start taking out cortexes.


Round 1:




Simple turn for me I know Jason will pour everything he has in to killing Acosta. If he misses I will kill stuff, so I want him up front and distracting and doing stupid amounts of damage. I spread the booters out and check the field. The one Buccaneer serves as a great distraction, even though he can’t hit squat. Shea heads for his nice trench, and the cannon starts its slow lumber forward. Ragman tucks behind a Booter and the tinkers run. I make sure to stay just out of threat of the tentacles. I will need everyone for the charge next round.



So Will spent his first turn pretty much exactly how I expected. A lot of Jacks running at my face. Of course Acosta is leading the charge and that sets me on my heels a bit. Having recently faced Acosta for the first time i know that he needs to be taken off the table as soon as possible.  Will has a spell that puts him up to Mat11 and as a P+S13 + 2 Weapon master with a mat that high. That guy kills stuff dead.

So first thing I do is spread out some tentacles giving room for my back line to move forward and get ready for next turn. I throw some lower value targets forward to hopefully coax Will into feating and then try to weather the pirate storm. So swordsmen spread out, putting 3 on the front line making some juicy targets and putting a cloud from the Succubus on that tentacle hoping that the cannon doesn’t shoot my Angelius off the board right away.Typhon and Fyanna scooch up behing the forest and Fyanna puts Fury on the Swordsmen making them P+S14 Weapon masters with Precision Strike. Iron Flesh goes on the closest Hellmouth unit and she camps 2 just incase.



Round 2:


This is it, time to reach out and touch everyone. Jason has done far too good a job putting all the things in my way. But it is time to feat and make his life horrible. I spread some focus around to the booters I think can make it, I feat, drop Coupe de Main for the extra movement and charges.

Rockbottom boosts the cannon, I activate the commodore to try and AOE the Swordsmen that are in my way. I manage to take out three and a tentacle. Acosta clears a couple more and sits there, just being super threatening.


Finally I charge a booter at one of his beasts, TOTALLY WAFFLING THE ROLLS, and leaving his beast pretty much fine. This is where things start to go wrong. I am locked in by tentacles, so I send in some jacks to get closer and clear them out. Now he will need to focus on killing things before I can charge his caster. Finally, I send in another booter to clear out swordsman and distract him on the other flank. Not my best turn, but I have manage to co some damage.. good thing swordsmen aren’t pow 14 weaponmasters or something…



Okay that could have went better but it also could have been A LOT worse.

As expected Acosta is up in my face hole and that means he has to go even if I have to use my whole army to do it. So with Mat 7 I figure my Angelius is my best first option. So i come on over and boost to hit because if this misses Acosta gets to smack me for it. I need an 8 on 3 dice and… i miss. The Angelius gets a smack for my efforts and Acosta gets the hell outta Dodge with…  Dodge. Well thats not the best start to a round so lets focus on some more positive things. My swordsmen charge a nice juicy freebooter and even though i’m already down to half a unit the ones that are left do some work and after 3 hits that’s one Freebooter down.


Okay okay so let’s deal with Mr. Savio Montero Acosta. Ugh. So I figure my best option now is to send in Typhon with some sprays. I’ll need 10s to hit but thats a little less than an average boosted roll and if he dodge’s chances are I can get 2 more sprays on him still. Turns out i can get Acosta and 2 Freebooters under my spray so, BONUS. So I boost the first spray against Acosta and BAM it hits. I stop for a few minutes and just breathe. Then I remember i still need to roll attacks on the 2 Freebooters so I do that and yay they both hit! So lets see if we can clear Acosta off the table. I boost the damage roll and YES! Acosta is gone! At this point i’m glad we’re not playing clock because i spend a good 15 minutes just doing deep breaths and maybe dancing, but in my head because im a professional! So I do some decent damage on the Booters after the 3 sprays are all said and done. I then put up Excessive Healing hoping it will keep me alive for another round.


I activate my Angelius and give that Booter a smack back and do a bit of damage but leave it standing.

Hellmouth tentacles do some repositioning and Fyanna gets herself just out of killbox and Feats putting everything in her control range up 3 DEF and giving them Dodge.


Round 3:


Damn Swordsmen and sprays!!… so.. I am down a Freebooter and Acosta. But, overall we are still in the game. I have to kill some beasts this round for sure, but that Feat will make it really hard to hit anything. If I am lucky the Cannon or the Buccanner will hit his big beast, then I can get some slam damage and all those boosts to kill it.


I don’t, they both miss. I miss the spell Maryr with a shot and it clears the lane after the Dodge, So I charge a fresh freebooter in to try to do something. He ends some hits but doesn’t do much, and misses on the throw. Another freebooter runs in to take down at least one of the Angelius… and fails by a whopping 2 points. Last engaged freebooter is out of Control, so has no focus.. and leaves the other angelius on a few measly hit points.. and it runs away. I am feeling a sense of dread here.


The only saving grace is Ragman, who clears out a tentacle with a well placed Bone Shaker on a swordsmen


Shea is safe behind a Freebooter, and still has two Jacks in good shape. But I know that is about to change.. let the slog fest begin.



All in all not a bad Feat turn! If Fyanna’s feat was less spectacular this game would be pretty much over at this point.  Im still definitely on my heels at this point and some major things need to happen this turn so let’s see what we can do.


So with some Freebooters all up in my business now it’s time to start chipping away. I’m starting to run very low on Swordsmen but the few that are left along with the Warlord can still get lots of work done! And they do! Messing up some Freebooter cortexes getting rid of 2 in the process.


The Angelius on my right throws another couple shots at the Freebooter that refused to die after getting the healing touch from a Shepherd and takes it down.

Typhon still can’t charge due to his lack of pathfinder and being stuck in the woods so he does some more sprays and some more damage to those 2 Freebooters he took some shots at last round doing a bit of damage taking one out and leaving the other in face wrecking range.

Its at about this point I realize even if I take out all these Freebooters I can’t get Fyanna up to dominate my flag because of that damn Cannon and I have nothing thats can unengage myself and get close enough to take it out without it getting shot off the board.


Round 4:


I really expected to have some flags cleared and some points by now, but it isn’t looking good. I am down 4 out of 8 freebooters, 2 of which have knocked out Cortex and the Buck is in bad shape. I need to clear some angles and start killing his beasts or I am done. I hand out focus where I can.


Shea drops a Veil of Mists to get rid of the pesky forest bonus. No Coup De Main this rounds, But I don’t think I need it.. I need to be able to hit lots with Jacks.



First Freebooter is forced to clear the charge lane of the one tentacle.



Rockbottom boosts the cannon and we try again for the damn Typhon.  Typhon gets knocked back killing off some support and doing some damage to Fyanna. FINALLY!! Time for the Freebooter to stick his boot up some Typhon. Booter charges and quickly kills of Typhon.

Finally, Tinker walks over and heals up the other freebooter, and between him and another well placed Boneshaker, we clear some of the Swordsmen. Things are back to me…

Buck moves up and tries to polish off the Angelius.. leaving it again on 2 boxes.. grr… and the out of range Freebooter tries to kill off the other Anglius.. and misses.. twice.



Well things are getting down to the nitty gritty here. Losing Typhon hurts but I knew it would be coming eventually at the hands of that damn Commodore Cannon and a charging Jack.


The good news is i’ve done an okay job up to the point of getting rid of all the Jacks and I still have to Angelius on the table even if they are barely functioning. Fyanna activates and takes a swing at the Freebooter that killed Typhon and on the second swing manages to get the crit and pitch him back 2 inches puts him in range of my Angelius who then promptly takes him off the table but leaves a Buccaneer all up in my grill.


The Swordsmen try to get rid of the Bucc but he’s a fiesty bugger and just won’t die.

The Hellmouth is pretty much just setting up roadblocks at this point and the one on the other side of the table is basically just sitting there having an ice cream or something since nothing else is left within range of it.


Round 5:


This is why we need a clock.. slog slog slog.


So far.. we are back to a draw. I have to commit my last good freebooter to killing off that Angelius or he will just walk up to my caster and kill him. So.. 3 focus wasted, but we end it with a dead dragon thing. So he is starting to struggle. Not much left but to clear out some more stuff and make my way forward. Shea moves back in to the trench and we get the Freebooter I have left back healed up and out of the rubble. Still no points for the good guys.



Okay this game is just brutal. I actually love a good slogfest and thats exactly what this one is. That being said we need to start thinking about how to end this game. Im cursing like a sailor (not a pirate, pirates are gross) at that Commodore Cannon because i have a feeling it’s basically what is going to keep me from actually winning this game.

So my Swordsmen swing on the Buccaneer hoping to free up my Angelius but it wasn’t meant to be so I use it to kill off the Buccaneer and pop a tentacle into play with the Hellmouth which waffles an attack in the back arc of that last Freebooter. So my Forsaken charges over and with Fury on it does enough damage to take out that second to last freebooter. Well atleast now we’re down to super quick turns!


Round 6:




Oh man, we need a clock.

He is up a couple points now, But I have a good to go Jack. Ragman Kills off the last Swordsmen and solo with Boneshaker and the Freebooter runs in and kills the last beast. I have to Jury Rig for the extra movement, but it is worth it. Shea moves in to get rid of the spell martyr. I have a freebooter in his face, and if he can survive I will have won… but not until next round.. Good news

I have a caster heading to the flag.. and he will have a hell of a time killing Shea.



Well things are down to the nitty gritty. No beasts left and basically Fyanna, the Hellmouth and a Forsaken to try and win the game with while still having one last freebooter in my face. So lets see what Fyanna can do. Fyanna puts fury on herself and ends up getting the job done! Way to take out a barely functioning Freebooter Fyanna! lol Oh look! Shea is heading up the board. Uh oh!

Round 7:



This game was supposed to take a couple hours.. we are on hour three now. Shea moves up to the flag. Waits to see if a tentacle can do anything. Cannon gets a shot off and does a good chunk of damage to the caster. Not enough to kill her. I get to the flag and get a couple points.



Okay this is it. If i can manage to roll 11 with the tentacle im good. Oh. Turns out i can’t! Well maybe Fyanna can get the job done. Puts Fury on herself and CHARGES SHEA! and HITS! Does a solid 10 points damage and i’m like okay maybe this will happen! Then i notice that lone focus sitting behind Shea as Will reaches for it and I curse and I silently resign myself to defeat. I waffle the next two attack rolls and Its pretty much a forgone conclusion at this point.

Round 8:


Come on.. round 8.. really?


We have confirmed that tentacles can’t hit Shea. I am up two points, but it is time to end this. Fyanna has done a bit of damage, but I am good to go.

Ragman kills off the tentacle in my way. Tinker tries for the Shepherd and misses.

Shea takes a free strike as he moves around the Shepherd.. but that guy can’t hit def 17.. are you kidding??

Shea finishes off Fyanna… Finally…


Final Thoughts:

I think if I had a choice, I would take something else in to this list. There just aren’t enough knockdown targets. That being said. I still won, and this list is a beast. I can’t wait to take it out against some other casters.



I think Fyanna is an excellent drop into this list. Overall i’m incredibly happy with how my list performed. The Commodore Cannon is a huge issue though. If I could tailor a list specifically for this game I would have put in Blightblades for the ambush or perhaps Anyssa Ryvaal to flank her down the board and get a couple shots on it. I think Fyanna is a fantastic caster with a great set of spells. Im definitely looking forward to getting more games in with her.


Thanks for reading! Remember if you have any feedback for us or think we messed everything up, leave us some feedback. Also, join us on Twitch every Wednesday Night at 8pm EST for “This Deathclock has 60 Minutes” Our weekly WMH news program.  Click Here To Find Us! We are also starting a new Monday night totally slimmed down dirty cast called Pubmachine, where we will broadcast our regular games from our local pub!

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