MoM’s Podcast # 8


MoM’s Podcast #8
Topics: Retribution Newbie Talk, Gargantuans, Reinforcements, Tournament reports, The Dojo


  1. 2liveis2die Reply

    First. :D

  2. eKraye Reply

    Colin, you forgot to mention my awesome mohawk and incredibly friendly personality.

    Love the casts guys.

  3. colin Reply

    oh and did i mention my round one opponent Kraye had an awesome mohawk! Also 4 of my opponents were from Omaha and they we’re all really cool and fun to play against!

  4. Slamb Reply


  5. Jaster Reply

    Format change is a good thing.

  6. Aus-Rotten Reply

    He did indeed say Collassi.

  7. paradox Reply

    FYI, Essence Blast only works on LIVING models. ;)

  8. paradox Reply

    I have not seen LG lines on the table since maybe 2005. I hope to see the Year of the Swan Song bring back the Swans and the LGs.

    Also, if you guys want paid membership, I would GLADLY pay to NOT hear Keith do his AC/DC impression ever again!

  9. CharlieBee Reply

    You guys gave a lot of reinforcement advice that was units with AD which is not allowed. Notably: daughters of the flame and errants.

    • museon Reply

      This is incorrect. Models with Pre Deployment are disallowed. AD is fine.

  10. octavius_maximus Reply

    Hey, loving your stuff on Cygnar!

    …So when are one of you going to switch to Khador so I can stop hearing about only Kayazy and Winter Guard? :P

  11. Aus-Rotten Reply

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