MoM’s Podcast #346 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast



MoM’s Podcast #346 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

 Nigel, Seabass, and Brent discuss:

  • 00:02 A love letter to the Trollblood Community (we’re sorry)!
  • 00:05 Brent Discusses the meta, specifically, strengths, and list design in relationship to Cryx.
  • 00:15 Cloud Wall specific discussion and how to play into them!
  • 00:24 Slaughterfleet Discussion to continue the discussion of Cryx
  • 00:40 Nigel speaks about Philosophy of playing Khador (yes we poke a little tongue and cheek humor at the great guys at “Dominate for Two”, but absolutely no offense is intended, and we had no idea this was going to turn into as hot of a subject as it ended up being)
  • 00:44 Khador discussion about how they handle this brave new world
  • 00:47 Double Victor, Conquest HarkeWHAT???!!!!
  • 00:55 Double Armored Corps list pair?!  WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!  (And to a much better point, we are speaking back to list pairings and dodging matchups, and the value in being an adaptive and trying new things)
  • 01:10:00 List building in reverse, or more importantly, Looking at options and using radical ideation.

The community is important to us! YOU’RE why we do it, so please submit to us any concepts or discussion topics you would love for Brent, Nigel and I to discuss, as well as any special guests we could try to reach out to that you would like to hear from!  Remember: more community interaction and input means more Musing and Amusing!


Author: MoM_Seabass

Gamer of all types, with a special love for Warmachine, Hordes, and Survival Horror video games. Pod-caster and regular host on Muse on Minis Miami and contributor to L2Wargame.

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