MoM’s Podcast #25

MoM’s Podcast #25


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Winning Steam Roller Tourneys

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  1. Carnage4u Reply

    More Info on whos the boss – http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?121599-Whos-the-Boss-VI-Dec-1st-Madison-WI-Charity-Event

    It may be 50pts, not 35pts. Double checking that.

  2. paradox Reply

    Here’s what hoes HR: Cryx (or other stuff that can steal souls), Legion, and other things that can see through clouds en mass, and forces that have alot of RFP.
    Legion/Cryx that can RFP alot are doubly sad times.

  3. paradox Reply

    Also, I’m going to kinda cal yo out, Phat, and say that you should accept your own invitation and write some HR blogs on your experiments. :)
    (woulda been nice to think about these thoughts all in one post….)

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