MoM’s Podcast #24

MoM’s Podcast #24


Newbie Section:  Generic attributes of Solos, Warnouns, and units.
Muse on Mail — Lots of it
We answer questions about cryx, cygnar and colossals.




  1. Devon Harmon Reply

    I loved the Kum & Go reference towards the end. I’m mature enough to admit that I’m juvenile enough to find the name hillarious. A friend of mine in Oklahoma sent me a Kum & Go hoodie which I proudly waer around Cleveland. It is always a converstion starter.

  2. paradox Reply

    FYI, quarter 1 was a losing record. However, I was pissed about the whole month of February because I had shit dice.

    Quarter 2 actually had a winning record, as did my run at Adepticon. Granted, it was just over 50/50, but it was a winning record.

    Quarter 3 had a 70% win record.

    I admit that I have played some low-’jack lists. But I have also played some very ‘jack-heavy lists and won, including Amon, who has the best win record of all the ‘casters so far this year. :o

  3. PurchasedPig Reply

    Stitch Thralls don’t have to be in Cmd? That blows my mind! My friends will not be my friends much longer…

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