MoM’s Podcast #17

MoM’s Podcast #17


00:02:58 – News & Announcements
00:17:09 – Unlikely Allies Tourney Reports
01:03:36 – Bart + Galleon  List build


  1. rolandhadley Reply

    Great stuff on all the Galleon lists. As for the double Galleon option, what do you think of that list without the 12 point Wrongeye module? While he’s obviously great, with two galleons, 22 ARM is probably sufficient, and that allows you all kinds of flexibility in getting in all the key solos and whatever unit you want to take to keep the Galleons clean.

  2. Valiant418 Reply

    I realize it requires playing Retribution but MHSF + Ossyan with two Artificers to buy you a turn of safety from the gun ports seems like it will also wreck face on that list. I’m not excited about the matchup still but it seems like a weakness of that Galleon list. To be fair that list is fantastic against most colossals.

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