MoM’s Podcast #15

MoM’s Podcast #15


0:01:20 = Newb Section (Ability Liability and Situational Awareness)
0:21:35 = News & Announcements
0;32:30 = Gargantuan Spoilers
0:43:10 = Diecon Coverage
3:12:20 – Muse on Mail
3:29:35 = Crutch Free Update
3:38:20 = In the Dojo


  1. Driftwizard Reply

    Another great episode. I promise to tone back the martyrdom rolls, but guys I’m from Springfield, IL not ST. Louis. See you guys at gencon!

  2. paradox Reply

    Really appreciate the discussion RE: interjecting during Watchmachine when a player is doing something illegal or wrong. For one, I am absolutely TERRIBLE about that myself. It’s a weakness. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut during Watchmachine. I’ve been working on getting better though.
    Anyway, point is, way back in my early/pre-PG days, I was helping a buddy run a big event (30ish players). All local, so we pretty much know everyone. I walked by a table and see another Menite playing a seneschal wrong (I don’t recall the specific wrong now). I said as much and got probably the most withering glare I’ve ever received while gaming. That same player never played another event I ran ever, and kinda disappeared from the scene once I started running more events.

    On the one hand, the guy was a bit of a dick, so I can’t say it was a big loss. Plus, he was doing something incorrectly, and tournies, IMO, should strive for correct play.
    On the other hand, we did net the loss of a player.

    Curious to get more opinions on interjections. Correct interjections are fine, IMO. BUT! incorrect ones are a risk you run. Another risk is the guy who “coaches” his buddy by catching all your mistakes, but none of his buddies. Further, once conversation starts around a table, it can take off and get distracting, or even turn into actual coaching.

    So I’m always careful about what I say, no matter how hard it is to keep quiet. But I did have a couple games at Adepticon where bystanders came by and said X or Y was done wrong, and I should have won or gotten this or not that etc. In that way, I wish someone would just say so, whether it’s me or the other guy messing up. That way it’s in the open and there are no hard feelings to fester later when it’s exposed well after the fact.

    What does everyone else think about that?

  3. paradox Reply

    BTW, Convert ONLY works on Living, Non-Character, Trooper models. So you can never convert Eiryss, or any other solo, no matter if they are Fearless or not.
    So, it has to be 1) Living. 2) Enemy model. 3) Non-Character. 4) Trooper (so no solos, no unit leaders, no independant models).

    Incidentally, Fearless ONLY means that you never Flee. That’s it. It’s not help vs Convert.


  4. Driftwizard Reply

    Also huge thanks for all the love for the Springfield group on the podcast we love hanging out with the muse crew and appreciate all the plugs we get from you guys. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the next mayhem cup and gencon. Until next time…

  5. oconnor0 Reply

    Doesn’t True Sight ignore concealment too?

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