MoM’s Podcast #14

MoM’s Podcast #14


3:45 New Player/Hobby Tips
19:50 News & Announcements
29:30 Colossals Caster Review
139:20 Muse on Mail


  1. Sleet01 Reply

    I used the PP pin vice for about 1/2 of my models and used Gorilla Glue and gray/brown stuff for the rest… but now that I’ve got the Tamiya Electric Handy Drill, I pin *everything* and it takes about 2 minutes to pin a whole model. On two high-capacity rechargeable batteries the drill will last long enough to pin probably two units, or one heavy or Colossal. The default collets don’t work well with the PP bits and copper rods, but one from my other pin set worked fine.

  2. Arigeta Reply

    I am using a Black and Decker hand drill, variable speed. But i found a mini vise attachment at a local hardware store pretty cheep. It will handle #59 bits up to 1/4. Pretty sweet. I will have to check out the one you mentioned. Cool.

  3. Dais Reply

    No spoiler warning on the unreleased fluff?
    Nothing big was mentioned but I had to reach for the stop button fast when I heard someone say “How did that guy went epic?”
    It was good until then.

  4. Lorem Ipsum Reply

    You guys touched on a lot of points I’m making in my upcoming article. I’m glad we’re on very similar pages! Also, Matthew was a fantastic guest.

  5. Art Reply

    In the first ten minutes you guys talk about an article on basing, in the hobby section, but I could not find it.
    Great podcast

  6. Noman Reply

    Hey, do you guys have an RSS feed for this podcast?

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