MoM’s Podcast #13

MoM’s Podcast #13


00:00:00 = Intro/News and Announcements
00:39:00 Tourney Recap
1:49:05 = Team Tourney Coverage
01:55:15 = Mountain King Preview
02:15:00 = Lock and Load Previews
02:43:00 = Colossals Review

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  1. Polar Bear Reply

    Sadly, I just saw an Infernal ruling saying that 360 vision does not change the fields of fire. So you can only sweep left or right.


  2. Octavius_Maximus Reply

    I would appreciate a signed colossals book from you guys :P

    Your awesome!

  3. Refyougee Reply

    Keith’s aneurysm at the mention of Galleon being bad was one of the funniest moments in a podcast ever :D

  4. Desertspiral Reply

    That ruling makes zero sense…

    That seems like a very ’40k’ ruling to me in that, as Quindraco points out all the technicalities are covered by existing rules.

    Especially since if you are directly facing something it is considered in both ‘fields of fire’, and 360 vision means that you are at all times ‘directly facing’ everything.

    The ruling makes no sense.

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