MoM’s Podcast # 12

MoM’s Podcast #12


2:45 – New Player Section (Read your cards/rules)

17:05 – News and Announcements

42:05 – Spoilers (Vyros2 feat)

55:46 – Steamroller Segment (Meta Benders to Unravel – Lylyth2)

1:48:35 – Muse on Mail

2:13:45 – Mayhem Cup Wrap Up

3:18:45 – Dojo


  1. Carnage4u Reply

    After Madison Defends the mayhem Cup three times, Im going to bury it where no one can find it.

  2. pritch_64 Reply

    I love how the New Player Section was so obviously directed at me.Also its not my fault that all of your guys dreams are so small… except Johns LOL

  3. Walter Reply

    Yay! I was mentioned. Ego Assuaged.

  4. eKraye Reply

    To be fair in that game against Keith I should’ve mentioned to him that I wasn’t going to play eHaley. I also called the point that I would either win or die very fast haha, it was a funny game for sure, I wish I would’ve been able to get more pointers on Cygnar from him. I was really just stoked to get paired down to Keith, made me feel like a boss for a day.

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