Mini-Review: Stormblade Captain


What’s up guys, it’s Trevy the Great from Way of the Swan here to review an awesome model for you!  Something you should know about me; I’m generally pretty proud of myself.  Sometimes I’m proud of myself for playing really well, sometimes I proud of myself for waking up in the morning and sometimes I’m just proud of myself for being proud of myself.  A couple weeks ago I was proud enough of myself that I bought myself a little present in celebration of my proudness; a Stormblade Captain.


When this mini was previewed, a lot of people hated pretty vehemently on the poor sod.  While I’m not a huge fan of how he performs on the table, I don’t understand the intense criticism of the model aesthetically.  The Cap’s pose is dynamic, he has a lot of detail on and his armament is, well… really cool!  Nexus blades, man!


When I got this model and broke him out of his little blister pack, I noticed one thing instantaneously… he’s HUGE!  This guy must suffer from the polar opposite of what plagues the Black 13th.  A lot of his bulk is contributed by his giant, flowing, incredibly thick cloak but he also seems to be of naturally gigantic stature, dwarfing all the other Storm Knights.  Maybe he’s just big boned.



The model comes in four pieces; his sword arm, his shield arm, the body and a tiny little medal he got for winning the class talent contest back in grade school.  Fortunately, like its wearer, the medal is pretty big so don’t worry too much about losing it.


The level of detail on this model is similar to those of the Stormblade Infantry, but the Cap’s armor and cloak have a lot more filigree and little details.  Overall, the detail of the model is fantastic and follows in line with what I’ve come to expect from Privateer Press.



Unfortunately, my model was treated a little poorly by the molding process; while most of the model was almost entirely devoid of flash and injection points, the Cap’s right arm was pretty mangled by mismolding and part of the shoulder pad was almost at the point of breaking off!  I wanted to play this guy the next day so I went ahead and assembled him anyway without contacting the replacement parts department, but I might have given more time.  A little filing and cleaning cleaned up the rough pewter but left the area devoid of detail.



Fortunately for me, he fits perfectly on eIrusk’s epic base,so he’ll have a commanding view of his Storm Knight brethren as he uses his Leadership and Tactical acumen to allow them to Charge Relentlessly into battle.


Overall I’m generally happy with the model; it’s a very cool piece and is packed with detail, from the filigree on the helmet and cloak to the ornate shoulder pads.  I do have a few gripes with the model, however:

  1. Firstly, it’s size is a little off-putting… some day I wish Privateer Press would decide what scale they’re making minis for.  Models like the Black 13th simply look silly compared to the Cap. The disparity is incredibly evident.
  2. Secondly, I’d like to have a few more options when it comes to assembling this model.  Unlike the Iron Fang Kovnik, his guy’s head is the same piece as his body, making it incredibly difficult to remove and replace.  I’m not a fan of models with open-faced helmets so would like to at least have the option to replace his helm with a closed one, but the investment of time required would be significant.
  3. My third problem is the mismolding on the arm, which was annoying but not too significant. I understand that bad molds happen and the PP replacement parts service is incredibly quick and easy to work with, so I’m not actually too worried about the problem.


This lil’ guy hasn’t had much time on the tabletop yet, but hopefully he will soon enough!  I’m considering buying a second one but I’m still not sure if I like him enough to justify it.  Still, he’s a nice mini and a great addition to any brigade of Storm Knights!

Author: Trevy the Great

Mediocre Cygnar player, Press Ganger of convenience and annoying dude who writes a terrible blog about some random dudes wearing blue called Way of the Swan (, check it out or whatever). Also one of the hosts of the smash 80s metal band and part time podcast; the Storm Chamber.

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