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Howdy, folks!  It’s me, Trevy the Great here again from Way of the Swan to review some minis for you!


While I was making a fool of myself in the qualifier heats at Adepticon this year, a friend snuck into the Privateer Press booth and “procured”me a copy of Stryker3.  I didn’task how she got through the long lines or why so many PP staffers had headaches and long lapses in memory later that afternoon, but I was very grateful nonetheless.  As soon as I got home from the con, I couldn’t help but crack the case on this beauty get Stryker3 on the table!



The first thing I noticed was the immense cleanliness of the sculpt.  There was almost no mold lines or flash to clean up, which meant that I could get to assembling pretty much immediately!  Some dry-fitting showed me that most of the pieces would fit together just fine; only the two halves of the horse didn’t meet perfectly, which just meant that a little green-stuff was needed.



The part that I (and many others, I’m sure) are trepidatious of is the contact point between Stryker and his wall.  Stryker is a big model, and mounting him on a little tiny piece seems like lunacy.  Fortunately, it was executed perfectly!


As you can see, there are two little sockets in the wall that bits on horse’s hooves slot into.  The fit is good, but the two halves of the horse slide a teeny bit, so it helps if you assemble the horse and attach it to the wall all at once so it lines up nicely.  I also found that assembling the horse on the wall and letting that dry before attaching it to the base made things a little easier when it comes time to mount the entirely assembly to the base.

The rock wall fits on the base very nicely as well; there’s a ridge on the bottom that slots right into the base and fits really nicely; you don’t need to guess where the wall needs to go, it just sits perfectly on the edge.  I like to put copious amounts of super glue on things, so I doused the connection between the horses hooves and the wall as well as the wall and base with it, and the connection so far looks really solid.

Next up it was time to assemble Stryker himself.  There’s not much to say, really; all his body pieces fit together pretty easily.  I left his mighty battle skirt off at this point until I put him on the horse.

Time to put all the pieces together!  I like my Strykers with Stormblade helmets (he is a Stormblade, after all!), so I swapped his head out for a plastic one.  Fortunately, it was made easy for me; Stryker3’s collar is much lower than that of his other incarnations, so all that was needed was a teeny bit of cutting the helmet down to make it fit.  I had a bit of trouble attaching the skirt to Stryker’s muscular backside; it didn’t seem to sit quite right on the horse; I’m not sure if that’s a problem with the model or just how I positioned Stryker on the horse, so I ended up using a bunch of green stuff underneath it to support it.

Lastly I put the standard in his hand; unfortunately, for such an imposing piece the standard has only a teeny contact point with Stryker’s arm.  Faaaar too small to sit well with any real solidity, and the hand is too small for me to comfortably pin it.  Fortunately it can be angled to sit against the horse on the left side, so a drop of glue there can help to hold it in place a little better.  Regardless, I feel that there should have been something else to hold that big banner in place.  There’s also a teeny Cygnus that goes on the top of the standard that I foresee a lot of people leaving off because it too has a very small point of contact.

Overall, the final product is impressive as hell; Stryker3 is one of the coolest minis to come out for Cygnar to date and I love putting him on the table.  The model is also surprisingly sturdy despite its frail appearance, and contains plenty of crisp details that I can’t wait to paint!  So far, I’ve played around ten games with the man and he’s only broken once, and that was entirely due to my own stupidity (I tried to slide my tray into a space waaaay too cramped for poor Stryker).  My only major complaint is the banner; it’s far too large a piece to be connected by so small a contact point and the teeny Cygnus on the top is just asking to be broken off and lost.  With a little more planning, a second contact point could have been finagled for the big flag and the Cygnus could easily have been shrunk down and built into the top of the standard.  The end product is totally worth it, though, because the Lord General is a super sweet mini!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Mini-Review!  I just got some awesome figs from the Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter that I’m just dying to talk about, so stay tuned for that!

Author: Trevy the Great

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