Mind Tricks

by Jake VanMeter

Hey all!! Jake (Neutralyze) here.


I’m just popping in right quick to give you a rundown of where I think our warlocks rank based on a tier. This is obviously  my opinion so take it for what it’s worth


A – Saeryn. She honestly has very few matchups where she feels on edge. Her denial feat topped with a denial spell list and the auto hitting 5” AOE means she can handle a lot on the field. To top it off she has defense 18 vs. ranged attacks with force barrier which makes her pretty survivable on the feat turn when she might be out in the open to keep her beasts in control.


B. pVayl, eLylyth, Bethayne – Now don’t get me wrong here folks. I really like pVayl. She is my favorite warlock to play. You have to admit though that she has worse matchups than Saeryn has. eLylyth is here because she does have certain matchups similar to Bethayne where her offenses are largely shut down. All the warlocks here are tourney competitive and have options available to them that makes them a viable threat on the field.


C. Absylonia, Kallus, eVayl, eThags, pTthags – “eThags is a C!?” You ask? What am I thinking? Grab your blanket and hear me out. It will be ok. I promise. eThags is a great late game beater. His problem is that his best lists are built towards Shredder spam. If you don’t run Shredder spam he feels awkward, and the lower model count can be a problem. Do you run infantry for ranged support and a screen do nothing much to help them? Do you try to go for the popular pop’n’drop with a Spell Martyr? Everything eThags does is a telegraphed move. He emphasizes offensive like no other; but doesn’t have a response for when his offense comes up short. To keep it simple, if his army doesn’t hit hard first then his game disappears faster than a Hershey’s bar at a fat camp.


D. pLylyth – She’s our battle box warlock and needs a shout out. we all have played with her when we first started. Sadly, once we realized what there was outside of the battle box she quickly got sidelined. Her low fury stat combined with her fury hogging spells and small control area really hinder her in a competitive environment. I’m not saying she’s horrible. We all have gotten feat kills with Seraphs, Typhon, etc but she just doesn’t have the tools to stand on top with the big boys.


E. Rhyas – Oh boy. I often reflect on how she was in MKI and wonder what was so bonkers that she had to be changed this much. She has a cool buff spell for a beast and a stealth spell but that limits her to 3 fury on an average turn. She wants to be an assassin warlock but often relies on a crit to get the job done. Anyone can tell you that relying on crits will ruin your day unless you can roll upwards of 4 + dice. With her lack of fury or decent abilities to go against top level warcasters and warlocks, at best you’ll catch an opponent or two with the teleported Scythean kill before they wise up to it.

Author: Neutralyze

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