Meat the Butchers – Boiler

Next up we have the pup of the team, Boiler, and his bloodlust that he doesn’t know about. He’ll be scary if he survives and grows bigger!!


Boiler is pretty fast compared with some of the other members of the team, so you need to hold him back sometimes. His TAC is decent, but the young lad is equal to Shank as far as kicking goes. His DEF is average but he does have ARM to help with that, while his INF stats are also average.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – When attacking an enemy model, they suffer -1 ARM. The little lad knows where to hit!

Crucial Artery – Regardless of what damage he does, the target will also suffer the Bleed condition.

Assist – When he is engaged with the same target as Princess, he gains extra TAC and DMG to his Playbook damage.


Not that exciting, but he does have access to KD. Although his damage output is low, with the addition of Bleed he can actually generate some big indirect damage.


Swift Stance – Costs 2 INF. Target friendly model gains bonus to DEF. This will help any model in Butchers, even Boar.

Marked Target – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 1 hit). This can only been done once per turn, but grants a boost to Charge MOV against the chosen target.


Boiler is an unusual model in that he isn’t as straight forward as some other Butchers, so you need to work with his abilities. Hand out lots of Bleed and make sure he keeps Princess close by. Generally he is a support piece to start with as he boosts other team members DEF, but when boosted he can become like Boar but harder to hit!

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Author: Doc Bungle

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