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Hey all, its me again, coming at you with another wacky list.  This time I will be focusing upon the Minion forces and per a request that crazy doctor, Arkadius.  But to bring it to picture I will also be showing a list that is yet another theme list.  But thankfully for the doctor most of what you would run with him is already allowed to be taken within his theme requirements so there wasn’t much more that was truly needed in the list.  I personally feel his theme list is stronger than what the normal Thornfall list would be allowed to take.  So lets first take a look at the requirements and benefits then lets take a look at the list:

Tier 1 Requirement:  Nothing

Tier 1 Benefit:  1pt reduction upon War Hog warbeasts

Tier 2 Requirement:  1 unit of Bone Grinders

Tier 2 Benefit:  Redeploy 1 model/unit

Tier 3 Requirement:  1 unit of Farrow Brigands

Tier 3 Benefit:  +1 to go first

Tier 4 Requirement:  3 War Hogs

Tier 4 Benefit:  +2SPD to warbeasts in the army turn 1


Dr. Arkadius +6

Gun Boar 5

War Hog (1/6) 1

War Hog (1) 7

War Hog (1) 7

Targ 2

Rorsh 9

4 Bone Grinders

10 Farrow Brigands 8

Razorback Crew 3

Slaughterhousers 6

Total:  50/59


So lets take a look at the doctor himself.  He has an average stat line for when it comes down to comparing him to another per spellcasting warlock, though his ARM and life boxes are below average.  Even though he has a low MAT he does have some cool abilities that though he shouldn’t really be in melee but if you are able to protect him then the abilities are well worth it.  If he hits with his magical melee needle then he does not do a damage roll but immediately inflicts 1 point of damage to a living model, keep in mind only living models but any type of living model.  The first ability his weapon has is that it makes the damaged model stationary.  The second effect is that the model damaged can not cast spells, upkeep, or use animi.  The last ability will not work on warcaster/warlocks but if you damage the model then you get to take control of the model and move it and make an attack with it.  Keep in mind all these abilities only work if you damage the model and it has to be living.  But it is pretty nice to take over a warbeast damaged by his melee weapon and move it and make an attack.  One of his built in abilities is Maltreatment, this is where he can take a fury point off of a warbeast and put it on himself.  This is great to run a beast to max fury and then remove one from it to allow yourself to have another transfer target.  Keep in mind this will do anywhere from 1 to 3 damage to the warbeast that you do this to and you can only do it once per turn.  Also this ability is something you have to be careful with as most of the eligible models in the list can also damage their selves to get benefits, but I will go into what that is later.

Now lets take a moment or two to look at his feat.  His feat is where models in his battlegroup can immediately frenzy.  Keep in mind you can, but don’t have to and you can select any amount in his battlegroup.  This feat seems pretty tricky as I have seem people try to set up lanes to get extra distance by staggering your models so when one beast frenzies to pick the one in front and then have one behind it, then so on.  It can give you extra needed distance and can sometimes catch people of guard, just keep in mind to position the models just right so the first goes after a model ahead of it and not off to the side.  Though I prefer another approach.  I like to use it after models have either mad it into melee range and it gives them another attack, also helps with fury management as since it is a frenzy you can wipe away the fury on them.  Also the feat does not affect activation in that you can activate the model normally then use the feat and frenzy, or use the feat and frenzy to clear out a lane and then activate normally.

His spell list is pretty solid in my opinion.  He as a great upkeep spell called Forced Evolution, this is where a friendly faction warbeast gains a bonus to STR and DEF.  Another upkeep spell he has affects all friendly beasts, where while in his control area they gain hyper aggressive, an ability to where when an affected warbeast suffers damage from an enemy attack other than while advancing it can move directly towards the attacker, good for some out of turn movement.  A great enemy upkeep spell he has is Crippling Grasp, where the model/unit can’t run or make special attacks and suffers a penalty to SPD/STR/DEF/ARM.  Though it has a below average range the bone grinders are there to help increase the range a little, though you will still have to get close to the target model as he does not have a way to channel the spell.  This spell does cost an average amount to cast so make sure whatever its put on is not going to be able to get to the Doc.  His one attack spell is Primal Shock, low cost spell that you get to use a model in his battlegroup as a the point of origin to make a magic attack near the beast.  The POW is equal to the base STR of the beast, which is usually going to be just below the POW of a hand cannon.  The last spell is one of his best called Psycho Surgery, low cost that heals all models in his battlegroup D3+1 to all those models.  So you at least get to heal 2 points of damage on all models in his battlegroup for the cost of the same amount of fury.

As for what I do with the army now.  I typically don’t like Brigands unless they are with Lord Carver as outside of Crippling Grasping a model unit they don’t have to many ways to get bonuses to hitting and damaging.  But to quote a smart friend of mine, “infantry is just the speed bump to block the way for your important models.”  In this case I use the Brigands to block charge lanes and tie up models until the Slaughterhousers or warbeasts can get to them.  The Slaughterhousers being able to prevent tough and gain additional damage against damaged models, combined with the fact that they gain a bonus to hit on charge attacks, means they are a great 2nd wave/clean up unit.  The Razorback Crew is there as I had 3pts left over and when in the right situation they can be used to initially damage a target for the Slaughterhousers or to help clear out infantry.  Targ is able to help get even more attacks out of a list that already has access to a lot of attacks out of turn as well as helping out healing models.  The Bone Grinders are there to help increase the Doc’s range on Crippling Grasp but they also have a decent magic attack ability to deal with models that can only be dealt with by magic.  Also with so many warbeasts eventually one shall die so they will be able to cast one of their animi, preferably the War Hog’s which allows for the model to charge for free and if it kills an enemy model with that attack then it gets to move a short distance and attack for free.  The Gun Boar is my ideal target for Maltreatment as well as being good to clear out infantry with its AOE range attack that has average range and POW.  Rorsh and Brine are there as they are able to be another heavy that can deal with models and Rorsh is able to create some rough terrain due to his upkeep, also helps giver Brine some more threat range as his diversionary tactic lets him and Brine move out of turn and ignoring free strikes.  Combine this with the Tier bonus of increase on SPD turn 1 to Brine also means he can get good board position turn 1.  Then the War Hogs, which to mean are the important models as they can get a bonus to STR by hurting themselves, are going to be what deals with your opponent’s models, especially high ARM ones.  Being that there are 3 of them means on average 2 should make it into melee and with so many additional out of turn attacks this list can generate there shouldn’t be to many models left on the board to retaliate.

Author: Bulldog

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