January ’12 Tournament report

Welcome dear readers! Today I bring you a special report: we just had a 50 point SR2012 tournament at my home store, and we had pretty good participation. I felt like I needed a break from the usual beginner articles, so here’s a bit of my Saturday tournament! Also, as a quick note, we played these games under a 50 minute death clock.

The Lists

In prepping for any tournament, it’s important to remember the goals and how you’re planning on achieving them. I have the most experience with Krueger 2, and I tend to win with him more than any other caster I’ve used. He is super strong, and I would never consider a 50 point, 2 list format without him as one of my options. His style and raw scenario power fit me perfectly. I’ve had pretty good luck with the following list, and I’ll go into the why’s of each here in a bit.

Krueger the Storm Lord +5

-Feral Warpwolf 9

-Gorax 4

-Pureblood Warpwolf 9

-Warpwolf Stalker 10

-Druid Wilder 2

2x Blackclad Wayfarer 4

Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers 5

Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers 5

2x Gallows Groves 2

Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper 3

Shifting Stones 2

Reinforcements: Morraig 5 + Woldwyrd 5

A lot of people like to bring a woldwarden or Megalith for geomancy telekinesis or gallows, but I felt that with the release of gallows groves that might be a 9 point sink for a free spell or two. Also, while I love them, they do tend to be a bit pillowfisted for a heavy, and my meta has lots of armor. I brought the trinity for the versatility and pseudo-redundancy of having things that could take down heavies, or could take out a lot of infantry. Double blackclads actually works great for clearing infantry, and I almost never lose them before they each make back their points in sprays, and having the option to increase threat range by 2″ is always handy. Stones are obviously for fury management, healing, and teleport. The reinforcements were kind of a wash. I hadn’t realized we needed them before hand, and I decided I wanted something that would be able to threaten heavies and infantry, and was pretty fast.

The other caster I chose was Krueger 1, for clearing high numbers of infantry (Cryx, I’m looking at you). I have had some ok success with Krueger 1 in the past as well; I haven’t used him for awhile and I thought it might be about time to bring him back. I’ve recently started playing him much more aggressively, and I’m not sure if that’s something I will continue to do or not. On to the list…

Krueger the Storm Wrath +5

Feral Warpwolf 9

Gorax 4

Megalith 11

Warpwolf Stalker 10

2x Blackclad Wayfarers 4

2x Gallows Groves 2

Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper 3

Shifting Stones 2

Max Bloodtrackers + Nuala 10

Reinforcements: Lord of the Feast 4, Thrullg 3, Tharn White Mane 3

I bring Megalith with Krueger 1 because I need to get more chain lightnings out amongst the enemies, and because having the option to toss lightning tendrils on himself or hot swap it to another unit is incredibly handy. His animus also helps bring the defense of some of those ridiculous combos (Iron fleshed anything, for example) down to a more manageable level, and against certain armies the rough terrain can actually help a lot. I brought the bloodtrackers for lightning tendrils and I had high hopes that they would slaughter a lot of infantry.

Round One

Krueger 2 vs Harbinger

Out-flank Out-fight Out-last

I ended up in possibly the most difficult matchup of all time right off the bat. Circle has hard times with Menoth because of their large number of effects that trigger before our own effects. And of course, he brought them all. Errants hold a special spot of hatred in my heart. I chose Krueger 2 for my first list because I thought that I would have a better shot against Menoth with him than with all the trigger effects in my Krueger 1 list. Unfortunately, it didn’t help a whole lot. I lost the roll, but my opponent Wes chose to go 2nd. He also got the handy forest off to the side. I ran everything diagonally as far as I could, trying to get as far up the field as I could. He, of course, feated and pretty much everything would have moved into the feat and taken pretty bad damage. I brought my reinforcements in right away and they managed to kill off a few errants and a couple solos on the side, and contested the objective on that side. I had my stones shift up my pureblood to get a spray off on literally every single errant. However, his already low RAT was reduced even further to 3, so I only ended up killing 1. I did manage to take out Wes’ battle engine with my feral. Otherwise, the game was pretty one sided in his favor, and I lost pretty quickly.


Round Two

Krueger 1 vs Butcher 1


I was facing off against Jaime‘s list of Winterguard deathstar, Nyss + attachment guy, Beast 09 and Behemoth. Jaime only had the one list, so he stacked it full of characters. It had high armor, and his infantry had high defense. I lost the roll again, and Jaime chose to run up first. He advanced pretty much as far as he could with everything. I came up with this really super nifty turn 1 teleport thing with wardens and Megalith with Krueger 1 on Wednesday, and chose to do it. Basically, the stones + ua teleport Megalith into the second stones, so he’s now at the AD line. Then those stones teleport him 8″ further + base size. This puts him up 24″ roughly onto the board, far enough to get long range spells off on infantry that has ran. So I cast his animus, spend one more for geomancy chain lightning, and roll a 5 or a 6 on extra jumps. Basically half the winterguard die and I feel really good about how things are going to turn out. I advance Krueger up and toss lightning tendrils on the Bloodtrackers. Then he feats and puts all 3 death zones right in front of the remaining winterguard, forcing them to avoid the scenario area entirely. The bloodtrackers…fail hard. I had preyed the Nyss (thinking the +2 would help, silly me). I think they only managed to kill like 1 or 2 the whole game. They didn’t even survive well, silly Bloodtrackers. Jaime’s main mistake was sticking both the Behemoth and Beast 09 close enough to get a Stalker and a feral both on them. I primalled and charged and scrapped them both, thinking to myself, self, you are kicking butt. Well Butcher looks at my two warpwolves, and then he waltzes over and slaughters them, both. I was amazed. I eventually get Megalith into melee with Butcher, and he puts some solid damage on him, but Butcher just tanks it and kills megalith. The Nyss slaughter my Bloodtrackers, and I’m left with Krueger, a couple shifting stones, and a gorax that’s mostly dead. Krueger also has taken a ton of damage, only having 3 hp left at this point. He pulls the two fury from the gorax, and cuts for 2 (1 hp left). I heal the gorax so he is fully operational, primal him, and shoot Butcher. Butcher laughs at him. Primalled gorax charges Butcher who is at armor 22 I think. Boost to hit, hit. Dice minus 8 for the charge, and I put some damage on him. Second initial, boost to hit and hit, dice minus 8 and with the boost I get just enough to down the Butcher. Neither of us had much remaining…it was a huge slaughter fest, and super close. One of the most fun games I’ve had!


Round Three

Krueger 1 vs Madrak (1?)


In this game I was paired up with Mike, and his list had SO many trolls. I chose Krueger 1 because of the huge number of trolls in his lists. He won the roll and went first. He basically just ran straight forward. I had Krueger advance behind a wall and feat, taking out a decent amount of trolls. Then, using that same nifty trick I just mentioned with Megalith and the stones, I had them teleport him far forward and chain lightning the trolls. Unfortunately a lot of them survived, even though I rolled 4 or 5 on the extra jumps (I rolled 3 for damage like 4 times in a row). That was a bit frustrating, but I felt fairly secure, they were only infantry, and Megalith is pretty tough to take down. Or so I thought. The trolls receive a spell that gives them an additional die on damage, and they just slaughtered Megalith on the charge. It was ugly and I was a very sad panda. Unfortunately, there was little I could do from there, as I lost my Stalker after a teleport behind enemy lines to take out Skaldi and do some damage on the champions. I lost the bloodtrackers pretty quickly too and my feral took out almost a full unit of trolls (he had electroleap, IIRC) before champions got him,and I lost again pretty quickly.


Round Four

Krueger 2 vs Severius 1


This game was against another local, Hudson. Unfortunately for me, he brought his Menoth and I do SO hate Menoth. His list was almost all jacks, including Blessing of Vengeance, Avatar, a couple more heavies with chain weapons, and I forget a few more jacks, I’m sure. He had the book and two Vassals with the mandatory choir. This was our second flank scenario, so his flanking force was a unit of daughters and a unit of the knights that get stronger and harder to kill the more of them you off. One thing I’ve learned from my games against other Menoth players is that they are remarkably durable and deadly with their support around, and somewhat less so without it. The first thing I did was to take out both his vassals and a random choir boy with my woldstalkers. I also put some damage on a couple jacks. I used Krueger’s feat early on to gain a control point in (my right) zone. He brought his reinforcements on right away, and tried to clear my left zone, but ended up whiffing just enough that I had one guy left in. A couple woldstalkers, a blackclad spray, and my pureblood take out most the rest of his reinforcements, but then the pureblood starts duking it out with one of his heavies. I drop one of his lights (it had a spray) and put some good damage on one of his other heavies in the right zone, but lose my stalker to the avatar. I bring my reinforcements in, put some damage on it with my woldwyrd (not much though), then charge Morraig in, and he does really nicely, putting solid damage on it. We trade heavies a bit more, and I’m on the losing end of things, with not much left, when Hudson’s flag drops down. I win, even though he killed a couple points more than I did.


Round Five

Krueger 2 vs Jarl

For the last game I’m paired against another local, Josh (who plays…everything?). Josh has taken quite a few different forces to tournaments, and today he brought his trolls. I haven’t had much practice verse Jarl, so I’m a little unsure whether to use Krueger 1 or 2, but I choose 2 because I felt more comfortable with the list. I go first, and we’re in a radial scenario, so I run everything diagonally to my left, and stick Krueger behind a wall that’s unconveniently too far away from the zone and the flag opposite. I send one unit of shrimp across the table to deal with anything that goes for the objective, and the other goes to shoot the fell blades coming in on me. All 5 miss. This was actually a blessing in disguise, as he uses them to kill a  few shrimp, but doesn’t have enough room to get to my feral and stalker on that side. My north shrimp take out his 3 man team headed towards the flag, and my feral and stalker take nearly all the infantry in the zone. Josh takes out a lot of my things with Jarl himself, bouncing magic bullet an annoyingly large amount of times into Krueger. My stalker gets primalled, and takes out his bomber and the remaining trolls around the zone. He is down to just mauler, impaler, and the troll guy that lets you cast for one cheaper, and I have my feral, virtually untouched, my stalker virtually untouched, and my pureblood and gorax too. Then my stalker frenzies and of course my dice go bonkers and nearly cleave my feral in two. My pureblood takes out the mauler, but is trashed by Jarl and the impaler. Then Jarl feats, and it is just my stalker, in the middle of the field, by himself after Jarl gets the feral on more magic bullets…and Krueger hiding behind the wall, with some stones. Jarl takes the stalker out. I try to wait it out, thinking we’re both super low on time, and if he comes after me I’m behind the wall and more safe…except those stupid stones. He starts bouncing POW 12s into me from the stones with magic bullet. I try to get close enough to ranged assassinate him, but he out threats me by several inches, and I use the stones to teleport Krueger back, and far away. Krueger goes into a forest to hide some more and the stones try to heal him as Jarl advances. Jarl goes for another ranged assassination attempt, but straight up forgets to take his second shot. Both of us are super low on time (the flag has almost dropped for him, and I have at most 3 minutes of clock time).  Krueger goes for it, just inside range this time, and boosts the shot. Krueger hits, boosts damage and puts some on him. Krueger’s gun has rate of fire 3, sustained attack, so I buy and boost damage two more times and finally get him. Another game that was SUPER close, and super fun!


At the end of it all, I ended up 3 wins and two losses, and placed 12th of 27 people, so just above the halfway mark. So far, for me, it was the best placing in a tournament to date. Other things of note are that Cygnar ended up with 1st and 4th with Keith and Billy, and everyone had a huge blast! I’m already prepping for the Mayhem cup in May, and I can’t wait to try out a few things and maybe tweak a couple things here and there.

Until next time, dear readers.


Author: David Counts

David Counts plays Circle Orboros primarily, and has recently gotten into Cygnar. He enjoys rolling 1s way more often than statistically probable and long walks on the beach. You can find David most days in or around Des Moines.

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