Immunity To Cold – Episode 7

Evening listeners!

In this episode we are sans Mike (Something about "real world obligations" or some random line like that... feels like a cheap breakup line 😉 ), however you get the privilegde of listening to Spenser and myself serenade you with the sweet tale of our journey down to lock and load.

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We review the releases of our respective factions (Mercenaries and Retribution of Scyrah) and how we feel about our new casters. Lets face it, we didn't want to beat Haley 3 to death and I'm sure people have heard enough crying on how "bad' Denny 3 is.

We also touch on places we ate while in Bellevue/Seattle and also give our impressions of Lock and Load 2015!

As always, any feedback or episode suggestions are always welcome!
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Author: Immunity To Cold

We are a western Canadian podcast group based out of Calgary, Alberta.

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