Immunity to Cold – Episode 11

Better late than never, right? Recorded Aug 30th 😛 (Sorry for the delay guys)

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all!

This episode we get into an unusual discussion about Terrain. It seems to be one of the most overlooked items that pertain to this game, but also one of the most important. In a game of inches we discuss our experiences with 3D terrain and how there has been a gradual shift to 2D terrain.

If you want a link for some amazing terrain, there is of course the Muse on Mini's terrain: (this is what our meta currently plays with) 

And the kickstarter we spoke about for Neoprene terrain:

Towards the end of the cast we bat around a potential new tournament format we'd like to try out locally (teams of 5 as a "Store wars" if you will that is similar to the WTC format) 

Thank you for listening guys and we appreciate all your support!

As always, any feedback or episode suggestions are always welcome!

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Author: Immunity To Cold

We are a western Canadian podcast group based out of Calgary, Alberta.

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