IK IK IK What Have We Here? also US trip Summary

Terrible pun in title, check.


OK, its been quite a while since I’ve done an article here. I can’t really say I’ve been too busy, but I have been having too much fun.A couple of months ago (man time flies) I went over to the USA to hang out with mates in Minnesota and Iowa, then crack on to Gencon. I really should have done a detailed report on it, but to be honest I can hardly remember a lot of it, my brain could not handle that much awesome. Instead I just have a pleasant tingling remaining in the cockles of my balls. Umm, heart, yes I meant heart.


So before I go onto my main topic, here is my point form version of my America trip:


  • Tower Games is quite possibly the best store ever to just hang out in and paint – very community based store. I spent way too much money there.
  • C & G’s Barbecue in Minnesota won the Pulled Pork Sandwich competition hands down – I sampled every one I could within Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana while I was there. Conveniently they are within walking distance of Tower.
  • Looking forard to SnoopDougeFreshPrinceof50cent being the dominant player in the Minnesota meta by the time I return!
  • Much thanks to the whole crew in Minnesota for their hospitality – next time I need to bludge a room though – turns out cheap Hooker accomodation is bad for you – who knew?
  • Phatasian is a madman, and will do things like drive 3.5 hours to come and pick you up from Minnesota if you ask nicely
  • Phatasian also manages to be super easy to troll, yet untrollable, both at the same time – he also has an awesome famiry – huge thanks to Mandy, Christie, Tanner and Bman for allowing me into your home
  • Keith is a hipster, even though he tries hard not to be.
  • Iowa has attractive gamer girls – who knew
  • Iowa has a kickarse gaming community in general – 20+ people boardgaming Tuesday, 20+ player Warmachine nights Wednesday and Thursday – anyone got a job for a Civil Engineer in Iowa? Preferably with the DOT in Ames.
  • Thanks to all of those groups in Iowa for making me feel like part of the group
  • One of my goals for Gencon was to not play too much Warmachine. Unfortunately, my plans were scuppered by unexpected success. Bitter and delicious, like a good beer.
  • Thanks to Stubbs for Pressganging me into the Pressgang one morning, which resulted in me going to the PG party, which resulted in me getting a copy of IKRPG after unsuccessfully waiting in line Thursday.
  • Ryan from Minnesota is a shiny golden god, a classy gent, and will one day cash in on his good karma
  • My record of playing much better when ridiculously tired continues. I am now 7-1 at Gencon when tired enough to be biochemically drunk. I am now 7-6 when well rested.
  • I am snoring dominant over wussy Minnesotans
  • The booth babe at the Soda Pop Minis booth had boobs that were an achievement of structural engineering to rival the highest skyscraper in the world.
  • Dustin from the Mutineer Chronicles is a really good GM
  • Strawberry Lemonade is excellent
  • Eric Dietsch is a champ – I had basically spent a cumulative total of about 4 hours with him when he invited me to crash at his place on a 24 hour stopover in LA, and drove me to the airport – what a boss!


OK, so the thing I was probably most excited about after Gencon was the IKRPG. I was massively looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. The book itself is gorgeous, with very high production quality throughout. More importantly though, I really like the system. I feel like they’ve really nailed the way I like my RPG’s – fairly streamlined combat but with enough there to do some sweet awesome cool things, and very flexible system for social interactions. I really like the way they made their social skill rolls factor in the roleplaying approach you take, so that the GM adapts that to the skill you use. No longer do you have to be a huge musclehead to intimidate someone – perhaps you could flourish a deck of cards at a poker game, or do some sweet pistol trick instead, or just do the old fashioned I know so much more than you you should just quit while you’re not ahead trick.

I’ve also really enjoyed the character creation system, and I find the double careers thing can really help nail down the backstory of a character and gets you to start questioning how they got to where they are. I’ve now made a bunch of characters I’d really be interested in playing. I also think they managed to find an interesting point where PCs feel powerful, but combat is still dangerous enough to have that little bit of fear every time.

There are some bugs and issues with stuff like the prices of things, but I’ve always preferred to play that stuff fast and loose anyway, so the price of coal or bullets doesn’t concern me a great deal.

At the moment, it looks like I’m going to be running a campaign here. I have 3 players, and will probably have a PC I control to help out, since most of the adventures seem to cater to 4 players and I’m lazy. I’m a fairly inexperienced GM – I’ve had a few goes at it, but tend to run out of steam quickly – I tend to be more interested in thinking about the world than running games in it. However the game simply inspired me to the point where I must play it, and lacking other options that means I must run it.

So far we have the three characters made and its looking very interesting. It looks like we’ll have an Investigative Agency group, with an Aristocrat Spy, an Arcane Mechanik Pistoleer, a Knight Priest Paladin of the Order of the Wall, and an Alchemist Thief making up the party. The back stories are coming along nicely, and we are due to play our first session ths weekend. I hope to do another article introducing the characters, and then maybe do some session reports if people are interested.


Are you playing IKRPG yet? Let me know how its going in the comments if you are.

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