I want to rock – by Morghul and the Slaughterhousers

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It’s been a while since I last wrote anything and to be honest my creative side has taken a back seat in the car for a while.  This morning though I woke up and after doing some cleaning sat down at the modelling table and decided to put together my Lady Justice: Avatar of Balance.  She’s a Malifaux model to be sure, and one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on in a while.  After getting her all prepped the fire had been lit and I felt like more…  At first I thought that I’d just take care of the casualties from my recent adventures at Cancon (which happened to be re-magnetising Zaal’s base and performing a clip and pin on a savages’ banner that had broken off) and yet still I was not sated.

So I dug around and put together a unit that I have been slowly simmering my excitement over for a while now – Farrow Slaughterhousers!  I realise that when most people look at Farrow they see a jumble of half implemented rules and bacon jokes, and in saying that there has just been something that has caught my eye about these chaps ever since they came out.

It’s not just all the great flash backs to Total recall and even that lovable larrikin Doughie, it’s that they seem to answer in one tidy little package a lot of unfavourable game scenario’s.  They are 6 for 6 which is neither cheap nor expensive, simply a comfortable medium and their stats are reflections of this being neither poor nor impressive simply a solid middle ground.  What I see in them though has mostly to do with their traits –  being tough, fearless, finisher, and most importantly take-down.

It might be local Meta, or simply a case of evolution but over recent years there has been a drastic increase in two things within the game – tough mechanics and recursion.  Admittedly Cryx is at the centre of the recursion boat but other faction’s particularly Legion gain great benefit from the destruction of models on the table.  It used to be that tough was something that the occasional unit had and now it is almost at the point where it is ubiquitous.  Granted there are some factions that don’t have great access to it that though seems to be more the exception that makes the rule.  Especially with things like the Gatorman witch doctor tough is available for all and sundry.

Takedown offers a very reliable method of mitigating tough and especially the spanner that it can throw into a well laid out plan.  I got to thinking that with the hoopla surrounding 2013, and the types of lists that one might have to face there what would be a good way of dealing with them, by not having to deal with them perse.

One of the lists that I’ve come up with and in testing so far has proven to be very interesting and work quite well is epic Morghul.  I think that epic Morghul is particularly interesting at this point because he offers a particularly rare ability – in that he can hand out grievous wounds to a model/unit.  This compounded with the Slaughterhousers take down ability gives you a very versatile front that can for the most part ignore anything that was going to keep the opposing model in play.  This isn’t restricted to things like tough though, it also hits healing mechanics like Errants and beasts too making it a very versatile strategy for crippling the enemy.

My list at present consists of the following

Epic Morghul (+6)

  • Archidon 7
  • Cyclops Brute 5
  • Basilisk Krea 4

Aptimus Marketh 3

Tyrant Commander and Standard 3

Pain giver Task Master 2

Tyrant Rhadiem 5

Pain giver Beast Handlers (min) 2

Farrow Slaughterhousers 6

Nihlators (max) 8

Praetorian Ferox (max) 11

Total: 50 pts.


So the crux of the list is that it is firstly very fast, and hits moderately hard – hard enough to break most things.  For anything super heavy Morghul should be able to neuter it with blind which will keep him relatively safe except from 4d6 to hit rolls, especially if he can skirt to their rear arcs.

Between the Ferox getting cav charge and veteran leader they can reliably hit most things and have the punch to clear out the majority of infantry.  The Slaughterhousers and Nihlators provide a very solid centre of all tough troops that have reach.  The whole list is either immune or resilient to KD through effects like NSotJ, Steady, Safe guard and Reveille.  In addition to this; ghost walk, the commander, natural PF and jump mean that it can go where it wants to when it wants to.

The list has some weaknesses to shooting, however this is somewhat shored up by its natural resilience and the thing that I like the most is that it takes a strength (tough), completely negates it from the opponents board and then simultaneously applies it to itself.  It’s a very fun list to play and E Morghul despite looking very one dimensional can be quite interesting with the choices that he forces his own player to make vis à vis commitment and when to strike, when to hold etc.

Of course its putting a lot of investment on the chance that an opponent brings these mechanics to the field, however, I feel that currently it is so common to find something in an opponent’s list that will be affected by either grievous or take down that it can only be a good thing to have the tools on hand.  Either way, I’m looking very forward to getting some great use out of this and if nothing else enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

I’d say take that Bembridge scholars, but really what I mean is get ready to take it Boom howler!


Thanks very much for reading


Author: Desertspiral

Brisbane, Australia

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