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So here we find myself trying to help out with another request, this is a caster that I do enjoy his story as he comes across as the underdog of the Retribution.  Not going to go to in depth into his story but his house was greatly involved with Goreshade’s past.  I have said in 2 other posts that Goreshade’s story is my favorite and now, thanks to one of mine faithful followers (thanks to MOM for buying my fans off, really helps out with my e.cred, lol) I now get to share another one of my list ideas:


Ossyan +6

Banshee 10

Hypnos 9

Sylys The Seeker 2

Arcanist 1

Arcanist 1

Arcantrik Force Generator 10

10 Invictors with Officer and Standard 12

Heavy Rifle Team 2

Heavy Rifle Team 2

Mage Hunter Assassin 2

Mage Hunter Assassin 2

Narn 3

Total:  50/56


Lets first take a look at our great support caster.  He has average stats for a spell casting warcaster, though his health is a little below average and his ARM is also (though again above the normal ARM for spell casting warcasters since he does have a FOC of 7).  He has a range attack that has the same RNG as a hand cannon and a POW that is just barely above a hand cannon, as well as being magical.  Though its greatest quality is that if it hits a model then you get to center a 4″ AOE on the model that remains on the model and moves with it for 1 round, though if the model is destroyed then the affects of the AOE will also expire.  While in the AOE models will suffer a penalty to DEF and if they begin their activations in the AOE they will not be able to run or charge.  His last weapon weapon is a magical melee weapon that has dispel, an ability that gets rid of upkeeps on model/unit hit immediately expires.  Though the POW for it is below average as well as his MAT.  His Feat, with a great name too “Gravity Well,” makes it to where when an enemy model makes a range attack damage roll they roll one less die while in Ossyan’s CTRL area.  Also when a friendly faction model makes a range attack damage roll against an enemy model in his CTRL area they roll an additional damage die.


His spell list is in my opinion amazing, though you will see why certain models were included later in my list discussion.  His first upkeep spell is called Admonition (target model in his battlegroup can move 3″ ignoring free strikes when an enemy model ends its movement within 6″, then expires).  His next upkeep spell is Chronomancer (models in his battelgroup can boost attack and damage rolls afterwards).  His third upkeep spell is Quicken (target model/unit gains a bonus to SPD and a bonus to DEF against range attacks).  His last upkeep spell is Shatter Storm (when target model/unit directly hits and boxes a model it explodes in a 3″ AOE that does average blast damage to models in the AOE, and then removes models from play).  His only offensive spell is Arcantrik Bolt (average RNG and POW that if it damages a warjack then the warjack is made stationary).


So what I like to do with the list I must first look to see what my enemy has to attack me with.  If they seem to have a lot of range attacks then I like to put Quicken upon my Invictors, as they are a very important part of the army’s feat turn due to the fact that they have CRA and the ability to reroll failed attack rolls when they CRA.  They also have an average range with handcannon POW and the officer gives them a once per game snipe ability.  Though if they do not have a lot of range attacks then I prefer to put it on the Banshee so he has a great 12″ threat range.  The Banshee has above average RNG and POW and the ability to slam and knock down models.  It also has melee weapons that upon a critical hit deny transfers and tough.  But like all house Vyre jacks the right arm is lower POW than the left, and in this case the Banshee’s left arm has reach also, though both weapons have average POWs for a heavy with a main weapon and an open fist.  With average SPD for a heavy and reach now you can see why Quicken puts it to a 12″ threat, 10.5″ if you want both melee attacks.  I do like upkeeping Chronomancer for focus management but if I truly need the extra focus then it will be dropped, though I will let Shatter Storm drop before it if the situation is right.  I enjoy Shatter Storm on my Invictors if they are not getting Quicken as they can easily take out infantry, though if they are the target of Quicken then the Force Generator gets Shatter Storm then.  Lastly I will put Admonition upon Hypnos as he is my Arc Node and has a great Affinity, the ability to keep a warjack directly hit from being allocated focus or channeling or a warbeast from being forced.  Though I will change Admonition from models in the battlegroup if the situation poses a better outcome, say the Banshee can get to its target without Quicken and then I will cast Admonition upon it instead.  The feat turn for me is usually the 2nd turn, or whenever a majority of my guns can be brought to range.  If I can’t get a good shot on the warcaster/warlock then I try for as many important models of the enemy.  I usually leave single wound models alone and tend to go for the heavies and lights of the enemy, and of course multi-wound models.  Even though I have seen many people wait to use it against the caster/lock sometimes just going for the army is good enough, hard to win a game with only a handful of models.  And if you wait to long then you won’t have a lot of models to use the feat properly.  The defensive part of the feat is nice but I am yet to use his feat just for defense as I found that, at least in my opinion, it is just an added benefit and not something to bank on.  Though when it does come into affect then it is great.


As for the rest of the list I do enjoy being able to set up models to be slammed either by the Generator or the Banshee to knock down key models or even to open up lanes for LOS or charge lanes.  The heavy rifle teams usually target medium and large base models as they have the ability to halve the ARM of those type of models, but because I had 4 points left the teams found their way in when normally I would try to find another model that had access to boosting damage.  The Seeker is here for the mere purpose of helping Ossyan upkeep spells since he has a good amount of them, though if in a pinch then he can help Ossyan hit and damage more effectively with his one offensive spell.  The arcanists help with repairing but more so with providing another damage output for the warjacks, since they have an ability that gives a bonus to melee damage.  As for the Mage Hunter Assassins and Narn, they are there to take apart whatever survives the shooting.  Ideally what I like to do is have the army shoot the enemy apart on the feat turn, get as many key models close to death, then send in the assassins and Narn to finish them off allowing me to split up my attacks more proficiently.

Author: Bulldog

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