Guild Ball

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Nemesis: The Lich. 2 – Into the Onioney Breach

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“That boomhowler is within nine of Madelyn, so I use the intrigue move to shuffle the bile thrall leader forward by three inches.” “Sure… I..” “I activate Darragh and shuffle all my undead forward an inch.” “Wait… Oh n-” “Excarnate, boosting to hit.” “No, no, no, no, no! I thought I was safe!” Grit your teeth sports fans. I have to make an admission, which may lead to admonition. (Who has two thumbs and can’t write a joke? Jay Leno).The only real way to get better at winning back from playing Lich2 is to do it, a lot. His spells and abilities are like an onion, a rancid onion. It has many layers and you were already crying upon breaching the first. My favourite personal anecdote was playing against him with a skorne army, led by Aptimus Zaal. I had dealt with the biles, either getting purged in as restricted a manner as possible, or shooting them with beast guns. I had survived the feat, and leveraged beserking nihilators and kovaas so that there was very little left on either side of the table. The Lich had moved forward to start scoring, and I still had my brute, and indeed my feat! I thought I had, between luck and skill finally gotten through all of the horrors. I enraged and last standed the brute and declared a charge on the big bad. Turns out hellbound is a thing! I had forgotten it completely, in my relief at being through the worst of it. The brute had to charge, then had to attack something, after which it died from last stand and I lost on scenario very soon thereafter. The tricks are awful, and you have to see them several times, until you yourself could execute them to a certain level of skill before you’ll catch them all. That’s a serious slog, and a lot of games you’ll lose. You are likely to be a better player (at least against Cryx) by the end of it. Tactical Tip: Trading a brute for a single bane knight after a game spend keeping it safe and it surviving spectral legion is f—ing dumb. Hellbound… Lich2 lists have a lot of similarities, because it’s a well-oiled machine of death. There will be two units of banes and bile thralls, and if there isn’t you just have an easier time of it. Some of the support may change, but those core three units will remain. The scariest versions also have satyxis blood witches, which pose a worrying question with their incorporeal mini-feat and worse, stop tough from working. This means you can have all the 4+ tough you want, that bile purge will still consume your unit, and if the blood witches are involved with them and incorporeal it won’t even affect them! Feel free to rage vomit, I’ll wait. Let’s look at a Lich2 list in detail, you’ll recognise this as the Keith Christianson list from the last article. Lich Lord Asphyxious, +6 warjack points -Ripjaw, 5 points -Nightwretch, 4 points Bane knights, maximum unit, 10 points Bane thralls, maximum unit, 8 points -Bane thrall unit attachment, 3 points Satyxis blood witches, maximum unit, 6 points -Blood hag, blood witch unit attachment, 2 points Bile thralls, minimum unit, 5 points Bane lord Tartarus,...

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Nemesis: The Lich. 1 – Introduction to Doom

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“And that’s the last bile thrall?” “Yes. No more purges.” “Great! I’m through the worst of it, okay, I charge the Lich-” “He has hellbound up.” “What the f— is hellbound!?” MoM Foreword! Hello people of the internet, chuds and morlocks alike. I’m Eoin, an Irish wargamer obsessed with Warmachine and Hordes. A little while ago, me and some of my friends decided to transcribe our post gaming-day pub banter to a blog, and thus birthed Overload Online. Myself and Anthony (I_Avian) will be cross-posting our weekly articles, Nemesis and Hacing the Cortex, respectively, here well weekly. I want to offer a big thanks to John and the rest of the MoM crew for being willing to host our mad ramblings and baseless suppositions. Hopefully you all enjoy the articles! On Matters Licherous and Otherwise Unwholesome Warmachine and Hordes are an exceptionally well balanced pair of games, while maintaining a huge variety of viable options and choices. That said, there is a power curve. There has to be as long as options are different. It’s a very shallow power curve, but it exists. The apex of the curve is Lich Lord Asphyxious, eGaspy, Lich2, F— Anto, etc. The name doesn’t matter, though I’ll be calling him Lich2 or ‘the Lich’ for this article. Anything else lessens the very real fear he evokes on the table. I intend to do a series about how you deal with Lich2 in various factions; what you don’t want to take against him, and what you do. Always keep in mind that you can usually beat an opponent you are better than regardless of what they use or play. This is aimed at getting and keeping an edge against Lich2 in an environment where you play people of your calibre or higher. I will typically outline some lists, both ideal matchups, and compromised lists more suited to two list steamroller formats and being general lists. We should begin with why Lich2 is so apparently powerful. Many people will have taken my word for it as it’s not a dramatic claim, but still I feel it prudent to prove my position before I belabour defeating him. I am become the Lich, Destroyer of armies! Overview of Lich Lord Asphyxious People usually start with stats, but truth is, you always look at a ‘caster’s feat first. So let’s have a look-see. His feat is called ‘spectral legion’, and it allows him to return ten warrior models as ghostly solos which must charge and are immune to damage. They disappear at the end of his turn. They must be returned within 3” of Lich2 himself. So the gist of it is: he can create a nearly unstoppable charge by Cryx models. You will usually see this being banes and Tartarus, so it’s a charge that can kill a heavy or two for free, and even a collosal. That’s a very powerful game altering ability. The ability to remove 9-20 points for free is amazing. So what about his spells? The first one to jump out is teleport. This lets him be active in the game then return to a safe distance, this means he is not exposed to danger after feating, because he can place his feat targets then jump back away. Remember that they don’t activate in his activation, they...

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Epic FM episode 6

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Episode 6 of Epic FM.We discuss the recent WTC trials for england and the massacre event. Liam has a ramapage over the decision to have the UK Iron Gauntlet qualifer on the same day as the largest UK event in the year. finally we have a list dojo for trolls facing legion. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:12:15 — 121.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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MoM’s Podcast #48 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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  MoM’s Podcast #48 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Time Stamps: 0:03:40 = News and Announcments 0:19:30 = Pax East Review 0:27:10 = Meta Evolution: Huge Base Models 1:09:50 = Forum Letter 1:28:45 = SR2013 Scenarios: Outflank & Fire Support Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:03:35 — 56.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Making something out of nothing: Part 2

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Be prepared and use the buddy system. Last time I treated you to the fascinating story of my gaming life.  I’m sorry .   I did feel the need to set the stage so to speak.  The main point was that I have grown to love the Warmachine and gaming hobbies, but I lived in an area that was not condusive to it.  My town is nice, but it doesn’t have a population that would have any interest in supporting a gaming store.  Even the educated, intelligent members of the community have no interest, or clue even, that a gaming culture exists.  It was into this environment I wanted to develop a gaming group to play Warmachine and Hordes.  I hope over the next few articles to layout how I’ve been able to do that, with the help of some great guys .  Hopefully it can help you develop a gaming group or even just bring a new game you are interested in to your area. Today we are going to delve into the world of your childhood, and look at two of the staple afterschool special messages, and how they can aid this process.  There is not a little irony it that this is also the week of the release of the new G.I. Joe movie, for which I am pretty stoked.   Those messages are be prepared and always use the buddy system.  I consider both of these building blocks to getting a group going to play your chosen game. Be prepared This one is by far the most important building block of a gaming community.  If you have the passion and desire to get a miniature game started in your area, then you’ve got to spend the money on it, knowing that you may never get anyone near you to play.  You’ve got to be willing to make a certain outlay of cash and time if you are serious about getting a game to take off in your area.  You can’t sell somebody on trying it, and then make him wait while you get the stuff.  That ship will have already sailed.  Nor can you expect a normal person to buy into something as massive as a miniatures game, having never played it. So, you buy the rulebook and some models.  That’s not too hard, since as a gamer there’s almost nothing we like more than making a purchase of whatever game has struck our fancy.  Also, perhaps, you’ve moved from an area that did have a store/gaming group, and so you’ve already got a collection started.  Either way, this step isn’t that big deal unless you’re really strapped for cash.  Of course, it’s not enough just to purchase what you want for your faction, you’ve got to become a defacto press ganger.  This means that, in addition to the rulebook and the starting models for your faction, you also need to have enough models for another person to play.  This could mean that you simply buy enough of your faction  to facilitate two starter boxes, or you consider buying another starter box of a different faction to give it a better feel . Now, what I’ve said above is pretty obvious stuff.  If you want to get someone in the game, you’ve got to allow them to...

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Road to War Episode 26- A Warmachine & Hordes podcast

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Road to War This week we talk a bit about the Mayhem Cup, Goatvanna, and then delve into the mysteries of proper deployment! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:31 — 36.4MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Crippled System: Episode 16 – No fart to start, this time

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We started at 90/10 ended up 50/50 We answer some emails, tweets and talk about games. maybe some warmachine hordes. Nathan claims the french caused everything. 000:00 – Intro / Terrible train wreck 003:56 – Off topic announcement 006:39 – Pibb vs. Pepper, the eternal debate 008:06 – Old video games rant 019:56 – What we played this week 023:14 – Starcraft 2 discussion 028:16 – Draw Something interlude 030:33 – Board games discussion 033:04 – Olympus has fallen / random movie discussions 040:00 – Crippling emails and twisted tweets (Warning – dangerously on topic and related to WarmaHordes) 081:15 – Katies Korner (Different ways to win: designing your lists) 100:08 – Nathan offends the French 104:47 – Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Brian G, Nathan H, Jeremy S, Katie S, Jim B Email: Email: Twitter @crippledsystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:50:51 — 76.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Tune in Tonight! Painting with MenothJohn

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Just a reminder… Painting with MenothJohn   TONIGHT! Sunday March 24, 2013   8 pm Central   Join MenothJohn and his sidekick Adam as they talk about painting, drinking, and tech that doesn’t work! Come for the mustache but stay for the beard! and search for Menothjohn   See you on line!

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Making something out of nothing

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Hi, my name is Nitz and I’m a Ronan of the gaming world. About the only positive thing that comes out of not having a local gaming store is that you can buy your miniatures and games for cheap, without any of the guilt.  Other than that, it’s kind of miserable.  No one would deny that saving $15 on a $50 game is fantastic, unless of course you never get to play it.  No local store means no helpful staff to point out new games you might like, or even let you try them prior to buying.   No store means no spot for local gamers to congregate and meet each other.  Further, should you meet a potential gamer, no local store means no safe spot to meet up.  If your potential gaming buddy is a lemon[1], he at least knows your phone number and may even know your home address.   No local store also means no game nights or weekend tournaments that you can attend that don’t require a massive outlay of time and/or money.   It also means no demos, not painting classes, and no display of the latest and greatest in new game shiny-ness. As I said, my name is Nitz, and I’m a Ronan of the gaming world.  I love Warmachine and board games, but I’ve never had a local gaming store to play them in (or a club for many of you non-Americans).   My choices were to give up on gaming and do things people around here actually love to do: sitting, hunting, darts, and drinking Busch Lights, or try to manufacture a gaming group out of thin air.  I choose the later, with varying degrees of success.  This series of articles is going to be about how I have tried to fashion a gaming group out of thin air.   My hope is that is might provide some insight and ideas to those readers of this sight who might have a similar plight to me.  I also hope it might make some of you more fortunate gamers realize how important and valuable your local gaming store is. But let me back up first.  To get there, indulge me as I tell you where I started[2].  I discovered gaming stores and real games back in 1997 at VEISHA.  VEISHA is a big festival held at Iowa State University in Ames each spring.  I was down from my college visiting friends, and happened by the colorful storefront of Mayhem[3], full of superhero figures.  I’d always liked comics, but never collected them because I’m too cheap (or they’re too expensive).  I had a bit of time to kill, so I walked inside. We never had a comic book store in my hometown, so it intrigued me.  I never made it to the comics. As I walked in and looked to my right I was met with a dazzling display of Games Workshop goodness.  I saw 40k and fantasy miniatures by the hundreds, and I was hooked.  I really didn’t know what to make of it all, but one thing I love doing is finding out about things.  I’m not kidding you when I tell you I went back to my dorm that night and did my first honest to God Internet research on a topic.[4]  What I saw was...

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Bringing the Retribution: All the Griffons!

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In my last article, I talked about how EVyros really reverses Retributions game style and lets a lot of great units shine on the battlefield. In this article, I am going to talk about two E Vyros lists: one I built and one I didnt. They both show off the best of what E Vyros has to offer. There is a lot of theory machine with E Vyros going on right now. Because he is a new caster and because he has such unique abilities, many of the old go-to models in Retribution just don’t fit with Vyros, causing people to expand outward more when it comes to list building.  With that in mind, I am going to start this article discussing one of the more interesting Vyros builds out there. I wanted to start with this list because I didn’t create it nor have I tested it. The Griffon List: Epic Vyros -Sylys -Aspis x2 -Griffon x7 Arcanist x2 Invictors Full w/ UA + Souless Lanyssa Ryssa No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is seven Griffons and two Aspis’.  This list was first constructed by PP user name Skillt  as know as Will P., who is a pretty well known (and good) player of Warmachine. The list, and some thoughts on it, are found in this BOLS Article. Why so many Griffons? Well, the list is meant to take advantage of Synergy to its maximum potential. With this list, and assuming that every model under the spell hits, you can turn a Griffon into a Mat 13 Pow 20 (Pow 22 with concentrated power) beater (As pointed out by a helpful commenter, I actually only added up the seven Griffons in the list. He would actually be Mat 15 Pow 22 (Pow 24) at the end of the chain). That is impressive for any light jack, never mind one that has pathfinder and reach. The list can also gain a lot from Vyros feat turn. Since all the Griffons have pathfinder, you rarely need to use Easy Rider and with Deflection up ( Deflection only works on Warrior models. I read E Vyros card I swear). It becomes very difficult to shot one of these guys off the board. The Aspis are there to keep Vyros alive and are just handy in general because they can take such a beating while also adding to the Synergy chain when needed. Now, we have seen spam lists before. Menoth players can take Ad-Raza with a bunch of Dervishes. But where as Ad-Raza doesn’t have a shirt on and thus can be killed fairly easily, Vyros came decked out in full plate mail. Vyros survivability makes the Griffon spam list much more viable. The Griffon is also a better light jack for this type of list then the Dervish. With this list, you can smash multiple heavies a turn and still have some Griffons left over to clean up infantry. There is too much armor for an opponent to effectively deal with. Even if your opponent does smash a few, all they are doing is creating more obstacles in the form of rough terrain. There are some issues with this list for sure. Running all those jacks on six focus is not impossible but difficult. You have to know...

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