Guild Ball

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Nemesis: The Lich. 8 – Intrepid Bountyhunter Required

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“…and that kills that champion.” “Yup.” “Tartarus charges these fennblades, treshing… all hit… all die, no Tough with the blood hag.” “Yes.” “Place these extra banes here and these five will charge the Earthborn.” “…” “And that’ll finish it off, this last bane will just enjoy the view I guess. And turn.” “At least… At least you didn’t crippling grasp my champions…” The idea that there are melee factions is an old fashioned one in Warmachine. Certainly with the newest wave of releases, it is rare that a faction cannot simulate a style of gameplay, or include a few ranged pieces etc. That said, the factions that were originally conceived as the bruiser factions still have that legacy. They tend to run melee powerhouse armies incredibly well, in ways that Cygnar, for example, doesn’t. Trollbloods are such an army. No faction can take it on the chin, from caster to solo, like the Trollbloods. Just killing Jannisa is one of the most onerous experiences in the world. Those ‘melee faction’s often hate facing Cryx more than anyone else. You aren’t bringing a knife to a gunfight like you are against Caine, you are trying to face the infinite horrors of the void with a spoon. The clouds are hellish for melee infantry, moreover your beloved nihilators/fennblades have to come forward to do anything, and then it’s bile o’clock. Taking heavy infantry or beasts only makes the banes all the grinnier. That said, Trollbloods have some really solid options. I think it’s a very varied faction with lots of funky tricks, and surprisingly great ranged game. Check out the first two articles for background on Lich. Tools of the Trade Caster independent models are a vital part of a faction’s options against the Lich. I think the first vital question you need to ask yourself in the Trollblood faction is: how far forward am I playing my ‘lock? The answer is often very. The next question is: can Lich’s feat kill me? The answer is usually no, if your careful. This is one of the incredible strengths of the faction. Pressure by assassination is rarely viable against Trollbloods. Your best friends in this regard are Janissa, the krielstone, and sometimes just gobbers to block LoS. If you are packed in behind the wall with a few of your enormous, medium-based support models it’s very hard to get a large number of bane attacks onto you. And it requires several to kill a Trollblood warlock. Oh, how I hate when you make Tough checks. So your caster is safe? Big surprise! What about the rest of your army? Unless you have a game plan multi-wound models are usually not the best plan against Cryx, despite their resistance to bile thralls. Some of the ‘locks however make them hum in new and interesting ways. One of the best ways to excarnate-proof your troops is the Gatorman Witch Doctor, but he is 3 points to just add undead. It’s not bad, for example, burrowers love being fearless, but it’s expensive. The Tough mechanic can be surprisingly effective at stopping some excarnates dead, but you have to, as always, kill the blood hag early and with prejudice. So how do we clear waves of troops? Some of whom may be incorporeal? Scattergunners are the...

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Elite Cadre #34- Welsh Open

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Welcome back to Elite Cadre, The Hordes and Warmachine Podcast that releases 2 episodes so close there bottoms touched! Tonight we apologise as we recorded this the evening after the Welsh Open and so we talk about how the Welsh Open went for us. We talk about Kurts new favorite caster in the form of Kreoss 3 Upcoming Tournaments we will be at – 25th – 26th – Uk Games Expo Masters Terrain Geek Follow us on Twitter – Elite Cadre Twitter List or email us at Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:19 — 30.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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How to Train your Warjack: Reinforced Steel

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“Cortexes are really nothing like computers… They are simulated brains, not calculating machines executing lines of code. They are more trained than programmed.” – Doug Seacat The moment I read those words, I started thinking about how warjacks might learn. Given that they are magical simulations of brains, it seems likely to me that warjacks learn in similar ways to humans and animals. The computer metaphor is very prevalent in mainstream cognitive psychology, and in the popular understanding of psychology, but I (and a lot of researchers) take strong issue with it. We contend that human brains are nothing like computers either – they don’t execute lines of code any more than warjacks do. Since I think an operant conditioning account can successfully explain complex human behaviour (see and Blackledge (2003), if you’re interested) I’m obviously going to look in that direction for an account that can guide warjack development in your IKRPG games. I’m going to etch out the basics of that account, and then talk about where warjacks are likely to diverge from humans in how their behaviour is shaped. The first principle of human learning is that behaviour is shaped by consequences. A behaviour that is followed by a reinforcing consequence is more likely to be emitted again. A behaviour that is followed by a punishing consequence is less likely to be emitted again. Two things are important to note in these definitions: 1) Behaviour is probabilistic. Learning changes the probability of a particular context evoking a particular behaviour, but does not determine it. 2) Whether something is defined as a reinforcer or a punisher is determined by its effect on behaviour – nothing is universally reinforcing or punishing, and a particular thing can have its function change via learning, or via context. Armed with a knowledge of what is reinforcing/punishing for an organism, you can begin to shape behaviour. Behaviour is shaped by controlling the consequences of the organisms actions – you reinforce desired behaviour, and punished unwanted behaviour. Complex behaviours can be shaped by reinforcing behaviours that are like the behaviour you want, and then slowly raising the bar for specifically what you’ll reinforce. The first question I asked myself for this article was “what is innately reinforcing for warjacks?” Humans have some innate reinforcers (food when hungry, water when thirsty, sex when safe) and some innate punishers (mostly pain, possibly social exclusion) so I would expect warjacks to have the same. However, human innate reinforcers are evolved, selected for by evolutionary processes. All of our innate reinforcers are about survival, as that is the selective consequence for genes. Warjacks are made, not evolved, and that Some Other Thing must shape what the innate reinforcers of a warjack are. (This, I think, is an interesting little mystery of warjack cortexes). Most of the ideas I talk about in How to Train your Warjack will be being used in the IKRPG game I’ll be running in a few weeks. Of course, none of this is canon, but I like it! Hopefully it’ll inspire some things in some of your games – please do share in the comments! Doug Seacat notes that attempts to put cortexes in control of boats and trains didn’t really work, and hinted at some aggression problems. There’ll be more about Embodied Warjack Cognition later in this series, but, for now, I’m going...

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Crippled System: Episode 21 – Sorry for the interruption

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Jeremy S, Nathan H, Brian G, Katie S, Jim B, Andy W this episode we chat about warmachine plans, delve into eclipse board game, unleash the horror of fan submitted yoga pants picture. Timestamps, of special note Nathan insults states and cities instead of countries this week…:-) 00:00 – Introductions 06:07 – Contest Winners 15:57 – Nathan Insults Illinois 17:04 – Current random thoughts on warmachine 46:31 – Board game geekery: Eclipse and Twilight Imperium 62:03 – Katie’s Korner Jingle 63:40 – Katie’s Korner: Cat Stuff 74:24 – Weird TV shows 82:13 – Dresden Files Discussion 84:53 – Recommendations 104:32 – Nathan Insults Rome 107:11 – Katie’s Korner Outro 107:34 – Bonus track (we are so sorry) email us at Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:49:10 — 75.0MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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PwMJ Has Fallen (Studios)!!!!

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Another Sunday has passed and so with it…another Painting with MenothJohn. This week PwMJ features the brains and talent behind FallenStudios Painting, Chris Oelhafen.  Chris is the fella that did that stupid sweet Judicator with the rockets launching out and the smoke and the fire…He also did one of the Vessel of Judgements that was given to PhatAsian at Adepticon (you heard his house burned down right?  DRINK!!!) So sit back, lick your paint brush, and enjoy the ride. If you like it…subscribe to my YouTube channel or like Painting with MenothJohn on Facebook HERE:    ...

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Elite Cadre #33 – Gargantuans

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Welcome back to Elite Cadre, The Hordes and Warmachine Podcast that only went slightly missing! Tonight we talked about Hordes Gargantuans (Back when it was initially released) And of Course, Nik gets it wrong! We take our top models for each faction And we join Makeda 3 in Spelling it out. Upcoming Tournaments we will be at – 25th – 26th – Uk Games Expo Masters Terrain Geek Follow us on Twitter – Elite Cadre Twitter List or email us at Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:53:33 — 45.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Elite Cadre has joined Muse on Mini’s!

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. We here at Elite Cadre are proud to announce our joining with the Muse on Minis Network. All future episodes will appear here. To find our back-catalog please visit our blog. – Nik  ‘Largi’  Topham

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The Mutineer Chronicles #10 – Mutiny, I Promise You

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  Episode 10 – Ninth episode of The Mutineer Chronicles, a podcast about role-playing games (and gaming in general) with a focus on the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game from Privateer Press. This episode we talk about works of fiction and how they influence GMs. Also we talk about our new Goodreads book club! Find the club at this link: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:12:24 — 33.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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MoM’s Podcast #53 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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  MoM’s Podcast #53 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Timestamps 0:01:15 = News and Announcements 0:09:20 = Convergence Spoilers 0:53:13 = Faction Review: Trollbloods Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:32:21 — 97.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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The Kill Box Episode 2

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Welcome to the KILL BOX! 0:27 – New Host Intro 6:45 – How not to be a D-Bag 28:26 – Expanding your battle box 1.0 46:30 – What are we working on 53:00 – Salt Bag of the Week We changed up cast a little this week but we still got some great topics to throw around. Here is a link to Geek Out Asheville if anyone is in the area...

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