Guild Ball

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Crippled System Episode 15: Mayhem Cup aftermath

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The gang plus more get together to discuss the mayhem cup, some warmachine Hordes, Sweden and Nathan offends more countries. Hosts: Nathan H, Brian G, Andy W, Jeremy S, Katie S, Jordan B, and Jim B 7 people, we kind of keep it under control Music Intro – Devo – Dont shoot, I am a man.Intros Mayhem Cup reviews + recommendations outro Email: Twitter: @crippledsystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:50:30 — 75.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Welcome to Grumpy Wargamers – Episode 1 (The Pilot)

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“Not another new gaming podcast” I hear you all scream! Yes is my answer to you all. Grumpy Wargamers is a new show – take 4 grumpy (old) UK wargamers, add one or more spicy topics that may or may not be in the fore front of the gaming scene, bring to the boil, stir and then lightly simmer. This weeks topics are Kickstarter and the effect on whether the Local Game Stores (LGS) will survive.  Add some off topcis discussion such as differences between the US and UK gaming scenes, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gamin The show is hosted by: Mike Marshall (Malifools podcast) Jon Webb (Boosted Damage podcast) Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Boosted Damage/Malifools podcast) Our guest host in the shapely form of Dave Bartley We hope you enjoy this first episode, aptly named “The Pilot”. We would love to hear your feedback on the show. You can email us at or tweet us at @grumpywargamers.  You can obviously hit us up on 0ur usual twitter accounts! Mike Marshall – @OldManMyke Conrad Gonsalves – @nepalese_ninja Jon Webb – @J0nW3bb Dave Bartley – @MephistonAG Enjoy and Welcome to the journey. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:09:30 — 59.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Takeback Tuesdays

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In an effort to address his rage and misdemenours I have instructed Paul to record and publicize his thoughts to the warmachine community. They shall be known as the Chronicles of an Angry man. At times they shall be controversial, mildly offensive and somewhat confusing. Should you experience any of these emotions whilst reading the chronicles please remember that it is all part of his process and while its just made you mad; he wont have to hurt a puppy tonight. Many condolences for your obsession with an evil, life consuming and frankly bizarre hobby,  Dr Wisheart   Tuesday night at the York Flail Dungeon usually involves two boards, two infamous Demi-gods of warmachine (me and Brett obviously…) and two local clubs lads for us to experiment on. These games are normally timed and involve a full Wilkie tactical debrief/consultation for a small fee. It’s relaxed but competitive. Well fairly relaxed if you don’t mind the odd scream of pain and agony from the front room while our girlfriends watch “one born every minute”. If you guys in the states are lucky enough to have not witnessed this hideous gore fest- it’s basically like a saw torture scene but its all going off in the lady garden. Blood, forceps and a husband that is about as useful as warhammer 40k dice set that only has 25 dice and doesn’t come with a bucket. Anyway a few Tuesdays back I’m playing young Jake from York. This guy has undergone months of intense training from Brett and I. A while back playing a game against Jake was more like observing a hyperactive mentalist move models around in a pattern and style that only made sense in his own crazed mind. Tokens could mean anything from how many monster energy drinks Jake had consumed to how much focus siege didn’t have. Thankfully these days he is an absolute pleasure to play and gives a solid game. In our game Jake had enemo and i was rocking psev. His stormwall was front and centre and my entire army was aiming ready to smash its face in. The usual formalities of a menoth list takes place- caster upkeeps Eye of Menoth, loads up the jacks, choir moves in position for +2 and reckoner hits with first shot. “Dice -3” I state with confidence as a roll the dice. “No mate, Arm 21 due to Failsafe” Jake replies. He then pulls an upkeep token with Fail scrawled on it from the back of stormwalls base. “Oh, didn’t see that or hear you upkeep it Jake, otherwise I would of just shot with Eiryss” (she had not activated and was shoot 10″ from big lad). This statement took us both to a land I want to eradicate from this game “the takeback zone”. In the takeback zone everything changes. You speak nicely in a pleading sort of way. You try to make reference to an earlier takeback you let them make or the fact you cooked their dinner just 10 minutes before. You tell them if you had known or seen the token it all would be different- it’s their fault not yours!! I hate this place. It’s awkward, often rude and puts a downer on the game. The takeback can become the bone of contention on both sides should it effect the end result. I...

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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: Why You Should Play

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is John’s review of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games.  SPOILER ALERT: It’s good! So, I bought Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Base Game right after its release last year. I enjoyed it a lot, but I only played the Quick Start rules for the longest. At Warmachine Weekend, one of my friends was kind enough to get me a Y-Wing while we were there (my favorite ship). I played a bit more with it since then, but nothing serious. Well, last week while I was at my FLGS, I saw they had the brand new Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 in stock. I salivated for a while, and, thankfully, my wife was kind enough to allow me to purchase a Falcon. Now, if you know me from Warmachine, you know that the main thing that attracted me there was huge models, Colossals. Now, here’s this huge ship in X-Wing. I had to try it, and to do the Falcon justice, I would have to play full rules (and play Han Solo). So, I busted out the full rulebook and began to read as soon as we got home. That’s whenever I found out how good this game truly is. I’ve played a few practice games and demo games since, and I can say I’m hooked. The game is very simple to pick up and play, but tough to master (as any good game should be). It’s also chock full of some very cinematic moments. To visualize the ships zooming through space is awesome. To give you an idea, I’ve captured some great moments I’ve come across in my few games so far. Isn’t that awesome?! If your answer isn’t yes, I revoke your nerd card… give it back. I’ll be running some demos locally to get people excited about this game, but for all of you out there that can’t be here… here’s some reasons why I think X-Wing is awesome. Maybe you will agree with me. It is cheap. Base game costs $40 ($25 online), and most games are played at 100 points which equates to around 6 ships or 1 Huge ship and 3 ships or 2 Huge ships. That cost is gonna range from $60 ($40 online) for 2 Huge Ships, $75 ($50 online) for 1 Huge ship and 3 ships, or $90 ($60 online) for 6 ships. You can’t beat that in many other games. Also, the miniatures come painted out of the box if you’re lazy, but they would be easy to paint over if you want to. It is highly customizable. This one I didn’t know. A lot of complaints that I heard from people that just see the game is that you’re choices are limited since there’s a small amount of ships release currently. That is not true. Each ship comes with at least 4 pilots. On top of that, there’s the Upgrades System. Each ship comes with a set of Upgrade Cards. Most cards can also be used with ANY ship, not just the ones in that same box. Ships can get upgrades to different systems like their Astromech, their Co-Pilot, a Secondary Weapon, a new Talent, or even...

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At Home in Cygnar: Striking Gold

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This series follows John trying to make Trenchers work in today’s Meta. You can catch up here.  Comment below to help John mold this list into a fully functional force. Last time, we had gotten to this point with our Trenchers list: So, here’s my Trencher list v2.0: Commander Coleman Stryker -Squire -Stormwall -Lightning Pods Journeyman Warcaster Rangers Trencher Commandos -1 Trencher Commando Scatter Gunner Trencher Infantry -Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper -3 Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier And for the first time in this series of articles, I can tell you: I believe that we have struck gold. I would keep this list in mind if you want to try Trenchers because I have had some good luck against some really tough lists this week. It started with our first Trencher victory over Trollbloods in dice down (also known as “the store is closing… LEAVE”). I noticed quickly one thing, the Commandos are just getting better and better. In my first few games, the Commandos didn’t get to do much before getting shot up or jammed. This week, however, I read their card. No more getting shot up with Stealth, and PLEASE jam them so I can stab you and do 1 point guaranteed. So, after noticing this, I played the Commandos vastly different. Quick wrap-up of the games for the week: Trollbloods (victory), Retribution of Scyrah (victory), Skorne (victory), and Legion of Everblight (victory). The first two were against MSGers and the second two were my wife helping me test again, but needless to say, the Trenchers had a pretty good week. Against Trolls, the Infantry shined as they showed their versatility in shots by mixing up CRAs on heavies with regular shots on low armor infantry. This allowed me to clear out Fennblades and take control of the game. To be fair, the Troll player would have likely won if we could have finished the game, but at the point we were at, I had control. This was the last game where the Commandos didn’t live very long. Against Retribution, the Commandos were amazing. They deployed against max units of Sentinels and Invictors and held their own. Anatomical Precision cleared out the Sentinels while Stealth kept me from getting shot by the Invictors. Also, Stryker’s feat helped everyone to survive. This was also the first game where I nailed a perfect Earthquake from Stryker in the clinch. So, as a note, if a high priority target attempts to jam you, just simply Earthquake and win. Against Skorne and Legion, the results were similar. The Skorne list was the same as last time, and Legion was eThags with all of the beasts. Both games went about the same way, Commandos chipped at beasts before dying. Infantry CRA’d other beasts to death or almost death. Stormwall finished anything that made it to the final lines. Being similar lists, the strategy remained the same. I made sure to keep the Commandos away from Molik Karn this time, and things were a lot better. The Stormwall has proved to be as useful in this list as he is in EVERYTHING. I don’t have much to add on Stormwall that hasn’t already been said,...

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MoM’s Podcast #46 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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  MoM’s Podcast #46 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Time Stamps: 1:20 = News and Announcements 18:30 = Gargantuans Review Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:13:31 — 88.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Road to War Episode 25- A Warmachine & Hordes podcast

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Road to War   This week we talk about Gargantuans!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:29:58 — 41.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Epic FM Episode 5

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Episode 5 is here!! Includes reports and review of the UK’s biggest Warmachine convention – Smogcon 2013.   Time stamps; Smogcon day 1+2 – 1.39 Smogcon Finals – 1:08.00 Rampager – 2:00.18   We are launching a new feature – ‘List Doctor’. Struggling against a particular match-up or caster? Send us the list you are using and we will apply some Flail love to give you a fighting chance 🙂 Alternatively if you are struggling to build a list then just let us know your caster and we will put something together for you to try out! Send your lists to   Enjoy,   Northy @yorkwarmachine Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:32:11 — 139.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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It’s Not Your List. It’s Not Your Faction. It’s You.

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In the grim dark days of 40K, I played a ton of Space Marines. They were my first army when I was 15, and when I finally quit playing at 29, I was still championing a variant of them. Toward the end of that time, however, I started giving other factions a go. Codex: Space Marines was starting to get a bit old, and in Games Workshop terms, that generally means less competitive.  I didn’t want to simply switch to whatever was “the best” at the time though. I was looking for something that fit my play style, that built lists like I wanted and that I could win with. I spent the last 18 months of my 40K career swapping armies on Bartertown. In that period I played–frequently and competitively–Space Marines, Tyranids, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Daemons, Grey Knights and Space Wolves. Somehow, this was simultaneously the time I did best competitively, but felt the worst about my losses. Space Marines didn’t have anything special, Tyranids died too quickly when I played with a bunch of Monstrous Creatures, Grey Knight Terminator spam was slow and so on. I picked up the Khador starter box and Karchev in the middle of this (See, it is about Warmachine. You were worried, I know). I was dumbstruck by the clarity of the rules, the balance between the factions and the way the balance was maintained with new book releases. Both my love of 40K and my models were soon handed in for more Khador, but that feeling… trying to find something that fit my play style, that built lists like I wanted to, and that I could win with… never did. When I picked my first faction, I had a hard time deciding between Cygnar (for Darius) and Khador (for Karchev), so a few months later when I felt like Khador wasn’t pulling it’s weight, I switched to Cygnar; then Legion, followed shortly by Trolls; I picked up some Circle to demo to new players, then I had a short stint with Damiano and Steelheads before going back to Cygnar again right before the release of the Stormwall, followed a couple of months later by Protectorate; I dabbled in Gators, ran Shae with the full pirate boat, got Bronzeback envy and played a few games with Skorne and picked up Cryx long enough to run Gaspy2 and Terminus at a tournament. Every time I switched factions, I had a reason. A lot of the time, these reasons showed up immediately after crushing defeats. As Sam became a better player and started beating me regularly, it was clearly a deficiency in Cygnar pre-Stormwall. When Tarc Maylor and bobliness crushed me back to back at Wargames Con, it was because Trolls weren’t as competitive at the time as Khador and Circle. The few times Kreoss2 failed me–against Walter at Warmachine Weekend and against Brent the first time we went up to Fayetteville–it was because his theme force has limited access to Pathfinder. Every time I’ve lost late in a tournament against Hance, it’s because Trolls don’t have enough of an answer for incorporeal and Cryx in general. Throughout that period, I played top tier, ball busting casters and casters who were on the bottom rungs of their faction. I played jack walls and infantry spam. I played melee focused, ranged focused and combined...

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Review: Update on the Table War Display Tower

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is an update to the original review of the Table War Display Tower I did that you can find right here. It’s been just over a month since I reviewed the Table War Display Tower. I mentioned in that article that I was planning on getting custom cut steel trays from Shogun Miniatures. These things are a requirement in my opinion. First, the quality on them is bananas. I was afraid there would be a large gap of plastic on the edges before the tray. That wouldn’t be terrible, but it would mean that models on the edges would have to be rotated properly so that their magnets stuck to the tray. When I got them, however, they were perfect. I mean, perfect. The trays fit into the Table War shelves with no visible gap. They are the Tab B missing from the shelf’s Slot A. The additional space they create is where things really start to shine. Here’s one of my shelves with the 3 inset trays from Table War. With the models sitting directly in the trays–no washers, no prettiness–I can fit 20 small based models on a tray, which gives me 60 per shelf. That’s already awesome: That’s full Exemplar Errants and UA, full Holy Zealots and Monolith Bearer, full Temple Flame Guard and UA, a unit of Knights Exemplar, full Choir of Menoth, 12 solos and my man Kreoss1. That already makes each shelf equal to easily two Battle Foam troop trays. Now, if we subtract all of that extra space the borders of each unit tray take up, we get this: In the photo I’ve fit three heavy jacks on the tray as well as the same 60 dudes, but I could also fit another 10 man squad in their place. The first photo is as full as things can get–basically base to base across each tray. In the bottom one, there is a lot of room to play with. Similar to how I was able to fit more guys into the unit trays by having one smaller, offset line of guys (3 mediums, 3 mediums, 2 mediums, 3 mediums), I believe there is room for an entire offset row on this tray. Since it can hold 14 small bases across, I’d wager I could fit another 12 in that line. Why didn’t I for the photo? Because something more impressive happened when I was able to have those extra few inches of space back. I reduced the three, nearly completely full shelves I had been using to two shelves with a little bit of space left. In addition to all of those dudes, the other shelf has the Judicator, 7 heavy cavalry models, 3 Wracks, 3 light jacks, 3 heavy jacks, 3 casters and a couple of solos. It’s just madness. One of the fears I’ve had with it is traveling. They’re very upfront that this isn’t the kind of case you should fly with. That’s not a problem for me, but I do travel to regional tournaments and cons, which means hours in the back of the car. My Trolls survived just under 6 hours round trip a couple of weekends ago without a single problem. The more I use...

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