Guild Ball

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Road to War Episode 15

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Road to War   This week we talk about the range heavy meta and take a look at how Stormwall has improved Cygnar.  0:00:00  Intro and discussion of the current ranged meta game 0:29:50  Talk about Cygnar and how Stormwall has improved them as a faction 0:43:20  Dealing with the shooting meta 49:19  Questions 10:10:54  Akward cut.  Please disregard. 1:19:00 End of serious podcast.  Story time and pie talk Send us an e-mail at with any questions! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:26:47 — 39.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Atlanta tourney, 75 point 2 caster.

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So Atlanta had been in something of a tournament drought lately. I organized and ran a 75 point two caster tourney today. I’m sort of depressed that I have to miss the WMW 2 caster tourney, as I am going to try and qualify in the simultaneous qualifer. So I figured this tourney would be a good chance to get some 75 in. One thing about Atlanta is that we love our big games. Last year at WMWeekend 75 pointer we went 1st, second and fourth. Almost every month we are throwing down 150 point 3 caster games. Bigger the better. Moob and I once played a 400 point 8 caster game (Legion vs. Circle). He won. (sad face). Great game though. Anyway, we had 6 show up. Me (Cryx), Mortenebra/Venethrax, Terminus/Scaverous Skorne, eMorghoul/pMakeda, eHexeris/Moordikaar Cryx, eGaspy/pDenny, eDenny/pSkarre Mercs, MACBAIN/Gorton, Ashlynn/Damiano Ravyn, Rahn/Garryth, Ravyn/pVyros Trolls, Jarl/eMadrak, pDoomshaper/pGrissel I’m going to give a brief description of the other 2 games, then a bat rep on my game for each round. Round 1: Incursion On a table to my right, the other Cryx player takes on Skorne. Cryx looks to be about to run right over the outmatched hordes list. But the threat range on Savagery/Press forward/push/Sprint + eMorghoul catches him off guard and two 2 assassination of Denny swings the game. eMorghoul assassinates both Cryx casters in this game. On the last table Trolls and Ret are tangling, but the Retribution player makes a big mistake by not moving far enough forward to contest the points. He is doing all right on attrition, but down 2 points he has to send in his caster and desperately try and clog things up. Mulg & Earthborne are able to shove the zones clear for the final point. I am up against Mercs, so I take my Infantry clearing list. He takes Ashlynn/Damiano I have: Venethrax -Deathripper -Leviathan Mortenebra -Kraken -Nightmare -Deryliss Wraith Engine Wraith Engine Max Gorgers Slaughterborne Min Bile Thralls Pistol Wraith Pistol Wraith He has (details have slipped away. Not sure about battlegroups and marhsalling): Ashlynn Damiano Mule Mangler Nomad Vanguard Gunmages + UA Steelhead halberdiers (max) Steelhead Cav (max) Steelhead Rifles Gun dwarfs (max + UA) Cryx 1: I get first turn, and run everything forward. Mercs 1: He takes his turn, and runs towards me as well. He’d like to stay further out, but incursion mandates he come forward pretty briskly. On his left are the Steelheads, Halberdiers in front, Cav + Stannis in back On his right are the gun dwarfs in front, gunmages in back, clustered around a sure foot marshalled mule In the center he’s got his steelhead rifleman leading his jacks + casters. Center flag dissipates. Very abd for him, as that is pretty much teh only one he could really get on. Cryx 2: On the left I run the Wraith engine (incorporeal) into his steelheads. On the right I run the Wraith engine (incorporeal) into his gun dwarfs In the center I pop Venethrax’s feat and head forward. Shooting from the kraken, Leviathan and pistol wraiths forms a bunch of clouds across his front line. Slaughterborn manages a charge, kills one rifleman, but they break from terror. Mercs 2: He is badly jammed in a way that his list can’t really handle....

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Baffo’s sculpting table 01 – Katyusha

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This article is the first of a new series I’ll be writing for MoM, focused mainly on the ‘hobby side’ of Warmachine and Hordes.  In the series we will discuss conversion ideas, green stuffing tips and how to make your own ‘ghetto sculpting tools’ on a budget… In my opinion sculpting is no different from painting models: if you have enough ‘brush control’ to free hand or layer, you have already enough skill to green stuff details on models  and all you actually need are some tips and the patience to put them into practice. Anyway to start off in grand style today we’ll take a look at the largest WM conversion I’ve done so far: Katyusha (aka Conquest). In this article I tried to organize in a comprehensive manner the build up from start to finish. Hope you like it… The concept As the names suggests, the main focus of this conversion are multi-rocket launchers. I have always preferred the look of multi-rocket pods over ordinary cannons and light artillery. Because I find the secondary batteries on my colossal a bit too ‘puny’, I decided I would, at the very least, swap those out for rockets… While pondering on how to execute the conversion, I noticed the top of the red colossal with double cannons reminds me of the Mammoth tank from Rad alert 2 (one of the first RTS games I ever played), so it needed a beefier main gun turret, that would allow me to put more rocket pods on the model. Another element, I wasn’t satisfied with, were the fists: not threatening enough for base P+S 22 weapons. You could add some sort of ‘blade fists’, ‘punching spikes’ or convert ‘bear claws’ like Black Ivan’s fist, but since I was on a rocket spree, I chose to go with ‘blasting fists’, akin to the Behemoth’s armor piercing blasting charges. Bouncing ideas around with my brother, we re-designed the head and applied some other minor decorative details from the Behemoth (armored ‘loincloth’ and more spikes). The final sketch, before I started converting the actual model, was the following: Magnetization Colossals are the biggest models produced by PP so far and if you intend to take yours on any non-local event, you have to plan ahead on how you will transport it… I went with magnetizing the joint between torso and legs, both arms at the shoulder and the main gun turret. Nothing special there, but since some of the bigger pieces of the colossal are hollow you could run into some minor setbacks. In my case I accidentally drilled too deep into the ‘abdominal’ joint, meaning that magnet had no foothold. If you run in the same issue with your Conquest, here is how I solved the problem: I cut two rectangular holes on the sides of the ‘lower torso’ of the jack, slid in a thick strip of plastic card (2 mm) and glued it in place. Then I cut off the excess sticking out from the sides and covered the holes with green stuff.  Multi-rocket pods This is the most relevant detail (theme wise) and the one I have spent the most time experimenting on; I got the rockets right on the third try – this ‘trial and error’ process alone took up ¼...

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Secrets of the True Law – Assembling the Protectorate Gunline, Part 2

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  You may have noticed throughout my previous article that I nebulously alluded to the support that makes the Protectorate Gunline function. Support is truly where it’s at – it’s what makes the gunline so fearsome and so versatile. Protectorate battlegroups rely on these models, spells, and abilities in order to maintain their deadly efficacy. Without further ado, let me introduce you to… The Choir Say hello to your new best friends. Protectorate Warjacks without the Choir make the baby creator cry. The choir is going in your list. Period. End of story. Prepare to get intimately familiar with the ins and outs of these choirboys, because they make it all come together. The two tunes you will use the majority of the time are Passage and Battle. Shielding has its place, but it is far more situational than the other two. I don’t think I need to cover Battle very much – it’s obviously bonkers good and you should use it any time you can get away with it. It’s what empowers the versatility of Protectorate Warjacks and makes them the terrors they are at all stages of the game. However, I want to talk to you about Passage and encourage you to truly think about the difference between Passage and Battle on each and every one of your turns. As a general rule, you should Battle anytime you have the upper hand in shooting and Passage anytime you don’t. Passage may severely diminish your damage output, but when used properly it will induce table-flipping levels of anger. Getting shot by piddly guns is annoying; getting shot by piddly guns that you can’t shoot back at is downright rage-worthy – especially when those piddly guns are capable of beating you to a pulp when you finally close the gap. There are entire lists that simply cannot deal with Passage-d warjacks. Your battlegroup will nearly always be better than the other guy’s at either shooting or melee – choose your Hymn appropriately. As a general rule I’d include a minimum unit of these guys for up to 3 warjacks, and bump up to a max unit when you hit 4 or more. The spares come in more handy than you may realize. People are getting wise to this whole Choir thing and they will try to pick off the hapless boys wherever they can. Keep them secret, keep them safe, and they’ll introduce your opponent to worlds of pain.   Vassals of Menoth Your local bondage afficionados are your other new best friends. These guys (or girls, whatever you’re into) are pretty straightforward at first glance. Ancillary = more attacks = more good. Enliven = more move = more good. The key, though, is that all of this happens in an out-of-activation manner. I’m too lazy to type the words out-of-activation-attack a dozen more times in this section, so I want you to imagine out-of-activation-attacks as a really sexy girl/boy named Sam. Sam has immense benefits that you may not even realize at first. Using Ancillary attack to give a model Sam effectively gives that model virtuoso. Using Sam lets you pre-measure charge ranges – you’re allowed to measure how far away your target is, which is really nice when you’re unsure whether that warjack is 10” or 10.2”...

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Toruk to Tyrant – Nearing the end of the Journey (Tournament Battle Reports)

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I have been focusing on playing Skorne since December 2011. In one month I will finish out my year with Skorne .  I will attend  1 to 2 more events (including Warmachine Weekend)  this year.  It has been an enjoyable year, and in my final update coming out sometime late November, I will recap the entire year and I will be able to compare it to the 2011 when I only played Cryx. Next year will be different. I will focus mostly on Cryx, but I also intend to bring out my skorne every so often.  I have found after 1 full year of a faction, the last couple months involve a little burnout.  (I don’t know how some people can only play 1 faction year after year)  I also don’t feel as inspired at the moment to play anything different in skorne, as I know I’m about to switch factions.    I do wish I had given more time to a couple other warlocks, but I felt in the character restricted format of SR2012 I wasn’t able to test out as many options as I wanted to. Over the next couple weeks I hope to put some fun and more random lists on the table and enjoy some of the models in the faction I have not played as much.  It will be an interesting couple of weeks leading up to Warmachine Weekend.   Tournament Recaps In the past month and half I have attended 3 different Tournaments.   I played the same 2 warlocks for all 3 events.   (Rasheth and Zaal) – My Rasheth list stayed the same in all events, and my Zaal list was modified only slightly. I-Con in Springfield IL 50pt Sr2012 in Chicago IL Mayhem Cup in Madison WI   Lists Rasheth Basilisk Krea 2x bronzeback titan Tiberion Titan Gladiator Agonizer Feralgeist 6 paingiver Beast Handlers 10 Venator Slingers Zaal Basilisk Krea Cyclops brute Molik Karn Titan Gladiator Aptimus Marketh Agonizer Extoller Soulward Hakaar the Destoryer 10 nihilhators 4 paingiver Beast hanlders 10 venator Slingers (For I-con) I used my Hardcore zaal list (add in Bronzeback titan, min ninilhators, no extoller, or brute)     I-Con  Round 1  – Rasheth vs Moshar (Opponent was Alex from Springfield) Alex and I always have close fun brutal games. He was playing a very Beast Heavy list. I believe he had at least 4 heavies in his list.  Like all of our games, the first couple turns was all about positioning our models waiting to see who would make the first big play.  Alex made 1 early mistake and allowed me to trigger Counter Charge on a bronzeback at the end of turn of his turn.  Due to this mistake, I was able to start killing his heavies before he made it to mine.  Due to this fact I was getting ahead on models fast, it forced him into going for a risky low odds caster kill run.  That failed and I was able to kill his caster.   Round 2 (zaal vs Ossyan) (Opponent was the commissioner of Warmachine – Mattie K)  Scenario – Bunkers I have not had the pleasure of playing against Mattie K before, but I’ve known him for a couple years.   Sadly I was not able to give him much of a game.  He could not have made a better Ossyan list to run over...

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MoM’s Podcast #24

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MoM’s Podcast #24 Topics: Newbie Section:  Generic attributes of Solos, Warnouns, and units. Muse on Mail — Lots of it We answer questions about cryx, cygnar and colossals.     Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:06:55 — 58.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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IK IK IK What Have We Here? also US trip Summary

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Terrible pun in title, check.   OK, its been quite a while since I’ve done an article here. I can’t really say I’ve been too busy, but I have been having too much fun.A couple of months ago (man time flies) I went over to the USA to hang out with mates in Minnesota and Iowa, then crack on to Gencon. I really should have done a detailed report on it, but to be honest I can hardly remember a lot of it, my brain could not handle that much awesome. Instead I just have a pleasant tingling remaining in the cockles of my balls. Umm, heart, yes I meant heart.   So before I go onto my main topic, here is my point form version of my America trip:   Tower Games is quite possibly the best store ever to just hang out in and paint – very community based store. I spent way too much money there. C & G’s Barbecue in Minnesota won the Pulled Pork Sandwich competition hands down – I sampled every one I could within Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana while I was there. Conveniently they are within walking distance of Tower. Looking forard to SnoopDougeFreshPrinceof50cent being the dominant player in the Minnesota meta by the time I return! Much thanks to the whole crew in Minnesota for their hospitality – next time I need to bludge a room though – turns out cheap Hooker accomodation is bad for you – who knew? Phatasian is a madman, and will do things like drive 3.5 hours to come and pick you up from Minnesota if you ask nicely Phatasian also manages to be super easy to troll, yet untrollable, both at the same time – he also has an awesome famiry – huge thanks to Mandy, Christie, Tanner and Bman for allowing me into your home Keith is a hipster, even though he tries hard not to be. Iowa has attractive gamer girls – who knew Iowa has a kickarse gaming community in general – 20+ people boardgaming Tuesday, 20+ player Warmachine nights Wednesday and Thursday – anyone got a job for a Civil Engineer in Iowa? Preferably with the DOT in Ames. Thanks to all of those groups in Iowa for making me feel like part of the group One of my goals for Gencon was to not play too much Warmachine. Unfortunately, my plans were scuppered by unexpected success. Bitter and delicious, like a good beer. Thanks to Stubbs for Pressganging me into the Pressgang one morning, which resulted in me going to the PG party, which resulted in me getting a copy of IKRPG after unsuccessfully waiting in line Thursday. Ryan from Minnesota is a shiny golden god, a classy gent, and will one day cash in on his good karma My record of playing much better when ridiculously tired continues. I am now 7-1 at Gencon when tired enough to be biochemically drunk. I am now 7-6 when well rested. I am snoring dominant over wussy Minnesotans The booth babe at the Soda Pop Minis booth had boobs that were an achievement of structural engineering to rival the highest skyscraper in the world. Dustin from the Mutineer Chronicles is a really good GM Strawberry Lemonade is excellent Eric Dietsch is a...

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Spartacus Unboxing

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Today I’ll be unboxing Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. This is Gale Force 9’s first foray into board gaming. If the art looks familiar it’s because the game licensed the Spartacus tv show from Starz. Let’s get started shall we? The game includes a board, 4 Gladiator figures, 4 house cards, 26 dice, 62 market cards, 80 intrigue cards, and 148 tokens.. That’s a lot of stuff. The houses are the ones you’d expect if you’ve watched any of the show A lot of those tokens are coins. But apart from that you have house tokens, favor tokens, injured tokens as well as a champion token and a host marker. The intrigue deck contains schemes, reactions and guards. Use these wisely to gain the favor of the gods and Rome. The market deck contains slaves (used to generate income), gladiators, and equipment. And here’s a close look at a gladiator. And of course you can’t have gladiatorial combat without an arena! Here’s a close up where you can see some of the betting options. The figures are softer plastic than most wargaming figures. This lead to some warping issues as you’ll see.  This should be fixable. The game itself is a fairly simple set of rules. Try to gain enough influence and prevent your opponents from doing the same. One thing I really do like about the rules is a note on the second page about the spirit of the game. Since you’ll be stealing, bribing, lying, and betraying each other things can get intense, the rules clearly spell out “DONT BE AN ASS ABOUT IT.” There are four phases in the game: Upkeep, Intrigue, Market, and Arena. The upkeep phase starts flipping your exhausted cards. Then injured assets make a healing roll. Finally you balance your budget, slaves give you gold, healthy gladiators cost gold. The intrigue phase seems to be the most devious of the phases. It starts by drawing four cards. Starting with the character who hosted the last rounds game the players take turns playing schemes, cashing in cards, and using special abilities.  When everyone is finished the market Phase begins. You draw as many cards from the market deck as there are players. These are then bidded on using a blind bid system. Players can also sell and trade their own assets at this time. When auctioning is done the player bid on the right to host the games. The host gains an influence to start the arena phase. The hose then invites players to participate. If you turn down the host you lose an influence. The more famous gladiators earn gold for their house just by participating. All betting is done just prior to the action fight. If the loser is alive at the end of the fight the host decides his fate with the classic thumbs up or down. Killing a famous gladiator causes the host to lose influence so beware! Winners become more famous. That’s the long and short of it. Gale Force 9 has put up a website for the game here. I’ve been enjoying the game so far. If there’s enough interest I’ll post a game report.   Chris...

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Help me make my IKRPG Character

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The Blue Baron here today to ask for you help making my IKRPG Character! I’ve found myself paralyzed by all the options and have been spinning in circles since the book has been released. Won’t you please help a poor soul with crippling Ohh Shiny syndrome? Some details to get us started. I asked what the direction of the campaign would be. My DM shrugged and said it is a sandbox but that we start out as mercs employed by Cygnar.  Also another gamer put together a Fell-Caller so that’s out. So they way it goes in my head I’ve been able to rule out some specific classes. First out is the Iron Fang, since its Khadoran in origin and I’d have a hard time being employed by the Crown. The DM also has concerns about Warcasters so I’m cutting that out of the choices just to be safe.Same thing with warjacks at this point so the Mechanic is out.  Also since we’re mercs, I can’t see the Stormblade class being all that viable. Enough of what we can’t do and on to what we can! Races: I’m open to basically anything that isn’t a filthy Khadoran. Archtype will be kinda dependent on my career and race so I can’t really pick this out until later on. Classes: I’ll list them up with some thoughts about what I’ve thought about them. oh, and they’ll be in alphabetical order, because I’m basically flipping through the book. Alchemist: An Iconic IK character type. I have fun ideas of running an alchemist cutthroat. He drops smoke bombs for cover as he comes in and knifes the enemy. This seems like a good sort of support type class to help with healing so I think this might be needed by one of us. Arcane Mechanik: Another fun class that can help support everybody’s need for cool stuff. The issue here is that they do a lot for warjacks with spells and since we won’t have on for a while I worry that I’ll have a lot unused. Arcanist: Can’t go wrong with magic. I could see having fun with that. Aristocrat: I have a hard time imagining him fitting in mercs and the like but if Ragman can do it, it’s a viable option. Bounty Hunter: I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this class, but my main worry is how useful the specialization will be in non-lethality will be since I know one of the guys what a Khornite in another life. Cutthroat: Another one I’ve spent some time looking at. Sneaky stabby sounds fun but if i don’t want 2 handed fighting some of his skills go bye bye. Duelist: Looks cool but I’ll admit I haven’t read too much on it. Explorer: I like the breadth of the explorer but i don’t know if I’d be doing too much “exploring” as our job will be going places and doing things people already have been. Gun mage: Heck yeah, the only issue with this is the GM really want to run one and I don’t want to ruin his fun by making one. Highwayman: I like the look of this class and it feels very merc-y but I worry about the horse and mounted skills since I’ll be the only...

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MoM’s Podcast #23

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MoM’s Podcast #23 Topics: News and Announcements Newbie:  Piece Trading Mayhem cup Recap     Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:38:54 — 72.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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