Guild Ball

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Trollbloods: The Quickening Part III – First Battle Reports

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is the third in a series of articles about jamming with Jarl. You can catch up here. Throughout this article series, I’ve put a lot of effort into Jarl. He’s been my dojo focus, and each week when we practice, he’s been the only list I’ve played. This weekend, however, was an entirely different test for him. On Saturday, Sam, John, Paul, Hance and I drove up to T-Shirt Explosion in Fayetteville for a 50pt Steamroller. With 20 players, it was the largest event I’ve been to in Arkansas. At the end of the day, I went 2-2, but I felt pretty good about the results. Only one of my loses was a crushing defeat, and it was at the hands of another of MSG’s own, so it’s hard to feel too bad about that. It doesn’t hurt that I won the Golden Spoon for knowing that Horfar Grimmr was the original wielder of Rathrok either–even though, by that point I was so tired I could barely mumble Grimmr. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of what I took with Jarl and how it went, I want to make a confession. I am terrible at battle reports. I think one of my greatest weaknesses as a player is that, when I attempt to evaluate what went wrong in a game, I’m often fuzzy on the details. This seems to be particularly bad if the wheels have completely come off the Troll bus. As I continue to try and improve with Trolls, I’m going to make a real effort to write competent battle reports. In the mean time, it may be a little bit like watching Memento. So, with Jarl, I ended up taking: Jarl Skuld, Devil Of Thornwood (*6pts) * Troll Impaler (5pts) * Mulg the Ancient (12pts) * Trollkin Runebearer (2pts) Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts) Kriel Warriors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts) * 3 Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower (3pts) * Kriel Warrior Standard Bearer & Piper (2pts) Sons of Bragg (6pts) Croak Hunter (2pts) Fell Caller Hero (3pts) Janissa Stonetide (3pts) Thrullg (3pts) I’m not convinced the list is ideal at this point, but I think it’s definitely solid. I’m more convinced than ever that the Gators are fantastic with him, and the Runebearer/Janissa/Impaler package for Jarl is perfect. In the first round, I ended up playing John. He had a pVlad list with the Conquest and a bucket full of Berserkers, and a pButcher list that I think was: The Butcher of Khardov (*6pts) * Behemoth (13pts) Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts) (9pts) * Koldun Kapitan Valachev (2pts) Greylord Ternion (Leader and 2 Grunts) (4pts) Greylord Ternion (Leader and 2 Grunts) (4pts) Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (4pts) Fenris (5pts) Koldun Lord (2pts) Man-o-war Drakhun (without dismount) (4pts) Manhunter (2pts) Manhunter (2pts) Yuri the Axe (3pts) The scenario was Incursion, and I had the first turn. I deployed the Gators, Sons of Bragg, Thrullg and the Fellcaller toward the left side, the Kriel Warriors in between the middle flag and the right flag, and the Croak Hunter on the far right. I put Quicken on the Kriels and Tactical Supremacy on the Gators and everything launched forwarded. Jarl and friends sat behind their rock wall in the...

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Chronicles of an Angry Man – ‘The Rage’

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In an effort to address his rage and misdemenours I have instructed Paul to record and publicize his thoughts to the warmachine community. They shall be known as the Chronicles of an Angry man. At times they shall be controversial, mildly offensive and somewhat confusing. Should you experience any of these emotions whilst reading the chronicles please remember that it is all part of his process and while its just made you mad; he wont have to hurt a puppy tonight. Many condolences for your obsession with an evil, life consuming and frankly bizarre hobby,  Dr Wisheart   So it’s game three at smogcon masters and I am up against a team mate and one of the nicest guys in the UK scene – Marc Williams. He has the composure and appearance of a well groomed pop star; I on the other hand look as though a band of vindictive travelling gypsies have not only held me hostage for three weeks but also fashioned my hair into something that should be inhabited by the animals of farthing wood. After playing having a storming Saturday and qualifying through the Hardcore event the masters itself was not going to plan. Game 1 could of been adapted into a chuckle brothers motion picture and game 2 someone over microwaved my dice to epic proportions. If you guys in the USA don’t get the chuckle brother analogy then your missing out; check these lads out –  Game 3 could only get better…right? I dragged my mood up from Oscar Pistorius to One Direction and prepared for the game ahead. 50 minutes later… The events of the game come to me flashes. I remember My Judicator setting everything on fire, reckoner killing his avatar. Someone trolling me about terminus. Then Marc saying “well I’m just going to go for something and see if it works”. The next thing i know Im wondering the streets of Cardiff in a blind rage looking for the vindictive gypsies to take me back in so I can take them up on their offer/threat of bare knuckle boxing as a means of dealing with my rage.   I eventually returned to the venue and began the drawn out process of moaning and casting my animus “Rampager” – “all friendly models within 10 metres are drained by constant moaning, shouting and complaining. Enemy models are pushed back and cannot get a word in edge ways.” Storming out after playing a good friend is far from something I’m proud of. It was however the right thing to do- I know when I have mentally lost it. The combination of take-backs, whacky dice and 48 hours of gaming put me in a dark place. After the event i was back in the Epic Flail gaming dungeon with my good friend and fellow flailer Brett Wilkie discussing the weekend. Surrounded by D3’s (training dice, makes game harder), art of war manuals and empty Pringles tubes we discussed my rage in depth. At times Brett is the polar opposite of me during a game- he is infallible and unreadable- three consecutive snake eyes and barely the raise of an eyebrow. The same for me and my dice have pinballed around the dungeon and a I am eating a Pringles tube in a blind fury, salty cardboard stinging my bloodied tongue….or something like that anyway. Our conversation took me...

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Old Timer’s Corner: Size Insecurities

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is an article written by Midsouth Gaming’s resident Pressganger, but don’t hold that against him. I love huge based models. Call me crazy,[1] but out of the 20 huge based models,[2] there is only a couple I would never actually want. Those that I would not use, will probably surprise those who do not know me. The guys in the area around here, already know my foibles as it were. With the release of Gargantuans coming up and my lack of a Hordes army, I found that this is good a time as any to delve into the wilds of the Fury mechanic. I had a decision to make, of course, as to which one it shall be. When determining a new army, I look at fluff and models first. Combat effectiveness tends to be last on the plate. If I play in a tournament,[3] I am definitely not going to be winning.[4] I used the following standards, in order, to decide on the faction – Huge based models looks, Huge base models effectiveness, Warlock looks, Warlock Effectiveness, faction fluff and finally overall look of the faction. Yes, some of these are subjective. By using these standards, I quickly eliminated 3 factions. The first was Minions – no Huge base models makes it easy. The next was Trolls. Believe it or not, Trolls did not make it past the look phase. I do not like the look of either the Mountain King or the War Wagon. I am sure I will get some heat about not liking the looks of Mr. MK, but just not a fan of the looks of most troll models. The last of these three is Circle. Their downfall came about due to a number of little things that added up to “don’t play us yet” answer. The Woldwrath is nice, as are some of the casters, but none of the models called to me and said “PLAY ME NOW!” That happened with the last two factions. Obviously the last two are Legion and Skorne. Since Mk1 Skorne has always been itching at the back of mind as the Horde faction to do. Legion has great looking models and I am sure Lylyth3 is going to continue this. This decision took quite some time to come to, like 3 months. Yeah, I might overthink things. Right when I was about to commit to Legion, the Mammoth and Makeda3[5] images were released. After lots of hemmin’ and hawin’[6] it came down to the overall look of the faction that won me over – I love back banners. Yes, I say that now, knowing that by the end of this I probably will not. Backbanners? You won’t play me because of backbanners?! Thankfully, I know exactly which warlocks I will use when I make my lists. Our area, two lists is the norm, so the two warlocks I will use are Makeda3 and Dominar Rasheth.[7] These are based on looks alone. When I first saw PETA, I had to do a double, then a triple take just to see how awesome this guy looks. Do not care how good he is, I am putting that thing[8] together and...

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The List Building Cycle: A new spring

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It’s time to take lamb chops off the menu This article is part of the series found here: As the title may suggest (to those in the know), this article is actually a step outside of the originally planned progression. I felt like the previous article got a tiny bit too wordy and that made it difficult to clearly see the list build example I tried to provide. So I figured a brief segue was in order to: A) give me a break from trying to assemble and edit a 6000 word article B) give the reader a chance to see the process described in a (hopefully) clearer example(s) In the interest of shorter articles I’m going to do a single detailed example in this article (I’ve also cut footnotes). If people like it and there are no objections, I’ll try to do another one or two. It’s important to note that the intent of the method is NOT to necessarily create a super-competitive list. The aim is to create a list where ALL of the parts are working towards some specific goal. That way any games you play with that list will have a reasonably pre-determined game plan and the results of those games will give you meaningful feedback on what you tried to do. First, the three rules: Rule Number 1: Have an aim with the list Rule Number 2: Make lists you want to play Rule Number 3: Dont accept, without testing, the advice of other players So, the process has ten steps, but only the first seven are the relevant to this article since I have not playtested the list. If anyone does playtest this list, please let me know how it works out! Step 1: Identify what the list is for Step 2: Identify the core of your list Step 3: Identify the type of game you want the list to play Step 4: Identify what other tricks/units/models could function strongly within the list Step 5: Identify what support is required to make your tricks function Step 6: Identify the lists weaknesses Step 7: Identify what ‘ideal’ support abilities could be used The first example: Grenadiers So this example came about while I was reading the Cygnar book and looking for stupid/interesting tricks and interactions. I’d never seen a grenadier on the table (still havent) and on first glance their rules didnt seem terrible, as long as you could fuel the effective ROF 3 by having enough trencher models, so I’d stored them away in my head. I’d seen gun mages plenty of times, but upon reading their jack marshall “rune-shots” ability and their three gun shots, it occurred to me that the thunderbolt rule does not specify “directly hit” for it’s effects. Which doesnt matter for the gun mage shots (unless you explosivo them I guess), but since a lot of ‘jacks have AOE attacks, it seemed like it might be interesting. I played through a bunch of options and kept coming back to Grenadiers. So I set about building a list. Step 1: Identify what the list is for My aims with this list are: -to see if I can make a list that used grenadiers with gun mages to be a ‘good’ list, not just a funsies list. -Building...

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Embrace The Dragon

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is part of an on going series written about everyone’s favorite dragon spawns. You can catch up here. Welcome back my blighted friends.  Paul here from Mid South Gaming with another dose of my Legion article series Embrace the Dragon.  In this edition I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss some things that may benefit those who have yet to embrace the blight.  Granted this information will also be useful to us as it is likely you will find yourself opposed by a fellow blighted brethren.  This edition will find us going over some of the most likely warlocks you may see being fielded by Legion players in Steamroller 2013.   With the release of Steamroller 2013 almost a distant memory and the first major con of the season already completed it is safe to say that many of us have had at least some experience with the new scenarios.  Through my own experiences I can definitely say one big change caught my eye in most of them; PP wants us up in the middle fighting.  The changes to the kill box artifice as well as scoring conditions are a major component of this.  No longer can our Warlocks or Warcasters contest or control objectives or zones they can only dominate.  Thankfully kill box doesn’t off your Warlock or Warcaster immediately but giving the opponent 2 control points can be just as devastating.   These changes have opened up the way for some of the less seen Warcasters and Warlocks from Steamroller 2012 to take a more center stage and Legion is no exception to this rule.  Over the course of Steamroller 2012 the bulk of Legion tournament lists would usually utilize one of 3 different warlocks:  Saeryn, EVayle (thanks largely in part to none other than JVM himself) and ELylyth.  While I do not see these 3 going away any time soon there is now an opportunity for a few more to add to their ranks and be just as effective in aggression and scenario play.  In addition to the previously mentioned Warlocks I also see PThagrosh, PVayle and Kallus making a strong appearance in SR 2013.     Saeryn has not lost any of her effectiveness with the scenario and scoring changes for 2013, in fact I would argue she has become an even stronger pick.  In 2012 gun lines ran rampart and were arguably the top tier of play.  Whether it was EHaley and the Stormwall for Cygnar, one of the many different Menoth gun line variants or even Grim Angus with bomber back up for trolls usually 1 of most peoples 2 lists in 2012 had some type of gun line variation.  Simply put it was just too good to say no to.  Traditionally speaking gun lines were a challenge for Saeryn and with the emphasis of pushing to the center and holding, the style of all the shots will start to fade a bit.  Are gun lines still viable, of course! But will we see those that just sit at the end of the table and shoot you off the board, probably not.  Additionally Saeryn offers some amazing infantry clear with her spell kit...

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Meta crunch 03 – Prepping for HÉT 2013

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  Last time I wrote an article not related to the hobby side of Warmachine, it was about my preparations, list building and battle reports for AAW 2012. I am not an expert on competitive play, my meta is rather small and there are a dozens of more experienced tournament players posting strategy articles on MoM, so I generally stick to my conversions and sculpting, however those first two Meta crunch articles were fairly well received, so here we go again… One of the main perks of writing articles for a great site like Muse on Minis is that you can reach a much wider international public. After my last battle report article I got a mail from one of MoM’s readers from Hungary trying to reach out to other isolated playing groups in neighbouring countries in Europe, so he invited us (and other players from Croatia and Serbia we might know) to their next international tournament on the second of March: the HÉT 2013 (don’t ask me what the abbreviation stands for). I immediately contacted all my local players and forwarded the mail to the Croats I met at AAW 2012 and everybody was thrilled at the prospect of playing a wider field of players/factions that we don’t have locally, so we started dojo-ing and tweaking lists right away. As you might have noticed in my past articles, I am a fairly methodical person, so let go through the basic steps once again:   1.      What is the official format of the event? This time it will be a four rounds, one day SR 2013 event with up to two 50 points lists (you can bring just one list if you want, but if you have 2 you have to play each list at least once). As per usual there are character restrictions, but there are no painting requirements for the armies (other than front arcs must be marked on the bases), so this time we will bring one or two people, that didn’t come last time, due to expected painting requirements. There will be 55-60 minutes death clock in effect, which should be a good learning experience for our group, since we never had a death clock event locally. This time around we don’t know in advance what the scenarios will be, so we have to keep our armies a bit more flexible.   2.      What is the competition? Like last time, I have no idea what the Hungarian meta game is like, how common/popular ‘gargossals’ are or who their top players/factions are. The guy that contacted me, was kind enough to send a link to the lists of their 2 OETC teams from 2012, since they expect most of those players to attend the tourney. The ETC, being a team event, will generally have slightly more skewed lists in its line-up, since you have a little bit of control over match-ups, but from what I could gather they have a nice spread of factions and they don’t seem to use the commonly net-decked power lists from the forums (no Banes of any type out of 4 Cryx lists and Raiders in only one list; a Skorne Xerxis tier list with nearly 20 Cetrati/Arcuarii, ecc…). Since with the available information I can’t really plan for any specific...

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MoM’s Podcast #44 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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  MoM’s Podcast #44 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Time Stamps: 0:01:15 = News and Announcements 1:03:30 = Muse On Facebook 2:04:00 = Dojo 2:20:00 = SR2013: Close Quarters / Ammunition Run   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:51:58 — 78.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Road to War Episode 24- A Warmachine & Hordes podcast

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Road to War   This week we talk about the meta at Templecon, Lylth 3 and various other topics!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:16:22 — 35.0MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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At Home in Cygnar: Trenchers v2.0

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This series follows John trying to make Trenchers work in today’s Meta. You can catch up here.  Comment below to help John mold this list into a fully functional force. Hello, again everyone.  Last we spoke, I had come up with a good start to the Trenchers list. This is what I had so far. Commander Coleman Stryker -Sylys Wyshnalyrr -Grenadier -Grenadier Journeyman Warcaster Trencher Master Gunner Trencher Master Gunner Captain Maxwell Finn Rangers Trencher Chain Gun Crew Trencher Chain Gun Crew Trencher Commandos Trencher Infantry -Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper -2 Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier Sadly, life has gotten in my way, and I haven’t had the funds to finish out this list, so I haven’t gotten to test it like I would like to. The majority of my work with this list has been theory-crafting. However, I did try one proxy game with the units I’m missing. (I cannot stand doing that. I want the real models!) My wife played the part of opponent for me to try this out. First off, the RULES: -looking to be competitive (as best as possible) -Mercs are welcome (as you can see) -must stick to the theme (Trenchers) That’s it. So, let’s see what happened. One of the points for pStryker as my caster was to play attrition. With Arcane Shield, Concealment, and Feat, two units of Trenchers would be 15/21 with Stealth. Seems good, right? I had my wife play my Skorne instead of her Legion since Legion pretty much wrecks my plans, and I wanna see if this list can actually perform. Her list was eMakeda with all of the beasts and some Swordsmen. We played Incursion 2013. So, my strategy was pretty simple, kill all of the heavies and try to sit on the flags as long as possible. We roll. She goes first. Good for me since I wanna try to score first. The bad is that Makeda makes beasts super fast, and I’m not sure if I can take them down before they take out my key forces. Molik Karn eats half of the Commandos on his own. I lay down some covering fire and prepare for the feat turn sitting on the two side flags. That doesn’t go too well just yet as I have only CRA’d down Molik Karn, and injured a few others. Bad dice are not helping. Skorne retaliates and destroys one chain gun crew while locking up the other. I kill every last Swordsmen, but it’s only a small victory. By turn 3, Skorne has control of the board, and my plans of scoring control points fades. You can imagine how the rest goes. So, the first problem I see is that massed Heavies are a problem for this list. I could handle one or two, but once you have more than that, they can survive long enough to get to my lines. Once you’re in my lines… I’m in trouble. I need to look at harder hitting things or I will be locked into a second list as soon as I see a Gargossal or more than two Heavies. Here’s a few things I liked: -CRA on the Trenchers. It can...

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Bringing the Retribution: Your Faction Can Do What Now?!?

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Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is part of an on going series written about everyone’s least favorite elves. You can catch up here. This segment was brought on by recent Retribution discussions on Muse. A lot of points were put forward about what is good and what isn’t. It got me thinking about some of the core aspects of the game. I decided to take a look and highlight some of the good things–and the bad things–about playing Retribution. This ties in with one of the key concepts of Warmachine or Hordes: understanding what your faction can do. Good: Arcane Assassin, Phantom Hunter (Seeker), and ranged defense. Retribution has a lot of abilities that cause first time players to say “it does what now!?” Arcane Assassin and Phantom Hunter are two of those abilities. In essence, they allow a model or unit to ignore defensive measures including the armor bonus from overboosting, spell buffs and even line of sight. At first, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. Ignoring line of sight doesn’t mean much when compared to abilities that amplify raw damage output or increases stats. Those are hard numbers that show concrete results. The real effect is more conceptual, but once on the board, you see the greatness of this rule. Is your opponent behind a cloud? Behind a jack or a beast? Behind a giant wall made of reinforced steel ten feet thick? Not a problem for Phantom Hunter. A target has nowhere to hide. If you’re in range, you can shoot them or potentially charge them. Add in Arcane Assassin and their ARM and DEF buffs are useless to the ever-seeking bullet flying at their face. This sets up some great assassination tactics. You can hit casters hard–at their base ARM–and deal enough damage to kill them after only a few attacks. There are several units that have Arcane Assassin in Retribution. The most notorious is the Mage Hunter Strike Force. It’s an eleven-man unit–with the UA, who is required for Phantom Seeker–with POW 10 crossbows and POW 9 swords. They also have jack hunter, which greatly increases their damage output against Warmachine. Kaelyssa can also give a jack in her battlegroup Phantom Hunter. Putting that on something like a Banshee, which has a gun that slams targets, allows you to knock down models through battle lines, making them easy pickings for the Strike Force. These rules also cause your opponent to be very cautious. Move up too close and they’re bound to get shot down by a hail of bolts coming from that dark patch of woods. Retribution also has some of the best ranged defense out there. This mainly comes from the Force Barrier ability and Discordia’s Kinetic Field imprint. These create a bubble of either added DEF or ARM and immunity to blast damage. This gives Retribution a leg up in the gun line meta. The fact that Battle Mages and the Artificer have this inherently is impressive as well, making them good choices when facing an opponent with a lot of shooting or AOEs–like everything in Protectorate for instance. It brings their DEF up from average to hard-to-hit-even-while-aiming. Add in warcaster spells like Force Field, Deflection and Quicken, and you’re looking at an...

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