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Unloved Swans: Constance Blaize

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  I’m not sure whether I should introduce myself or not, but if so, my name is Merlin and I want to write about models that don’t get enough love in Cygnar. I’m planning several more articles already, but I can tell you now that Triumph really is that bad and don’t expect me to say otherwise. My first tactica on unloved swans is dear to my heart, as I’ve been playing Constance Blaize (mainly in Cygnar) since she was released both in and out of tournaments, and I win a lot of games with her. Constance Blaize is generally reviled by Cygnar players as a faction warcaster. “She’s better as a Merc,” “She needs cheap, reach infantry,” and “mercs got two warcasters in Wrath and Cygnar got none” are all common cries on the PP forums and elsewhere. I disagree. Further, WWF wrestling legend and warmachine paragon Hacksaw Jim Duggan recently claimed that Constance (admittedly in mercs) had a boring playstyle on The Road to War podcast. I don’t necessarily disagree there, but in Cygnar Constance has a lot more options than she does in mercs, which diversifies her playstyle and adds some depth to her game. I think she’s got some game in the bully-style of focus campers like the Butcher and Terminus, though to a lesser degree and with a few caveats. Let’s get some general overview out of the way real quick. The Warcaster Stats She’s not exemplary in any particular stat. Her stand-outs are an above-average defense split favoring the armor side and a decently powered reach blessed magical weapon.  She. . .doesn’t have a gun. Which is weird for me. Apparently she’s not as NRA as the rest of Cygnar. “Disruptor Pistols don’t disrupt warjacks; people disrupt warjacks.” Rules Flank is the standout, increasing her MAT to Butcher level and making her a weapon master with that blessed spear (she is not as butch as the Butcher; more on this below). She does inspire Morrowan models around her, so I can play a relatively fearless list, which is pretty sweet in Cygnar. Random command failures can ruin a good game. Spells Flashing blade with her weapon can be a money maker if she is able to get into the thick of things. Careful evaluation is required to keep her safe, but if she can keep some camp and Arcane Shield up she can do some damage, and sometimes to multiple models. The spell is best when spending one focus buys multiple attacks, or when Blaize needs to thresher models before charging in. She gets herself unjammed pretty easily with it at least. Take care when considering sending in the clown. Constance seems like she can anchor a piece trade for heavies, but if the plan is to keep her safe with camp then it’s a risky proposition at best. Armor 18 heavies go down pretty easy. Armor 19 or 20 is a different matter. Dire trolls under the Krielstone are a problem. When she’s at dice -7 or 8 instead of dice-5 it’s going to take a lot of focus to kill a heavy unless it’s already pretty hurt. If it’s cherry and she’s only got her normal loadout then she might not kill it at all. And then she’s also exposed up...

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Secrets of the True Law – Assembling the Protectorate Gunline, Part 3

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In my previous article, I gave an overview of the kinds of support that truly enable the protectorate gunline. Now that we’ve got a good grasp on the models that form the core of the lists, let’s start arranging some battlegroups. You’ll note that these are caster-independent and generally do their own thing without too much help – which is part of what makes them so good. Anything that does its job without needing a warcaster to enable it is a great deal – and it lets you focus on adding elements that your warcaster does enable. Friends with Benefits – Reckoner, Redeemer, Choir (Minimum), Vassal Simple and effective, this battlegroup is great for Warcasters who can rely on their Infantry for armor cracking, such as Vindictus or eKreoss. It’ll demand 4-5 focus a turn, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it. For all its strengths the Reckoner doesn’t deal very well with Stealth or masses of infantry. However, the Redeemer can cover those weaknesses by tossing out three templates a turn. The Redeemer also greatly appreciates Flare, which can bump its effective RAT up to 7 after Battle and Aiming. Being able to turn even the Inaccurate Redeemer into a legitimate and deadly armor cracker is a huge boon. Menage a Trois – Reckoner, Redeemer, Choir (Minimum), Vassal, Vessel of Judgment, Vassal Mechanik (he likes to watch) If you’re looking for more firepower but don’t want to invest any extra focus, this is your go-to. This combo is similar to the one below in terms of versatility, but without the extra focus investment. You also get the bonus of the “Vessel Bunker” to protect your Warcaster. pKreoss particularly likes this setup, as he has plenty of things he likes to do with focus, wants plenty of powerful ranged attacks, and appreciates having somewhere to hide in the middle of the field. Be mindful, though that this “battlegroup” has some of the lowest melee potential, so bring something that’s hitty in melee. Happy Family – Reckoner, Vanquisher, Redemer, Choir (Minimum), 2xVassals If you’re looking for a do-it-all Battlegroup, this should be your starting point. While relatively focus-hungry, this battlegroup can and will eat a heavy warjack from a comfortable distance, while remaining plenty capable of clearing out infantry and extremely capable of delivering a beat-down in melee. Everything’s better with Twins – 2xReckoner, 2xRepenter, Choir (Maximum), 2xVassals – Ideal as a second line, this battlegroup can deal with a variety of threats while being relatively cheap and a very low strain on the warcaster if you’re willing to let the Repenters do their thing without focus. Twin Flamethrowers with Vassal support are a very bad time for any Infantry, and twin Condemnor Cannons will put the hurt on heavy armor quick. Don’t discount the Flamethrowers agianst heavy targets, either – two boosted POW14s (at effective RAT9 after Flare) are a great way to take out that extra column or two. These are just some examples of battlegroups that have a good amount of synergy and cover a lot of bases between them. These don’t have to be your only warjacks, they simply form the core of your “gunline” and allow the other elements of your list to shine. Of course, it’s still likely that your opponents will take the...

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MoM’s Podcast #30

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MoM’s Podcast #30 Topics: Intros News and Announcements 13:00 – Warmachine Weekend Experiences 1:12:45 – Muse on Mail 1:31:00 – Warmachine Weekend Shout Outs         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:53:57 — 52.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Chewin the Fat 5

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After last weeks schpeel on the various different thoughts roaming around my head I’ve been thinking a fair bit on what Faction I intend to choose. The tournament in Dundee tomorrow appears to have blown up into a pretty big one. Current guess is around 20-25 players which, for Scotland, is pretty big! As a result I think I’m going to have to go with the Faction that’s been faithful to me over the last few months. Cygnar it is! For anyone wanting to see my thoughts on this subject in more detail I will refer you to last weeks article: (Also, apologies for the lack of shamelessly pilfered pictures this week but I barely had time to write this down at all! I’ll make it up next week with real pictures!) My issue, now that I’ve chosen Cygnar, is that I must consider my pair of lists carefully as I have not had as much tournament success with them as I ever did with my Cryx or my Legion. I tend to change my lists fairly regularly as Cygnar have so many different options and, as a result, I often end up with some glaring weakness appearing over my two lists. Due to the high number of players and different Factions involved at the upcoming tournament I can’t let this happen again so I’ll be putting a fair bit of thought into this over the available time I have when I should really be working… Cygnar has a ridiculous number of options. With a huge range of access to Mercenaries and a solid list of very powerful casters to pick from I find it can be really difficult to settle down on any particular list. As mentioned in previous articles, the lists I have had probably the most experience with recently are Haley2 with the full load of Steelheads and Siege with a Stormwall. I mentioned before that I was going to try 2 largely untested casters that I have high hopes for. Unfortunately, I’m starting to waver in this decision and am levitating towards these tried and tested lists in the hopes that my experience with them can cover some bad matchup issues. Even if I don’t go with my regular lists I can say for sure that my Cygnar pairings will always consist of one Reinholdt caster (Siege, Caine2, Kara) and one support caster everyone else but usually a Haley of one form or another). To start with then, lets take a look at the Reinholdt casters. For Siege, 35pts is a difficult setup as I love using Stormwall but don’t feel that I can get all the supporting infantry that I want. This is especially prevalent in my list: Major Markus ‘Siege’ Brisbane                         +5 –  Stormwall                                                             19 –  Squire                                                                      2 Storm Strider            ...

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This old Hordes – Landscaping

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To help Crump with “All-Based 2012”, I figured this would be a good place to start. Great Landscaping often increases the value of property, and with minis it’s no different. I’ve decided to go with an Autumn theme with my circle. Along with my usual assortment of tools, I’ve brought along some other hobby products; Army Painter Winter Tufts Secret Weapon Master-craft scenics ; fallen leaves – Fall mix Sand (from a river) Sand (from the beach) Brush Bristles Woodland Scenics “realistic water” Sticks form the yard(oak) Cork sheet 1/4″ a couple Deep dish bases (for water) They come from various manufacture, I cast my own.   So let’s get started The first step is going to be to  cut the cork rings for our water bases. to do this I simply paint the ring of the base with a wash, then flip it upside down and press it onto the cork. cut out the inside of the resulting coffee ring and it should fit into the base perfectly. Since the wash is still wet, you cna just wipe it off the ring.       Superglue it into the base, and then pick away at the edges. This clumpy area will become out shore line soon. I guess this is as good a place as any for a small rant. I’ve always felt that cork rocks look horrible and that cork does a poor job of being rocks. It makes great broken concrete or clumpy dirt though.       quick stump tutorial 1 find sticks. break them 2 saw them in half and pin them (shorter stumps look better, adding one or two long ones to break it up is OK) 3 add a small snake of green stuff around the base 4 using your thumb or finger, blend the ring into the stump. Just push in and drag your finger to the top, continue to drag past the greenstuff so that you don’t leave fingerprints. 5 Place it into the base. 6 take the back end of a paintbrush, wet it and push it into the greenstuff ring. You can see the roots starting to form. 7 continue around the stump, pushing the brush into the green stuff. space the indentions around it differently. in some places you’ll have to “pull” the roots out with the back end of the brush. Lastly lightly tap a lot fo the roots and the base of the stump with the brush. this will add a little bit of texture and help to match it up to the actual wood. Next, let’s talk about the types of sand.  While you can go with the prefab stuff that you can buy at hobby stores, I prefer to go find mine.  I like to use river sand, while it has some fine bits, it also has some nice chunky varied pieces in it which break up the ground form being so uniform. …That and it’s free. As for the other part, I like to use beach sand, it’s usually much more fine and uniform.       Here we’ve applied sand, Riversand to everything that’s above water level, beachsand to everything that’s below it. The reduced size of the beachsand grains helps to create an illusion of depth. Also note that I’ve scraped away the sand in several spots while the glue is wet. These flat spots will give a...

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Valachev – Hoarder of the Coin – Warmachine Khador Tactics

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  Sorry for the delay on my articles. Some personal things have been keeping me from writing them. WARNING: This article will assume knowledge on behalf of the reader, if you don’t know what I am talking about read the tacticas on the PP forums to find out (or PM me). Anyway, Valachev is Khador’s resident make Mercs faction model. He presents a conundrum in Khador in a character restricted environment because: a. Khador likes using Mercs b. He is a character Let me get out of the way a few bits of housekeeping before I get into the meat of the article. I will only be touching on Mercs in Khador in this article. Honestly because I am still in testing for some of them and because this is about Valachev. Valachev has abilities I always forget which could make a huge difference to a game. This is an example of knowing your model. 1. Disbanding is good, especially against a debuff faction. Plus it is one of Khador’s only ways to get rid of upkeeps. I have forgotten this a number of times and it has cost me the game. It is oft forgotten but you will catch people with this. 2. Frostbite, he is a Greylord so has a magical shotgun with a pretty good magic ability. 3. He becomes the leader of his unit. Even if it is a character unit. I say this because it allows you to keep your key leaders safe or put them in weird positions. Alexia and Cylena are great examples of this. You don’t measure from them so you can extend their safe range or put them in better positions to charge. 4. Iron Flesh is not a faction spell… I repeat, Iron Flesh is not a faction spell. So you don’t need Valachev if all you are thinking is chuck Iron Flesh on the unit. So, Khador have quite a few Merc units that work for them. The problem is a lot of our spells, buffs and feats are Friendly faction. Not all but enough to make it annoying when picking out your models. If you decide you want a Merc unit you must decide if they need him or not. Valachev and Zypher are amazing on all Merc units as it is without all the in faction buffs. He is more needed where the in faction buffs are required. For example, the Old Witch does not need him as she does not have in faction buffs. pButcher or eIrusk however have pure in faction options which causes stress if your Mercs can’t benefit. So make sure you use him to maximise potential.I will start with Khador’s favourite Merc unit. Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters They can find a place in almost any Khador list. They like Iron Flesh, they can CRA and create a ranged threat and are weapon masters. There is nothing not to like about these models except assembling them. They play right to Khador’s strengths of high def which we can make higher but they have things that Khador want. Pathfinder, Hunter, a ranged threat mixed with melee and super speed. If you don’t know much about nyss hunters go read all of the threads about how broken they are elsewhere. They are pretty...

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Running the Gauntlet (Part 1)

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  Hi there, So I’m sitting down at a Starbucks in the Westfield shopping centre at Chermside as I am won’t to do on a friday afternoon and in my head I am recounting last nights bout of War machine… The Gauntlet is the penultimate event on the Australian Warmachine calender being the last chance qualifier into the Super Series final. The SS final is equivocal to the Warmachine weekend masters in that it is a strictly invitational event. This is the second year it’s been run and the first was a great success in my opinion with this year set to eclipse it not least of which because it has been granted Masters status from PP. Last year i was able to qualify in the first heat, and broke even in the main event, this year however, due to work I wasn’t able to enter my home state qualifier, luckily though i had enough frequent flyer points to travel to two of the other heats, and just missed out both times. So the foundation laid, this is about my Gauntlet approach and how I intend to beat it, and subsequently to duke it out for the ultimate prize :). I spoke about thursday nights, which is typically gaming night in sunny Queensland. It’s the one night a weeke where I get to test lists and ratify alterations or try new combinations. One of the problems that I am currently facing though, is that my expectations are not translating into performance. This is leaving me with something of a disenfranchised taste towards my faction, which for those of you unfamiliar with me is – Retribution. One of the problems I think I am having with this respect is that Retribution has this incredible upper potential, with abysmal lower potentials. Essentially, whilst they are capable of performing excellent feats they are almost entirely unreliable and to my mind have a very low degree of reproducability with their results. Key to this is generally that their prime attacking traits are a pip lower than would make them reliably dangerous. Key examples include the MHA (Mage Hunter Assassin), MHSF(Mage Hunter Strike Force), BM (Battle Mages) and non unique heavies. As far as the Mage Hunters are concerned I personally feel that whilst the MHA would be unbalanced at 8 MAT, at 7 it is too unreliable to achieve consistent goals. Retribution, pays far more for the prevalence of arcane assassin than it would with the presence of applicable buffs. The problem though is that there is so much ‘buffage’ which is non magical that the presence of arcane assassin, doesn’t account for base traits that are creeping ever higher and non-magical buffs. The other great problem that I find with retribution is they have almost no staying power. Despite what the Internet may say, whilst being great Halberdiers are neither an excellent attrition piece, nor are they particularly tough and hard to move. Our other line infantry fall into the trap of having what I think i heard referred to as ‘murder stats’, that is 12/15. There are only a smidgen of ways to buff those defensive traits and more often than not (In my experience) the bridge between 13 and 15 defense for a unit dedicated to attacking you is almost...

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Road to War Episode 17

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Road to War   This week we talk about Warmachine Weekend. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:42:17 — 46.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Starting from the Beginning

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Alright, I thought it was only fair to provide at least a short1 introductory post before jumping right into the articles I’m interested in writing. My name is Colin, some of you have met me and many of you will have read a post or two by me under my forum name “bobliness”2, a smaller number of you have probably met or seen me at a tournament/convention. I’m generally the only Australian (Chunky excluded and no, despite there only being 8 people in Australia, he and I have never met) and I stand about 6’5”, am going bald and have a beard… I find it difficult to blend into a crowd. It’s like “where’s Waldo”, only he’s right there…and isn’t wearing red.10 My “past”: I played warhammer 40k primarily for the last 15 years or so (but who’s counting right?) along with varying smatters of other GW games (Bloodbowl in particular but mordheim and others) plus the obligatory D&D. I played Magic for a brief period in my youth and a slightly longer period online in my….later youth? I didn’t start out as a competitive player, but over time I found that the aspects of every game that I enjoyed the most tended to be: -List/deck/army building to create unusual combinations that others didn’t favour -Making combinations work in games -Tactical play during games based around movement or timing -Playing to objectives/missions Over the last two or three years I realized that within the 40k universe there wasn’t actually that much variation left that I could try with any degree of success against competent opponents. I played Eldar primarily and eventually settled on a list that I simply couldn’t really improve on outside of minor tweaks for differing tournament scoring systems. I figured at first that this was primarily an Eldar problem (Old codex and all that) but it wasn’t any better in my chaos space marines (who didn’t even have ONE competitive build, let alone several), taking unusual/quirky lists with either was an invitation to the opponent to just tear you apart. I started yet another army (blood angels) to play the less-played (competitively) of their lists (jump packs instead of vehicles) and realized almost immediately that once again there were very few actual variations in the list. You could change one type of jumper for another, or swap out a character or two, but it made little to no difference in play-style and tactical options. I had played the competitive scene in my hometown (Perth,Australia) as much as I could and had a lot of fun, but I felt like my success/failure was heavily determined by my army and the tournament scoring/scenarios, which were a patchwork, varying from objective heavy to kill-point/victory-point heavy, sometimes within the same tournament. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a variety of types of missions in a tournament, but ‘surprise’ missions don’t forge a competitive environment (merely an angry one generally) at the best of times and unfortunately, within 40k, there are a lot of armies that simply can’t compete in one or more types of scenario. When the TO goes “Hey guys, this time it’s elites are worth double kill points, their transports too!!” you can actually feel certain players die a little inside. In short3, I felt I’d gone about as far...

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Cheat to Win

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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on how to cheat your way to win.  You’ve probably read a lot about sportsmanship in Warmachine and Hordes and I’m here to tell you that under the right circumstances, that’s rubbish.  Cheating your way to the win is far more reliable and certainly a more satisfying way to go.  Don’t like the way your dice keep letting you down?  Just reroll them.  Think your character jack is a chump next to the other guy’s faction?  Just go ahead and use it.  Why the heck not?  It’s all about winning. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What is this guy going on about?  Clearly too much superglue sniffing going on.”  Well actually, everything I said is true, and even acceptable, provided you are at a Foodmachine event!  At Foodmachine events, you are encouraged to cheat your way to the win in the interest of donating as much as you can to your local food charity.  It’s a win-win situation.   Hopefully you’ve heard a lot of the promotion around Foodmachine already, but in short, Foodmachine is the Warmachine/Hordes community’s annual canned food drive.  This is the 7th year that Privateer Press gamers around the world have held Foodmachine charity events combining their love of gaming with their desire to help the needy.  We ask gamers to put on events between November and December each year which means we are in the thick of it right now.  We need a lot more events to be put on though, so if you don’t have one scheduled in your area, why not put it on yourself?  It’s easy, trust me! If you go to you can find all the information you need to understand what Foodmachine is about and how to get involved.  We have a sweet rules pack that you can download  that walks your through the process.  Find reading a chore?  No problem – we have a video that explains it all.  Prefer being social?  Just visit our Facebook page and start talking with other charity-minded gamers.  Baring that, you can email us at and we’ll help you along every step of the way. In addition to contributing to charity and feeling really good about yourself and your hobby, there ae some goodies to get competitive over. Prizes To bodge Foodmachine up to Page 5 standards, Privateer Press has again stepped up as they have in years past with prizes to help recognize the donations.  They will be designing custom vinyl banners with their artwork and the names of the winners of each prize category of Foodmachine.  Those categories are: • Most cans donated overall • Most cans/player • Single largest individual donating Additionally, the group that donates the most cans overall will win the traveling Foodmachine trophy: Email your results to so we can keep track of how many events were held and how many cans we collected.  For scoring purposes, one “can” is defined as something around 12-14 ounces (350-400 g).  The event organizer can count a can as worth 2 “cans” if it is big or small cans as only half a “can”.  [To encourage people to bring food other than canned vegetables, you might also count each meat-based can as 2 cans for the purposes of cheating.] It’s really great to see the numbers going up...

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