Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Mayhem Cup 7 Pictures and Results (Sept 21st-22nd)

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    On Sept 21st and 22nd the 7th Mayhem Cup was held at Misty Mountain Games in Madison WI.   43 players from 5 states were competing for the trophy. In the end Iowa and Springfield IL team tied for most team points.  Iowa pulled it ahead in tiebreakers (points in the 50pt event)  How Scoring worked Scoring: 50 Point SR2012 1st place 10 points 2nd Place 8 Points 3rd Place 6 Points 4th Place 5 points 5th Place 4 points 6th Place 3 points 7th Place 2 points 8th Place 1 point   35 point SR2012 1st Place 5 points 2nd Place 3 points 3rd Place 2 point 4th Place 1 point   Painting Competition Best Warcaster/Warlock 1 point Best Battle Engine 1 point Best Warjack/Warbeat 1 point (excluded Colossals) Best Solo 1 point Best Unit 1 point     Top spots for 50 Event   Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) Cool Kurt (M – IL) Khador 5 (16.0)(4)(231) Chad (M – IA) Cryx 4 (16.0)(5)(212) Charles Foster III (M – IL) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (15.0)(8)(168) Keif C (M – IA) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (13.0)(10)(220) Marshall W (M – IA) Legion of Everblight 4 (13.0)(2)(168) Aduro (M – IA) Cryx 4 (11.0)(4)(166) Lucas W (NGIT – IL) Trollbloods 4 (11.0)(4)(156) Josh Holt (M – IA) Retribution of Scyrah 4 (11.0)(4)(145) Brian G (MM – WI) Skorne 3 (15.0)(1)(133) Nathan (MM – WI) Mercenaries 3 (13.0)(5)(154) Tom Laughlin (NGIT – IL) Cryx 3 (12.0)(7)(179) Dewey (M – IA) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (12.0)(1)(152) Moe (MM – WI) Skorne 3 (11.0)(6)(157) Ben Lang (NGIT – IL) Skorne 2 (13.0)(6)(158) Jon (MM – WI) Circle Orboros 2 (13.0)(6)(145) Menoth John (NGIT – IL) Cygnar 2 (11.0)(2)(104) Top spots for 35pt event   Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) Jason (NGIT – IL) Cryx 4 (9.0)(0)(145) JR Oldridge (M – IL) Cryx 3 (11.0)(4)(108) Jeff S (MM – WI) Circle Orboros 3 (11.0)(1)(68) Sean (TG – MN) Khador 3 (9.0)(5)(108) Mattie K (M – IL) Retribution of Scyrah 3 (8.0)(5)(99) Dave Messer (MM – WI) Cygnar 3 (8.0)(4)(120) Ryan M (TG – MN) Khador 3 (8.0)(1)(90) Wes (TG – MN) Protectorate of Menoth 2 (11.0)(3)(39)   Painted prizes   Battle Engine: 1) [1] Menoth – 39 Charles Foster 3rd (IL – M) 2) Cygnar – 7 Davis Jacks 1) [1] Raek – 39 Charles Foster 3rd (IL – M) 2) Deathjack -31 Tom McLaughlin Unit: 1) [1] Battle Mage – 24 Josh Holt (IA – M) 2) Gatorman Posse – 11 Mike Drown Solo: 1) [1] Mechanic – 34 Nigel (MN – T) 2) Mac Dougal – 39 Charles Foster 3rd Caster: 1) [1] Bart – 39 Charles Foster 3rd (IL – M) 2) Butcher – 34 Nigel   Pictures of Winning Team &   Pictures of  Top Painted Models     1st place warbeast/warjack   2nd place warbeast/warjack    1st place Solo     2nd place solo     1st place Warcaster/warlock 2nd place Warcaster/Warlock 1st place Unit 2nd place Unit   Pictures from the Event    ...

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Road to War Episode 14

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Road to War   This week we talk about Ret and take some questions!  Send us an e-mail at with any questions! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:39:21 — 45.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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The Mutineer Chronicles #4

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Episode 4 – Fourth episode of The Mutineer Chronicles, a podcast about role-playing games (and gaming in general) with a focus on the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game from Privateer Press. This episode we talk about NPC ideas and start the IK Guidance Councilor series with a look at Iron Fangs and Aristocrats. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:35:43 — 43.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Iron Fang Pikemen – Unit Review – Part 1

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  Iron Fang Pikemen are much maligned by Khador players for not being as good as their other 8pt+Support counterparts. Kayazy and Winter Guard Infantry are usually grabbed for first out of the bag and all that time spent brass rodding those s-bend pikes seemed to be for naught because they will sit at the bottom of your KR multicase alone and dark waiting for their time to shine. Ok so maybe that is a little dramatic but it something I see every day when I watch Khador players on Vassal and in my Meta that IFP get left on the shelf to the other options in Khador and it is something I was very guilty of up until recently. So I have been throwing them on the table in almost every game I have been playing recently and belting them to see what they can do. I regret the time I didn’t spend with them sooner. Now IFP are generally used in 2 ways. They are a decent tar pit because they are hard to get through and they double as heavy hitters which they do pretty damn well especially if you can get a buff on them. Sorry guys and girl(s) this may be a long one. A few random musings before we start. 1. They are the only infantry to have 2 unique UA’s 2. Fire kills them dead, but welcome to Khador Speed Ok, so they aren’t winning any awards for speed due to shield wall. I think this is the reason they are on the shelf to be honest. They are at an average speed for Khador in that all our infantry can walk and run as far as each other. The difference here is they have reach, which increases their threat by 1.5” and when combined with some of our in faction buffs they can be fast. Shield wall is really the only thing that I think annoys people, out of shield wall their arm is not radically high and they will die to shooting. So people find it hard to get onto scenarios in time or even walking up slower and getting whittled down and half speed, but your opponent has all the time in the world. Why you shouldn’t worry Well honestly, you should, bad way to start I guess but it is a conundrum in itself. Generally I find myself running up the first turn and space out like you would anything else and try to stay out of the threat ranges of any shooting if I can avoid it. Sometimes it is nice to take it slow (like against Cygnar or anything with massive amounts of electro leaps.) Vanilla: If you want to get up further first turn, walk up and minifeat into shieldwall that gets you running distance up the board and in shieldwall. You can put them across your army and use them as a screen this way which can really help. Depending on the army I face will change if I do this or not. They also have Pathfinder on the charge which is nice to have if you want to park them in a forest or behind a wall. Black Dragons: I usually just run, you can minifeat and do the exact same trick but...

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MoM’s Podcast #22

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MoM’s Podcast #22 Topics: Muse on Mail and Newbie Gencon Masters Tourney Report The Dojo Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:38:40 — 72.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Toruk to Tyrant – Unleash the Titans! (Thoughts on Colossals/Gargantuans and Titan warbeasts)

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  I have not posted a Aug summary due to the fact I played very few games during the month of August.  I attended Gencon, but I mostly just hung out with friends and played random board games. I never touched my Skorne models.   Over the past couple weeks I did finish painting my Tiberion and my second Bronzeback.  I am still in the process of painting my skorne battle engine. I did play 5 games with my Skorne in August. I also played 6 games with my minions (gators).  I attended a smal local 35pt tournament early Aug where I just played E Makeda all 3 rounds. I went 2-1 and picked up 3rd place.  It was just a standard Karn Bullet list. I attended I-Conn in early Sept and I will be at the Mayhem Cup in two weeks, so I imagine I will have a recap of those events shortly after. I may end up help running many events at the next Mayhem Cup, but I’m sure I will get in a few games at least. Colossal and Gargantuan impact on Skorne Lists. I have mixed feeling about the new Colossal and Gargantuan models when thinking about making Skorne lists.  We still have 2 more Gargantuan models to learn the stats of (including the skorne gargantuan), but I feel I have a good grasp of what I need to do with my Skorne lists, when thinking about fighting a Gargantuan. The Good – First and foremost Skorne has all the tools required to hold their own against these new models.  Skorne mainstay lists have never had a challenge breaking armor.  Titan Bronzebacks are often buffed to POW19 and they have up to 9 attacks. Multiple warlocks give a combination of good speed and damage boosts.   Bronzeback Titans, Tiberion, Molik Karn can  all easily handle these  models.   I have wrecked 60% of a Colossal with Hakaar with Zaal.  Any titan warbeast should be able to wreck half a titan at the very least.  Many colossals seem to have very good anti-Infantry abilities built in. This is both a pro and a con for Skorne. The benefit is, many competitive Skorne lists are light on infantry, and these effects from the colossal can be ignored.   Dealing with Bart + Galleon will be a challenge, as the danger of being dragged into Galleon does exist, but Skorne has multiple shield guard options, as well as the ability to lock our own warbeasts to keep them from being dragged.   Our Warlocks have a variety of ways to buff our army in many ways to deal with the threat of these new models as well.  (Mostly ways to buff our troops, but also some access to upkeep remove with Zaal and Hex Blast. Rasheth can give a ARM debuff and living Gargantuans will always need to fear an Extoller soulward for his ranged attack (adding str to the damage roll) The Concern – When trying to create 2 lists for SR Competitive tournaments,  it is important to create lists that factor in many details. 2 warlocks that fit well together, and make lists that can compliment each other in their strengths/weaknesses, as well as making sure to keep Character restriction in mind are just a few things that should be considered. ...

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MoM’s Podcast #21

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MoM’s Podcast #21 Topics: Start = Gencon Roundup 22:00 = IKRPG Review 1:04:11 = Battle Reports   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:44:42 — 75.4MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Road to War Episode 13

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Road to War   This week we talk about the Asgard Warmachine Weekend Qualifier, Menoth dominance, Space City Con and take some questions.   Send us an e-mail at with any questions! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:11:42 — 32.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Team ATL battle reports podcast

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Brian, Stephen and I got together and made a battle report.   This is just all battle report. It goes on and on. There is a pause at the beginning after I talk for a bit…its like 30 seconds. This is just them messing with me, not a technical glitch. Brian is much quieter than the rest of us, because his driver died and you are hearing him through our mikes. Anyway, sorry if we offend. There is some swearing in this podcast, and we are jerks. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:56:15 — 271.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Gencon By The Numbers

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Alright, time for the big one! A look at Gencon Indy 2012. This included the 7 singles tournaments, but not the Team Tournament. Attendance A total of 186 players with 197 factions played 417 games. Faction # armies % armies Circle Orboros 27 14% Cryx 30 15% Cygnar 25 13% Khador 33 17% Legion of Everblight 11 6% Mercenaries 3 2% Minions 8 4% Protectorate of Menoth 28 14% Retribution of Scyrah 9 5% Skorne 13 7% Trollbloods 10 5% Fairly remarkable results. While Mercs are very underrepresented, Khador and particularly Protectorate of Menoth were uncommonly popular. Any reason for this in the meta, or just a coincidence? Faction Performance The red bars are confidence intervals for each faction’s performance so far in 2012. Faction win % confidence Circle Orboros 54% 11% Cryx 54% 9% Cygnar 33% 9% Khador 55% 9% Legion of Everblight 48% 15% Mercenaries 39% 23% Minions 39% 17% Protectorate of Menoth 56% 9% Retribution of Scyrah 42% 14% Skorne 53% 14% Trollbloods 63% 15% Khador and Menoth were the overachievers here, while Cygnar fell far short of the norm, with win rate of about 1 in 3. Trollbloods were the best performers, winning almost 2 out of every 3 games. Top Bracket Let’s once again look at how the Top 25% of players did. Faction win % confidence Circle Orboros 4 8% Cryx 5 10% Cygnar 4 8% Khador 10 20% Legion of Everblight 3 6% Minions 0 0% Mercenaries 1 2% Protectorate of Menoth 11 22% Retribution of Scyrah 2 4% Skorne 4 8% Trollbloods 5 10% Gee. You might have noticed from that graph that Khador and Menoth seem to be rather conspicuously present among the top 25%. Calculation, or was it just a lot of good players of these factions showing up? Well, all those Menoth and Khador players certainly got a good result, with win rates around 70%, but so did a number of other factions. The field at GenCon seemed to find that truly excellent Circle players had the most potential out of all the factions. Once again, Cryx scores highest among the unwashed multitudes, but is unremarkable in the top tiers of competition. Faction Matchups Finally, the breakdown of each faction’s result against the others, and the amount of times they faced one...

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