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Road to War Episode 19 – A Warmachine & Hordes podcast

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Road to War   This week we talk about bad matchups cheap warjacks and warbeasts and how to use them in the new Meta.  We also talk about some of our favorite underused models. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:13:06 — 33.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Build a Paint Rack on the Cheap

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I’ve been getting the man cave in order and I ran into a problem with my painting table. Most of the available “real-estate” was taken up by paint pots. So being the guy that buys first and thinks about it later I went shopping around to see what was available. I was disappointed to find nothing at all at my local hobby stores. So I turned to the google, and found one that seemed pretty neat but I decided against it. WarStore Paint Rack  The carousel was really cool, but it was almost 50 bucks, and still would have taken up space on my desk. I really didn’t find any others that I would even consider. Next I checked around to see what other gamers had done. The 40k radio freeboota forums have a great thread on man caves that is several pages long. Most of the man caves had something like this: The theatre seating style paint organizer, which is cool but I decided that what I really wanted was to get my paints off my desk all together.  So I made my own:  Materials Needed: 3 Plastic Tackle Boxes (3 at $6 each) 1 Set of mounting hardware (97 cents) Hammer Pilot Nail (Slightly larger nail than your mounting nails) Yes its a fishing tackle box. I found a new gamer use for the tackle box. If you don’t own any of these I got it for $6 at a large store that rhymes with Paul Blart. You can get these from pretty much any place that sells fishing supplies. Step one. Rip the lid off, and put it in the recycling. You won’t need it. Next run a pilot hole into the two top corners. This is what makes your tackle box into a wall mount rack. You really don’t need to swing hard to drive the pilot nail through.  I found the easiest way to mount it was to place the mounting nails in the mounting points you just created before lining it up on the wall. These little dividers can become your shelves if your paints are too tall for you to mount the rack horizontally. This is your finished product. I mounted three of them. It looks really slick and grand total ran me $20.  I hope this DIY was informative.  Visit my website too see what I am working on now, and I look forward to posting more in the...

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Meta crunch 01 – Prepping for AAW 2012

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Most people know me for my sculpting articles and sketch art, but I also happen to be a math nerd with a propensity for over thinking things (I study Physics and Architecture, go figure…) and an unconventional take on Khador, so every now and again I will write some strategy and list building articles, like this one… Anyway, this past weekend I have been to Agram Arena Winter 2012, a multi system war gaming two-days event in Zagreb, Croatia (this was the first year they had a Warmachine event in it), with a couple of my locals (this was the first foreign tournament that we attended since the start of Mk 2), so I spent the last 2 weeks ‘dojo-ing’ and tweaking the lists I wanted to take. Here’s my thinking process, step by step: 1.      What was the official format of the event? This was planned as a 16 players SR 2012 four rounds tourney, with predetermined scenarios for each round and up to two fully painted 35 points lists (but you could use one list all day, if you wanted to) under character restrictions and with ‘casual time limits’ in effect. The most relevant information was that everybody knew in advance the four scenarios we would be playing; they were as follows: Round: #15 Restoration Round: #6 Destruction Round: #16 Command and Control Round: #11 Bunkers The first thing that caught my eye, was the absence of Kill box in any of the scenarios and the fact that the first two scenarios both rely on destroying the enemy objective, while the last two are somewhat difficult to score/easy to contest – that makes the little Irusk in my head scream: RANGE IS KING!!!  2.      What was the competition? My biggest problem here was that I had no idea what the Croatian Warmachine meta is like (the last time we played some of those guys was back in Mk 1…) and there should have been another few players from Serbia, which made things more unpredictable. Anyway I scouted the Croatian WM/H forums to see roughly what their field is like. From what I could gather they have prevalently Warmachine players. From the pre-registration list it seemed there would be 2 Khador players beside me, 2 Cryx players and about one possible representative for each of the other factions except Trolls and Minions. Out of that bunch I was most concerned with possible Cryx, Retribution and Menoth match-ups, so I kept those factions in mind during list building… 3.    What were my objectives? I am a fairly competitive player (my friends would say I am the ‘beardy-est’ power player in any game system we play, because I have a very analytical mind set and generally strive to optimize my list builds), but I have very limited experience in competitive play outside our small group (big fish in a small pond) and I have the tendency of getting carried away in the heat of the moment, leaving my caster exposed to assassinations, so I fully expected to be ‘sucker punch’ assassinated in at least one of the four games, so I didn’t put my hopes too high in the overall rankings. Let say I was aiming to end up in the top half. On the other hand I am pretty...

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Chunder from Downunder – Plans for 2013

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OK, so as 2012 winds down, and since the world may end by next week (I’m actually hoping Japanese people see a dragon and I become magically active), I thought I would turn my attention to the year ahead, and what I’m hoping it will hold for me in the world of Warmahordes.   My main goals for 2013 are: – play a whole shitload of different factions/stuff – be competitive with it – have more of a social experience around the tournaments I play – end the year with a higher percentage of painted models in every faction – help establish more tournaments in the Brisbane area meta – travel to more tournaments within Australia – travel to Warmachine Weekend   So I’ve seen the Paradox Plunge, and while I find it interesting, I’m not sure I want to stick to any one faction/caster long enough to really champion them next year. Instead, I’ll come up with a list of casters and other pieces from each faction I’m interested in playing at a tournament. These will range from some of the normal power casters to some of the lesser used dudes, and some of the actual lists I want to try are just downright weird.   Menoth – Kreoss3, Thyra Cygnar – eStryker, Kraye, eCaine, Nemo3, Nemo2 Khador – Butcher1, Vlad1, Vlad3, Demolisher, Devastator Mercs – Ashlynn, Damiano, Durgen (curse you RobertShepherd!) Retribution – eVyros, pVyros, Ossyan, Ravyn, Sphinx, Aspis Legion – eLylyth, pThagrosh, Rhyas, pLylyth (Damn you phatasian!), Archangel, Carnivean Skorne – Naaresh, eHexy, Mammoth! Trollbloods – Calandra, Nyss, Witch Doctor Circle – Kromac, eKaya, Cassius, Morvhana, Mohsar, pKrueger   Obviously that’s a shitload of different stuff, and I’ve no intention of playing every single one of those lists at a tournament (I would need a lot more tournaments for one thing)! Also, this list tends to change fairly rapidly according to whim and whimsy. Regardless, I am going to set my goal as playing a minimum of 5 different factions at tournaments this year. This then ties in to my next goal, which is to be as competitive as I can be with the intent of using that much stuff. This is going to require very different preparation than what I’ve done previously, where I would play the crap out of one faction exclusively for a decent period of time, tweaking and playtesting and finetuning my lists, normally with a target of a certain large event as the culmination of those efforts. Now however, I’m not really going to have the time with any particular faction to do that. I figure I can go for a couple of different methods. The first would be to do a shorter version of what I have been doing, allocate a couple of months to a faction and play them at whatever events happen to occur in that timeframe. The other would be to throw caution to the wind, play whatever I feel like all year, and hope to just play lots of game against a variety of opponents to development my fundamentals to the point where I can play a solid game at any time with any faction (aka the Chuck method). I think I’m going to go for the second method.   The next part can be something...

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Breaking the Rubber-Band

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This is a beginner article about a common game mechanic, some fools playing with dice and how both concepts relate to Warmachine and Hordes.  I’m going to walk you through what a rubber band is (the common game mechanic), how they’re made, and how you can apply this to your Warmachine and Hordes shenanigans. Definition:  A rubber band is a gaming element that constrains players performing well and/or assists players performing poorly in a game.  Rubber banding is also sometimes referred to as dynamic game difficulty balancing. Examples:        The item roles (ie. purple shell) in Mario Kart. Experience yield/level in RPG games. The AI difficulty and spawn rate in Left4Dead. Why They Exist:  Games stop being fun when you know you’re out of the mix to win.  The instant most players know they’re not going to win they disengage.  Game designers started adding rubber bands to games to pool performance of all the players together.  As a result, the players stay engaged longer and view the game more positively (have more fun).  Another way to interpret this is that players excelling are burdened with additional challenge to make the game more interesting and players that are having trouble face less challenge to avoid frustration. A few months ago I was hanging out with my old college roommate.  We went to undergrad for Engineering with one another so when we get together stupid things get technical for no reason.  Thankfully, this interaction was not a disappointment.  We’d just seen Looper and started to argue about who the most lethal character in Bruce Willis’s history would be.  He’s played a number of bad asses, so we approached the question… Which of the bad ass Bruce Willis’s is the baddest ass? Here comes the technical non-sense.  We listed qualifiers using IMDB and built out a bracket for the top 16 seeds.  Yes.  A picture will soon follow.  Now that we’d selected our combatants, we had to figure out how to battle them.  Straight dice didn’t seem fair because the #1 seed should have some material advantage over the #16 seed.  In balance with that, we don’t want the advantage to be SO large that the winners were going to be obvious high rank choices.  That second portion called for building a rubber band.  Here is what we did.  Each character starts with 17 – (seed #) dice (d6 of course). Roll Whichever character rolls the highest # wins (1-6) If they tie (each have at least one 6, or one 5, etc.) than the character with the larger pool of dice removes one.  Permanently. Repeat 2-5 until a winner is apparent. Here are the results.  The super-script number is the residual dice counts each character carried into the next round.  You can see; as a result of the mechanic we introduced, we had some pretty interesting results and a few upsets. I bring this up for two reasons;  It’s hilarious. Warmachine and Hordes have a very elegantly built-in rubber band:  The caster assassination. The first caster I was ever really drawn into was Epic Caine.  He’s a great sculpt with rules to match.  What’s not to love?  I remember playing games where my entire point was to toilet bowl my whole army, lulling my opponent into a false sense of security...

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This old Hordes – Coming right tortoise edition

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First off let me apologize for neglecting posts as of late. The holiday season seems to eat up a ton of time. Secondly I recently came into a large Minion army through wheeling, dealing and a little commission work on Barter town, so I guess it’s going to be hobby articles for them for a while. The big issue with minions is that pacts don’t seem to have a lot of options. You will almost always be taking 2 or more of the same warbeast, so lets try to at least make them look a little different. I figured I’d probably start by working on an Iron-back Spitter as most of his joints are “ball-jointed” he’s probably the most pose-able of the lot. Outside of that we really need to try to set them apart from one another. I thought to myself “Self, what do turtles do?” The answer was pretty obvious. Hock up phlegm and disrespectfully spit on things. Those were the two things I needed to work on. Ingredients -Ironback spitter -Greenstuff -Great stuff big gap filler -Brass rod -elmer’s glue Turtle One – Hocking one up Step one involved cutting it behind the jaw and across the roof of the mouth.  The top of the bottom jaw was then cut to angle it so the mouth would close and then pinned into place.         I rolled out a couple of balls of greenstuff that after a little smoothing became his cheeks.  The excess greenstuff was used to start to fill the gaps where I cut him up.         Next a rolled out a small snake and wrapped it around his “Lips” to help close up the gap where his mouth used to extend to. I let this set a while but I didn’t let it completely cure. . . Once the greenstuff had hardened up a little, I smoothed out his lips.         Lastly I filled all the gaps, and built on a larger “full” throat sack. All rough spots were covered with a little watered down 50/50 Elmer’s/water to smooth out the  rough spots. Hock and Load?       Turtle two – Spitting spitter Step one on creating a “Loogie” is to cut a length of brass rod. You want to Spray out a little Great stuff on another surface, and then  spin the stick into the blob. You’ll pick up a bit of the gap filler on the rod. The coated rod doesn’t need to be smooth or thick. as the foam expands it will both smooth and thicken the coat.       Wait about 10 minutes for both the blob  and the  rod to begin to set. Then slowly spin the rod into into your blob. you’ll notice that this time it’ll pick up much “clumpier” pieces. this will give it a bit of texture.       After sitting for about 30 minutes, your result should look similar.  I usually make 3 or 4 at the same time and then just pick the one that I think looks the best since their shapes seem to be pretty random.       Lastly, I drilled a hole just above his tongue. I clipped my brass rod and stuck it in.  All done.         After a little bit...

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Chewin’ the Fat 8

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Hello again Muse community! My exams are over for now, it’s the run up to Christmas and I’ve done the token attempt at painting. Now I finally have the time to go back and contribute something that I can actually do: strategy and tactics! For this happy occasion I’m going to go into some hefty Hordes details, specifically my extremely fun Circle! If you cast your mind back quite a few articles now I finished up talking about Circle with a discussion on Krueger2. The main point of the article was to say that I think he is still incredibly competitive in a Huge Based environment with the spell Storm Wall, his Feat, and Counter Magic from Druids. This list was fun. I’ve played a few games with it and want to start this article with the evolution of the list over a few games and a move onto what I like to think of as my Magnum Opus list, the most fun you can have with Krueger2! In more of an overview sense the strategy behind the list was built on excessive denial – I wanted to stop the opponent doing anything of use and then take them apart piecemeal or just win on scenario. The specific tactics here can be split down to Shooting denial, Magic denial and Melee denial. Shooting denial: Storm Wall from Krueger himself and lots of Prowl in the list triggering from Druids clouds. Magic Denial: Counter-Magic from Druid UA Melee Denial: Krueger’s FEAT reduces Spd and prevents charges for a turn and Megalith’s animus creates a large area of rough terrain. I have played this list a few times now and it has gone undefeated but I don’t feel like it’s optimised in its current form. After a lot of thought about this I think I’ve found the weak link and it surprised me: Megalith. The way this list plays requires the ability to project force into very precise areas where and when you need it. As a result, every game I’ve played with this list so far he has ended up teleporting into the enemy army and punching something to death – in short, piece trading. He very rarely used either his animus or Geomancy and when paying 11pts for a beast you need to use them to their fullest. Although I like having the option to do these things I started to look into alternative options for those 11pts. Bearing in mind that I would need another heavy to replace him I started looking into the options. Another Stalker? Too generic. A Feral? Why wouldn’t I take a Stalker? Pureblood? I need a heavy, not a buff bot. Hmmm… Minions? Minions. Immediately I went to Dahlia and Skarath and looked into the synergies in depth. They are not used often from my experience and most people consider them to simply not be a competitive choice in most lists. Firstly, Dahlia herself. In this list Dahlia is pure gold. With access to Telekinesis she can upkeep Haunting Melody and run into the opponents face from 14” away. Even if she gets out of Skarath’s forcing range with that move you can Hunters Mark the opponent meaning that it doesn’t have to force to charge and then end in her range so...

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MoM’s Podcast #34 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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MoM’s Podcast #34 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics: Time Stamps: News and Announcements/Nemo Review? – 04:35 Terrain at Conventions/Nemo Review? – 35:55 IKRPG Campaign Review/Nemo Review? – 1:11:25 Katie’s Corner with Josh/Nemo Review? – 2:20:00         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:51:26 — 78.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Crippled System Episode 2.5 – Who’s the Boss?! coverage / News

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4 battle reports + random nonsense. Marshall Wentworth vs Brian Giese Marshall Wentworth vs Jeremy Schea John DeMaris Vs John Christensen John DeMaris Vs John Cirves Wish I could have gotten more battle reports, it was so busy. Will get more next time 🙂 Hosts: Andy and Nathan METAL! Full lists will be posted on the forum later. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:05:20 — 44.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Chewin’ the Fat 7

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Hello everyone! Apologies for being MIA for the last couple of weeks but work is taking its toll and I have accountancy exams coming up. As a result I’m not going to discuss in full detail the tournament reports from the last tournament I went to. Suffice to say it was very good fun using the beta version of the new scenario pack. I had some reservations when I saw it but after playing some of the new scenarios I think it’s a great improvement overall and I think it’ll be very good for the game. In the tournament I used my Cygnar and decided to use only painted models for fun. As such I went with Haley1 and Siege, both with Stormwall. I ended up coming third after losing in the last round fairly decisively to Krueger2. Very good fun and I look forward to the next such event. Due to a noticeable lack of time at the moment I decided, instead of going into the games in detail, to show you pretty pictures of my Circle army! My wife enjoys taking pictures and she very nicely agreed to photograph my painting efforts for these articles using her new light box. Rather than go into tactical depth this time I figured I’d let you see the progress I’m making in other parts of the hobby. As a disclaimer you should be aware that I am not a particularly good painter. My goal is to become a proficient tabletop standard painter and I have decided to do the ‘Play it Painted 2013’ challenge as issued by Muse. I’m quite proud of my Circle so far but I welcome constructive criticism if you think there is something different I should try! So, the casters to start:                                                               I particuarly like Kaya and Laris here and I like the cloaks on the Kruegers. Casters to come include Kaya1, Baldur1 and Mohsar. Next, all of the solos and units:                                                                                                 Unfortunately, the Blackclad is missing his arm just now but the cloak is the only interesting bit of the model anyway! I’m especially proud of the Druid Wilder here actually, she came out pretty well. Since these were taken I have also finished my Bloodtrackers with Nuala and coming soon are my Druids with Overseer and a second Blackclad. Finally, the beasts:                                                                                                                       Aside from these I also have another Woldwarden, a Wold Guardian, a Feral and a Pureblood painted but their pictures stubbornly did not want...

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