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Toruk To Tyrant – March Recap

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by Brian Giese Another month has gone by and my year of playing Skorne is continuing to go very well.  I am now the point that I feel very comfortable with many of my core models while still enjoying experimenting with list design. I will soon need to focus a bit more on specific lists over constant experimenting.  This update I will discuss a few topics including two tournaments I attended,  march results, some Deathclock practice, and Adepitcon which is only a few weeks away and the new Venator Slinger unit.  One of my biggest concerns  at this time is that I have not had enough practice against cryx though.   Luckily I know the Cryx faction very well, but I would a chance to play more games against them.   March Game Results I played 17 games in March, 7 of which were in tournaments.    I managed to win 76% of my games and I did win 1 of 2 tournaments I entered.  I was hoping to go to a 3rd event, but life always finds a way to get in the way.  In many ways 17 games in one month is a slow month for me.   By this time last year I believe I somehow managed to play in almost 10 events. This year I’ve only played in 4 or 5. Lord Assassin Morghoul 2 games (both in a tournament) Dominar Rasheth  2 games (1 in tournaments) Lord Arbiter Hexeris 1 game Supreme Aptimus Zaal 5 games (1 in tournaments) Void Seer Mordikaar 1 game Supreme Archdomina Makeda 3 games (all tournament games) Master Tormenter Morghoul 3 games (all small games)   Tournament Results   In March I was able to attend 2 tournaments. One in Milwaukee WI and one in Madison WI. Both were 50pt Events. The 50pt Milwaukee Event I used a Lord Assassin Morghoul and Dominar Rasheth list. The event went 3 rounds. This event had 10 players. I did manage to win this event. T4 Dominar Rasheth Dominar Rasheth +5 points * Bronzeback Titan 9 points * Titan Gladiator 7 points * Titan Sentry 8 points 2x Agonizer 2 points each Farrow Slaughterhousers 6 points 5 Gatorman Posse 9 points 6 Nihilators 5 points 6 Paingiver Beast Handlers 3 points 2x Paingiver Task Master 2 points each I really love this list. I’ve played it a few times now, and it has always preformed very well for me. Lord Assassin Morghoul +6 points * Archidon 7 points * BronzBack Titan 10 points * Titan Gladiator 8 points * Aptimus Marketh 3 points 10 Nihilators 8 points 4 Paingiver Beast Handlers 2 points Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer 3 points Tyrant Rhadeim 5 points Bloodrunner Master Tormentor 2pts   Round 1 E Morghoul vs Lord Carver (Against Fool from Milwaukee).     This was a very fast game. Fool is a good player, but was not very aware of E Morghoul.  I went first, and ran my army on T1, he ran his army forward on T2.  He had Lord Carver within charge range of E Morghoul. I had to spend part of my turn clearing the charge lane with my troops, and charged his caster and killed him. Round 2 E Morghoul vs Dominio  –  (rydiafan from madison) This game went 3 rounds, but my opponent had his caster get to close, and cleared a charge lane and killed...

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A Road to War – Episode 2

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Road to War Episode 2 Show Notes 0:00 Intro 3:29 Cygnar Overview 8:34 eHayley 22:05 Siege 30:13 pHayley 39:22 pStryker 41:50 eStryker 46:38 eCaine 1:04:05 Billy’s Templecon and Questions 1:14:05 What we’re working on List of eligible Masters for the Cygnar Challenge: Templecon Adepticon Lock and Load Wargames Con Gencon Warmachine Weekend (Invitational or overall winner playing only Cygnar) Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:18:04 — 71.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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January ’12 Tournament report

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Welcome dear readers! Today I bring you a special report: we just had a 50 point SR2012 tournament at my home store, and we had pretty good participation. I felt like I needed a break from the usual beginner articles, so here’s a bit of my Saturday tournament! Also, as a quick note, we played these games under a 50 minute death clock. The Lists In prepping for any tournament, it’s important to remember the goals and how you’re planning on achieving them. I have the most experience with Krueger 2, and I tend to win with him more than any other caster I’ve used. He is super strong, and I would never consider a 50 point, 2 list format without him as one of my options. His style and raw scenario power fit me perfectly. I’ve had pretty good luck with the following list, and I’ll go into the why’s of each here in a bit. Krueger the Storm Lord +5 -Feral Warpwolf 9 -Gorax 4 -Pureblood Warpwolf 9 -Warpwolf Stalker 10 -Druid Wilder 2 2x Blackclad Wayfarer 4 Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers 5 Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers 5 2x Gallows Groves 2 Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper 3 Shifting Stones 2 Reinforcements: Morraig 5 + Woldwyrd 5 A lot of people like to bring a woldwarden or Megalith for geomancy telekinesis or gallows, but I felt that with the release of gallows groves that might be a 9 point sink for a free spell or two. Also, while I love them, they do tend to be a bit pillowfisted for a heavy, and my meta has lots of armor. I brought the trinity for the versatility and pseudo-redundancy of having things that could take down heavies, or could take out a lot of infantry. Double blackclads actually works great for clearing infantry, and I almost never lose them before they each make back their points in sprays, and having the option to increase threat range by 2″ is always handy. Stones are obviously for fury management, healing, and teleport. The reinforcements were kind of a wash. I hadn’t realized we needed them before hand, and I decided I wanted something that would be able to threaten heavies and infantry, and was pretty fast. The other caster I chose was Krueger 1, for clearing high numbers of infantry (Cryx, I’m looking at you). I have had some ok success with Krueger 1 in the past as well; I haven’t used him for awhile and I thought it might be about time to bring him back. I’ve recently started playing him much more aggressively, and I’m not sure if that’s something I will continue to do or not. On to the list… Krueger the Storm Wrath +5 Feral Warpwolf 9 Gorax 4 Megalith 11 Warpwolf Stalker 10 2x Blackclad Wayfarers 4 2x Gallows Groves 2 Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper 3 Shifting Stones 2 Max Bloodtrackers + Nuala 10 Reinforcements: Lord of the Feast 4, Thrullg 3, Tharn White Mane 3 I bring Megalith with Krueger 1 because I need to get more chain lightnings out amongst the enemies, and because having the option to toss lightning tendrils on himself or hot swap it to another unit is incredibly handy. His animus also helps bring the defense of some...

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MoM’s Podcast # 8

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  MoM’s Podcast #8 Topics: Retribution Newbie Talk, Gargantuans, Reinforcements, Tournament reports, The Dojo Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:27:40 — 190.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Into the mind of a Dark Horse

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by Chuck Elswick To grant yet another request I will be focusing upon something out of the norm for these articles.  I will not be looking at any lists or models in particular but taking a look into the mind of the “Dark Horse” player.  Someone asked in response to one of my articles to write an article in regards to my play style, in other words “what goes through my mind.”  For this article it took me a awhile to try and figure out what does go through my mind when I am playing.   When it comes to model selection I first look at what faction I am going to play for the weekly game night.  I usually always try to take with me a minimum of 2 factions with me and usually I try to make one faction Hordes and the other Warmachine, and always if there is going to be a high showing from the other people of a particular faction then I try to make sure not to bring that faction.  This unfortunately has led to me being very poor at one faction in particular, Legion of Everblight, as we have the Great Legion of Jake that only plays that one faction and I don’t feel like hearing the whole night “faction on faction is boring” (not that I disagree with him at all because I do feel faction on faction is boring I just don’t feel like hearing it all night).   I also try to think about what factions I have played the week before as I then try to make sure I bring a faction that I haven’t played in a while.  If there is a con that is coming up then I try to make sure I don’t take the faction to the game night for a couple months, with my high level of gamer ADD (which by the way I do have ADD) I feel that I really don’t need many games with the faction as I am pretty sure I am going to play the faction all convention long and get bored of the faction real quick.  For example I played Skorne at Gencon 2011, I just recently played them for a league for the last couple of weeks and it has been 6 months since Gencon.  If I play the same thing over and over I get bored of it pretty quickly.  I also sometimes pick what I am going to play based upon certain requests, if someone that night wants to see a certain warcaster/warlock or faction then I try to bring the requested item.  No this does not mean I am that nice of a guy in fact I am the one taking advantage of them as they are the ones doing me the favor of making me not have to go through the whole process of seeing what models of mine have the most dust upon them.  Having someone pick my faction and/or warcaster/warlock is not just held to the weekly gaming group, I usually have a TO select what army I am bringing and sometimes even what warcaster/warlock I am bringing.   Practice games are something I really don’t do with a particular faction.  Not saying that I don’t get something out of...

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The Blade

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Hey all, here again to bring you another exciting “Dark Horse” list.  I am fulfilling another request for one of our valued readers, though I am also fulfilling one of my own desires as this is my favorite warcaster for the Retribution faction and have been playing him since MK II came out.  I am going to be focusing upon, as the title would suggest, “Garryth the Blade of the Retribution.”  I will first point out where this is under the “Dark Horse” articles to me it is by no means a “Dark Horse” list, in my opinion of course, lol.  Some of the models have been selected based upon what they can do for Garryth while others will help out the whole army.  There are even models in the list due to the fact that they are able to function on their own without support from the warcaster, as when I take a look at him you will see that he is one that can be greedy at times with his spells and abilities.  So here is the list: Garryth +5 Aspis 4 Gorgon 5 Dahli Hallyr with Skarath 9 10 Dawnguard Sentinels with Officer and Standard 11 House Shyeel Artificer 3 House Shyeel Artificer 3 House Shyeel Battle Mages 5 House Shyeel Magister 2 House Shyeel Magister 2 Lanyssa Ryssyl 2 Madelyn Corbeau 2 Mage Hunter Assassin 2 Mage Hunter Assassin 2 Narn 3 Total 50/55   Lets take a look at our warcaster now.  Garryth has above average SPD, now combine this with the fact that he has built into him the pathfinder ability, gives him a very decent threat range, also he has immunity to free strikes.  The combination of these 3 abilities alone means that all you have to do is clear a charge lane and get line of sight to the target you want him to destroy.  He has a MAT that is way above average for a warcaster, though don’t get to excited as he isn’t up there with the Butcher but not far behind either.  His RAT is just barely above average, though when combined with one of his other abilities, Arcane Assassin, it goes a long way.  He has above average DEF, but this is to make up for his below average ARM and life bar.  He has an average FOC stat to where if he was to camp all of his focus then he has the same ARM as a Khadoran warjack.  All this aside he has 2 hand cannons and 2 melee weapons with below average POW+STR, though again this is because of his Arcane Assassin ability as well as the fact that his melee weapons have Grievous Wounds built in (this is where if you hit a model with the model loses tough, can not heal or be healed, and can not transfer damage) and he is also a weapon master with his melee weapons.  He also has stealth naturally built in.  Since I keep bringing up the ability of Arcane Assassin I guess I have to tell you what it does.  Arcane Assassin allows Garryth to ignore focus adding to a model’s ARM, as well as ignoring spell affects that add to DEF or ARM.  Keep in mind this will not let him ignore spells in...

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A Road to War — Episode 1

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MoM proudly presents the Texas Renegades in their very own podcast.   Road to War Episode 1 – Show Notes   0:00  Introductions and Team tournament discussion 16″30  Flanks for the Memories Discussion 22:50  Colossals and other PP Announcements from Templecon 35:30  Masters 56:00 Upcoming Tournaments 58:30  What We’re Working on   If you have any topics you would like to be discussed or questions for us, please e-mail them to  Thanks for listening! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:01:44 — 56.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Circle Light War Beasts

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Welcome, dear readers. After having gone through each of the battle boxes, I’d like to offer my humble suggestions on how to proceed from there. I’ll be starting with my primary faction, Circle Orboros. For the next couple episodes, I’m going to examine in some detail each of our options for expanding your forces. Understand, dear readers, that these are only suggestions to expand your starting force. What works in my meta might not work for yours, and of course, they are all geared towards beginners, and primarily within faction. Today, the Circle options for light war beasts will be explored. I’ll look over each in turn, and what they really offer us. Keep in mind, each of these choices might be a good choice for a particular warlock, but a poor choice outside of one or two lists. Where possible, I’ve mentioned any obvious synergies to help narrow down options. Now one of Circle’s biggest strengths is that we have two very different sets of beasts. Where most factions have a variation on a single theme, Circle has variations on two themes. And each has merits and strengths that work well together, or operate independently without necessarily suffering for it. I’ll try to shine a bit of light on each, suggest possible warlocks to try them with, and give an overall appraisal of how important the model is to the overall effectiveness and strength of your Circle Orboros army. First up, light beasts. We have 6 options in faction. Argus – Personally, outside of Kaya 1, I have never once fielded an Argus. I do like them with her though, as they are speedy little slam missiles and combo attack dogs that work excellently together to take out things. They even have a range spray that (with boosts) does OK. That said, I do not see any benefit to owning two, let alone three of them, and their animus rarely comes into play as the majority of Circle beasts have pathfinder innately.  Recommendation- 1/10. Gorax – Now, the Gorax on the other hand… That little guy is a must have eventually for just about every Circle warlock. While I do try to go without using him (and his animus) in some lists, the times where I don’t include him in something with living heavies is rare. The main reason that I like to have the Gorax is his animus, Primal. Primal gives +2 MAT and +2 STR, with the beast auto frenzying the next turn. Auto frenzy is a HUGE drawback… but if something tough needs to die, I’d much rather make sure it dies than let it have a chance of it surviving. Also, as more than one person (at least two) has realized, a primaled Gorax is a force to reckon with on it’s own. And for a light beast, it has excellent fury battery capabilities (4 fury – nice). Recommendation – 9/10. Scarsfell Griffon – The Griffon is something I’m not entirely sold on personally. I feel like it has good potential, but it just doesn’t quite make the list at this point. It has three initial attacks, but they are all weak. It has average MAT and average speed. It can fly, but what good that is with it’s only average speed is something...

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Toruk To Tyrant – February Fun

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By Brian Giese   In my last update I talked about how I did in January and some of my thoughts on Zaal. For February I had hopes to bring results of playing in 4 tournaments, but due to some annoying car repairs, I only made it to 1 tournament. I will go over the details of that event below. After 2 months of playing skorne I keep having more fun playing them. I also find my opponents have more fun playing against my skorne, then they did when I played Cryx, which really isn’t a surprise. I’m going to break down the various subjects I wish to discuss a little better, and hopefully the article will be a little easier to read.  Including why I enjoy taking  Skrone Karax, which most skorne players feel are worthless. The following topics for today will be Tournament Report Battle Report with Zaal Summary of February Games Fun with Karax March Plans Tournament Report I attended a 50pt tournament in Chicago on February 11th. I bought 2 lists, but I only ended up playing my Zaal list all 3 rounds. The event had 8 players. My 2nd list, was a Mordikarr list, but was having too much fun with Zaal to switch over. List Details In last update I talked about my Zaal lists and why I choose the models that are in the list. Supreme Aptimus Zaal +5 Basilisk Drake Bronzeback Titan Titan Gladiator Aptimus Marketh Ancestral Guardian Bloodrunner master Tormentor Extoller Soulward Hakaar the Destoyer 10 Nihliators 4 Paingiver Beast Handlers 10 Praetorian Karax Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer reinforcements Ferox Cav Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer The Event went 3 rounds.   Round 1 – Zaal vs Kromac (scenario – Gauntlet) Every moment of this game was going well for me up to the point Kromac Killed Zaal. The Kromac list was all beasts. It had all the warpwolf models (feral, alpha & stalker), a gorax, and an argus and I believe 1 gnarlhorn.  Ben from chicago was playing the Circle, and he had just come back from winning the Deathrace event with Kromac. I had a huge model count lead and I basically used my infantry to block any good charges/tramples from the circle beasts. I lost some models early, but between last stand and my feat. I had Kromac down to 3 beats by T4 (argus, gorax and 1 warpwolf) I kept Zaal at the edge of the killbox and tried to stay well outside Kromacs threat range. however He was able to use all 3 remaining beasts to push Kromac 3 inches forward, and he managed to get exactly into range to move forward and leap to get my warlock. Funny side-note I’ve never actually successed in pushing my own model in Warmachine (EVER). I knew he would get 1 or 2 of those pushes to work, but didn’t think he would get lucky and get all 3. I even camped 4 fury to transfer, but he just had too many attacks with his feat, and I lost. The killbox kept me closer then I wanted to be as well. Still, it was fun game. Round 2 – Zaal vs Rhyeas (Scenario – Incursion) This game went fairly well for me. I ended up winning 3 scenario points...

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MoM’s Podcast # 7

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  MoM’s Podcast #7 Topics: Cygnar in The Dojo, Preparing for your first Tourney, What we are working on. We spend a lot of time talking about Cygnar. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:14:15 — 177.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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