Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Muse On Minis – Survey

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Hi there Muse fans. We’d like to collect some feedback on the show. So here’s a survey!$&ver=standard As a special bonus if you’re one of the first 100 survey….filler outers(?)…. John will sign something for you! Just hit him up at Warmachine Weekend, some other tournament, or at his house at four in the morning. On a serious note, we really appreciate your feedback. We do this show for you guys, so tell us what you think....

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MoM’s Podcast #28

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MoM’s Podcast #28 Topics: Warmachine Weekend Assassination MN Tournament Reports         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:26:08 — 66.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Road to War Episode 16

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Road to War This week we talk about Mercenaries, with special guest Andrew Hartland (aka Hacksaw)! 00:00 Intros 00:57 Overview of Mercs as a faction 4:39 Ashlynn D’Elyse 14:08 Drake MacBain 21:53 Magnus 1 27:34 Magnus 2 34:21 Fiona the Black 38:58 Broadside Bart 44:58 Shae 56:31 Gorten 1:03:28 Durgen 1:15:10 Damiaynano 1:23:28 Constance Blaize 1:26:25 Ossrum 1:31:57 Impact of character restrictions on Mercenaries 1:34:24 Questions 1:48:12 TempleCon Spoilers 1:58:48 What we’re working on   Send us an e-mail at with any questions! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:11:29 — 60.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Chewin’ the Fat 2

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Hello again fellow Warmahordes fans! If you read my first post last week you’ll already know roughly what I’m going to be talking about this week. If you haven’t read it then here, I’ll wait for you to catch up… So, as planned I did indeed go to Skirmish and played in the WarMachine tournament. It was a really fun day overall despite being a smaller event than was initially expected. We ended up getting 8 people which was a bit of a shame but everyone had a great day despite that! A quick thanks goes to the PG who held the event, PG_Azhdeen, as I know it was not easy to organize whatsoever with lots of last minute cancellations. Kudos! Knowing that my eKaya list was set in stone I eventually decided on pKrueger for the alternate list although I replaced the Bloodtrackers and 1 Gallows Grove with a Feral Warpwolf and a Blackclad Wayfarer. The reason for this was simple – it meant I could use 2 fully painted armies rather than 1. As a result the list composition did suffer a bit (Spoiler!) but my army did look pretty. The plan for the Krueger list was fairly simple. He would kill all the infantry on the board with his feat and Chain Lightning through himself, the Gallows Grove and potentially Megalith. The rest of the list consisted of heavies so I felt I could piece trade fairly effectively there. Before I go into Round 1 it should be noted that there were no Divide & Conquer restrictions as nobody really likes them… With that knowledge the first round drawings were made and I got matched against Steve McConnachie with his Skorne army. He had a choice of eMakeda or Xerxis and ended up taking eMakeda. His list was as follows: eMakeda                                            +5 – Tiberion                                           11 – Titan Gladiator                               8 – Cyclops Shaman                             5 – Cyclops Savage                                5 – Cyclops Savage                                5   Paingiver Beast Handlers               2 Max Nihilators                                  8 Min Ferox                                            7 Void Spirit                                           2 Saxon Orrik                                        2   I chose Krueger for this matchup as I was worried eMakeda would out threat eKaya which didn’t seem good! The scenario was Gauntlet. Steve gets first turn and advances very aggressively with his Ferox moving up on my left flank and the Nihilators getting Pathfinder on my right to run through a big forest with everything else running down the middle. On my first turn I advance all of my stuff behind some handy linear obstacles including leaving Krueger...

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MoM’s Podcast #27

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MoM’s Podcast #27 Topics: News and Announcements Muse On Mail Playing for Scenario         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:26:58 — 67.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Iron kingdoms RPG musings

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This week we will discuss role playing, since I finally got my copy of the IK RPG, I will eventually GM a new role playing campaign with it and writing stuff down helps sorting out my thoughts. As most people who got the IK book, the first thing I did was creating new characters and working out combos, but since this time around I’ll be managing the games, rather than playing in them, I decided to try a slightly different approach. I took the party of my playing group’s last role playing campaign (from roughly 2 years ago) and tried to retrofit those characters into the IK RPG system…   Heroes of old As an introduction to the original characters (and their interactions), here is a short comic I made for the home page of that campaign (this was an actual session in the middle of that campaign). Side note: This was a ‘home brew clockwork setting’, while the combat/skill system revolved around FUDGE dice (four D6, each with two plusses, two minuses and two blank faces; four plusses or minuses cause critical hits/misses and increase your skill level in whatever you were rolling the check for; you will see them popping up in the comic…) A new beginning Originally we were a group of classic adventurers looking for trouble, but as the campaign progressed, we ended up mainly doing investigation work for the authorities or commissions for wealthy nobles, so if we were to continue our adventures in the Iron kingdoms, we would most likely start out as a group of intrepid investigators. The requirement for it is that each character must have at least one career from the following: Alchemist, Arcane mechanic, Arcanist, Aristocrat, Explorer, Investigator, Military officer, Priest or Spy. The benefits are a 100 gold coins monthly pay (nifty) and (in my opinion much more importantly) the ability to gain the +1 on attack and damage rolls from two intellectual characters at the same time.   Baldric Kent The player was new to pen and paper role playing and made it pretty clear that he wanted to play a min/maxed ‘melee tank’, akin to the Paladin class from Diablo 2. When he got in character he kept pretty close to the archetypical ‘Lawful-Good’ mind set, creating some funny interactions with the rest of the party, that was more of the ‘Chaotic’ type… Anyway, knowing the player, in IK RPG terms he would certainly take the Mighty archetype with Beat back or Revitalize (since he rushed in the fray first, he often got pretty bloodied early and spent all his healing tricks to keep from dying…) as his archetype benefits. Next he would most likely take the Knight-Aristocrat career combo, since it is the closest he can get to a classic RPG paladin, without taking the Gifted archetype, to gain access to the Priest career (muscle was always more relevant than magic to him). He would start out with Hand weapons 2, Shield 1, Rifle 1 (useful for using Cannon-shields, like the Man-o-Wars…), Cleave and Defender as his combat skills/abilities, while his Aristocratic skill set would help in non-violent situations… Since this is mainly a ‘tank’, he would spend his early advancements on Load bearing, Shield proficiency 2 and Defensive line and dump his occupational skill...

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Which Bloody Unit? The Menoth Tarpits that actually do other stuff too

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A common question I see online is for prospective Menoth players to ask which unit they should purchase for their fledgling force. Invariably the reply is either Errants, or a reply along the lines of they’re all good you can’t go wrong. There is also a fairly lengthy thread in the Protectorate forums about which units are taken more often than they should be. The topic I’d like to discuss today is a look at what I see as the three “core” infantry units available to the Protectorate, namely the Exemplar Errants, the Holy Zealots, and the Temple Flameguard. I feel that outside of specific skew lists taking all jacks and support, almost every Protectorate army will contain at least one of these units. As such, these units are very good to establish a good level of play with. Though often referred to as tarpits, this often not their only role, and they all go about that task quite differently also. I’ll go through a rundown of each in turn, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Exemplar Errants have probably become the most commonly seen Menoth unit since there Unit Attachment was released in the Mark II Menoth book. The unit is a very capable all-rounder unit, with solid melee and shooting capability, and the excellent Self Sacrifice ability serves as denial for a lot of different triggered abilities, and as a way to reduce melee casualties, particularly against non reach infantry. Defensively, they have a mediocre initial statline that is particularly vulnerable to ranged attackers, however this statline improves significantly with almost any of the many Protectorate buff spells (Defenders Ward in particular takes them to solid levels in both DEF and ARM). Thanks to their UA, they also cannot be targeted by spells, which is also very useful in some matchups. They are probably the most reliable of these units offensively. Quick Work can often allow them get shots off on normally hard to reach support, such as Legion Shepherds, Beast Handlers etc. Strengths: Versatility Excellent against non-reach infantry Significant inbuilt denial abilities All round offense, with the capacity to reach support models Excel with defensive buffs Weaknesses: Capability (both offensive and defensive) is significantly reduced vs. Reach infantry Without defensive buffs, they have mediocre defensive stats and are especially vulnerable to ranged attacks Holy Zealots are a unit that seems to come into and out of vogue. I believe this in part due to the fact they are one of the best jam units in the game, and the viability of jamming as a strategy tends to change from year to year with different Steamroller packs. In 2010, jamming was excellent, while in 2011 it was not as needed, but it came back again in SR2012. To think of them only as a jam unit is somewhat understating their abilities though, as these guys can pack quite a wallop! With their POW12 base bombs and a +2/+2 buff available to them, they are often hitting at POW14 with POW8 blast damage, which is very respectable against a lot of the more annoying units in the game (e.g. Kayazy, Nyss, Bloodtrackers). I’ve already hinted at it, but probably the biggest reason this unit is taken is for the minifeat on their UA. The minifeat makes the...

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Team ATL Circle Cast

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Hey everyone, we flipped the roles from last time’s Skornecast and this time Stephen interviewed me on Circle. Hope everyone enjoys the cast. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:42:58 — 149.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Why Awareness is not Bad

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This rather short description and breakdown came up after a discussion with a number of assorted players some of whom reached the verdict that Awareness sucks. By sucks, I like to think that they were under the impression that its value in focus and/or fury outweighed its potential. Before I go any farther however, there are a number of illustrations within this rant. Do not take into account the mathematical accuracy. Those were numbers pulled from my head. Not necessarily accurate for trigonometric purposes. What is of importance is merely the scenario they entail and the context they present. Think of it more as a tidbit to allow you to envision where upon one may be capable of applying such tactics or maneuvers. Now, with that settled, onto the text wall. For the purposes of clarity I’ll start off with a list of casters with the spell and its text: Spell: Awareness Cost 3 Rng Self AoE Ctrl While in this model’s control area, the front arcs of models in its battlegroup are extended to 360* and when determining LOS those models ignore Cloud Effects, Forests and Intervening Models. Awareness lasts for one round. Warcasters and Warlocks with Awareness: Severius2 Grayle Where else you can find Awareness: Bird’s Eye (Vyros1, Vyros2) Important Rulings on Awareness and Frequently Asked Questions: 1. A 360° front arc/LoS does not affect Fields of Fire. They remain 90° as marked on the base. Any weapon system not constrained by Fields of Fire (S, -, H) can benefit from the 360° front arc. This means in the case of Colossals/Gargantuans someone can engage you, walk around your base to your back arc and walk out of engagement and you do not get free strikes. 2. Ignoring a Forest or Cloud for LOS purposes does not mean ignoring the benefits. Therefore models within can still benefit from bonuses provided by Concealment, Camouflage, Elevated Terrain or Prowl etc. 3. When engaged, Awareness does not affect the ruling on ranged weapons. In other words, you cannot fire a ranged weapon while engaged even if you have awareness. 4. On that note you still suffer the -4 if you choose to fire a ranged weapon upon someone engaged. However, drawing the LOS is easier. 5. 360 degree Front Arc means no Free Strikes unless they leave melee range. In other words, enemy models can pivot/circle around you, and then attack targets behind you without provoking free strikes. This is worsened when you have a 2″ Reach as it allows a great deal of free room. Now that, we have covered rulings and basic questions, its on to the good stuff: 1. First and foremost, its benefits are blatantly hard to ignore. You ignore practically everything except obstructions for determining LOS. This is ridiculous for your shooting game and can be applied defensively in your shooting game which I will talk about later. That being said, the benefit does not stop there. This extends to your melee weapons. Meaning you basically get a better Tall in the Saddle and do not risk losing Free Strikes due to LOS prevention. Should note, that a Large base is actually smaller than 2″(50mm = 1.9685 inches) so technically under Bird’s Eye/Awareness, models with Reach can actually attack through large based models they are in...

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MoM’s Podcast #26

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MoM’s Podcast #26 Topics: Food Machine Playing for Attrition Muse on Mail ** some minor sound issues due to recording at the game store.  Sorry – Scheduling was difficult this week       Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:18:08 — 63.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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