Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Tune in Tonight! Painting with MenothJohn

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Just a reminder… Painting with MenothJohn   TONIGHT! Sunday March 24, 2013   8 pm Central   Join MenothJohn and his sidekick Adam as they talk about painting, drinking, and tech that doesn’t work! Come for the mustache but stay for the beard! and search for Menothjohn   See you on line!

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Making something out of nothing

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Hi, my name is Nitz and I’m a Ronan of the gaming world. About the only positive thing that comes out of not having a local gaming store is that you can buy your miniatures and games for cheap, without any of the guilt.  Other than that, it’s kind of miserable.  No one would deny that saving $15 on a $50 game is fantastic, unless of course you never get to play it.  No local store means no helpful staff to point out new games you might like, or even let you try them prior to buying.   No store means no spot for local gamers to congregate and meet each other.  Further, should you meet a potential gamer, no local store means no safe spot to meet up.  If your potential gaming buddy is a lemon[1], he at least knows your phone number and may even know your home address.   No local store also means no game nights or weekend tournaments that you can attend that don’t require a massive outlay of time and/or money.   It also means no demos, not painting classes, and no display of the latest and greatest in new game shiny-ness. As I said, my name is Nitz, and I’m a Ronan of the gaming world.  I love Warmachine and board games, but I’ve never had a local gaming store to play them in (or a club for many of you non-Americans).   My choices were to give up on gaming and do things people around here actually love to do: sitting, hunting, darts, and drinking Busch Lights, or try to manufacture a gaming group out of thin air.  I choose the later, with varying degrees of success.  This series of articles is going to be about how I have tried to fashion a gaming group out of thin air.   My hope is that is might provide some insight and ideas to those readers of this sight who might have a similar plight to me.  I also hope it might make some of you more fortunate gamers realize how important and valuable your local gaming store is. But let me back up first.  To get there, indulge me as I tell you where I started[2].  I discovered gaming stores and real games back in 1997 at VEISHA.  VEISHA is a big festival held at Iowa State University in Ames each spring.  I was down from my college visiting friends, and happened by the colorful storefront of Mayhem[3], full of superhero figures.  I’d always liked comics, but never collected them because I’m too cheap (or they’re too expensive).  I had a bit of time to kill, so I walked inside. We never had a comic book store in my hometown, so it intrigued me.  I never made it to the comics. As I walked in and looked to my right I was met with a dazzling display of Games Workshop goodness.  I saw 40k and fantasy miniatures by the hundreds, and I was hooked.  I really didn’t know what to make of it all, but one thing I love doing is finding out about things.  I’m not kidding you when I tell you I went back to my dorm that night and did my first honest to God Internet research on a topic.[4]  What I saw was...

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Bringing the Retribution: All the Griffons!

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In my last article, I talked about how EVyros really reverses Retributions game style and lets a lot of great units shine on the battlefield. In this article, I am going to talk about two E Vyros lists: one I built and one I didnt. They both show off the best of what E Vyros has to offer. There is a lot of theory machine with E Vyros going on right now. Because he is a new caster and because he has such unique abilities, many of the old go-to models in Retribution just don’t fit with Vyros, causing people to expand outward more when it comes to list building.  With that in mind, I am going to start this article discussing one of the more interesting Vyros builds out there. I wanted to start with this list because I didn’t create it nor have I tested it. The Griffon List: Epic Vyros -Sylys -Aspis x2 -Griffon x7 Arcanist x2 Invictors Full w/ UA + Souless Lanyssa Ryssa No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is seven Griffons and two Aspis’.  This list was first constructed by PP user name Skillt  as know as Will P., who is a pretty well known (and good) player of Warmachine. The list, and some thoughts on it, are found in this BOLS Article. Why so many Griffons? Well, the list is meant to take advantage of Synergy to its maximum potential. With this list, and assuming that every model under the spell hits, you can turn a Griffon into a Mat 13 Pow 20 (Pow 22 with concentrated power) beater (As pointed out by a helpful commenter, I actually only added up the seven Griffons in the list. He would actually be Mat 15 Pow 22 (Pow 24) at the end of the chain). That is impressive for any light jack, never mind one that has pathfinder and reach. The list can also gain a lot from Vyros feat turn. Since all the Griffons have pathfinder, you rarely need to use Easy Rider and with Deflection up ( Deflection only works on Warrior models. I read E Vyros card I swear). It becomes very difficult to shot one of these guys off the board. The Aspis are there to keep Vyros alive and are just handy in general because they can take such a beating while also adding to the Synergy chain when needed. Now, we have seen spam lists before. Menoth players can take Ad-Raza with a bunch of Dervishes. But where as Ad-Raza doesn’t have a shirt on and thus can be killed fairly easily, Vyros came decked out in full plate mail. Vyros survivability makes the Griffon spam list much more viable. The Griffon is also a better light jack for this type of list then the Dervish. With this list, you can smash multiple heavies a turn and still have some Griffons left over to clean up infantry. There is too much armor for an opponent to effectively deal with. Even if your opponent does smash a few, all they are doing is creating more obstacles in the form of rough terrain. There are some issues with this list for sure. Running all those jacks on six focus is not impossible but difficult. You have to know...

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MoM’s Podcast #47 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

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  MoM’s Podcast #47 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Link to Explosivo’s Site: Time Stamps: 0:01:38 = News and Announcments 0:12:00 = Mayhem Cup Review (Part Un) 0:35:35 = Insider Convergence News 01:20:44 = Mayhem Cup Review (Part Deux) 01:56:15 = Ghad List Discussion Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:39:10 — 72.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Painting with MenothJohn is on MoM

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It is my distinct pleasure to have the opportunity to join the MoM family.  I know most of you know me from the amazing tech I have shared on other podcasts like: Lost Hemisphere Radio, Chain Attack, the occasional Crippled System reference, and Removed From Play (read as podcast whore), but my real love is the hobby, and that is what Painting with MenothJohn is all about. Painting with MenothJohn has been around since New Years Eve 2012 making it a real new kid on the block.  PwMJ started mostly because I couldn’t get a date for New Years Eve…this should shock exactly nobody.  That night I started painting my Judicator who carries the affectionate moniker of “Bullwinkle”.  I call my Judicator Bullwinkle due to how closely the pipes resemble moose antlers…made sense to me.  🙂 I will state right up front, the chances of you learning anything remotely important about painting miniatures from my podcast is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.  The chances of you having a chuckle and finding some inspiration to paint your miniatures…HIGHLY LIKELY.  So…come for the shenanigans and stay for the motivation.  We are the NEW podcast of positivity and we would love to have you tune in. Right now I am running the show LIVE on Sunday nights at 8 pm Central Time over at  To find my show, got to and type in the search window “Menothjohn” and my channel should come up.  I am not a master of all things web, but it looks like Twitch only holds onto the last 2-3 weeks of broadcasts.  It is free after all. I have my Skype up during the show, and I will be having guest painters on the show plus my regular co-host Adam Purdon from Salt Lake City, UT. Topics will include:  How to fix mistakes.  Should I shave today?  What do you do next after you finish painting your entire faction?  Drinking games.  Catch phrases and the ever popular “Is MenothJohn fatter than his last broadcast?” So…come for the painting….stay for the beard….wait…that won’t make sense for most of you… Come for the painting, stay for the community.  I hope you all come and share in the fun at Painting with MenothJohn. (Like us on Facebook at...

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Warma-Teach #1: The Set-Up

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Warma-Teach #1: The Set-Up Introductions The title for the first week’s Warma-Teach has a rather obvious double meaning. While I will get around to talking about the topic of formation later in the post, I want to start with introducing the concept of Warma-Teach and outline what I hope will be the successful paradigm for which it was built. I’ll start today with what Warma-Teach will strive to be, and what it will strive to avoid, in small enough terms so that we can get to the nitty your need grittied. First of all, Warma-Teach is for everybody, but maybe not for you. One of the foundations of Warmachine (and by extension Hordes) is that the learning curve is long and flat for a good long time while players struggle to learn the basics of every rule, faction, or warcaster/lock. This series of articles will not be discussing these topics related to basic rules lawyering or model overviews. There are plenty of websites (like BattleCollege) that do a fantastic job of pointing out these basics to a novice player. Instead, I’m going to be examining the larger arcs of the game, and I will point to individual model, factions, or rules only in as much as it helps to illuminate the topic at hand with concrete examples that players can get their hands on and try. Using the experience that I have as a teacher (my day job), the library I’ve accumulated in my personal fascination for the game, and discussions with similarly passionate players, I’m going to examine the facets of construction and play that are just beyond the reach of the beginning player. In short, this is a guide to bring your game to the next level, whatever that may be. I’m going to show you the forest for the trees, and while you gape at its majesty, hopefully you’ll glean something insightful from our discourse, and use it to crush your opponent utterly. That being said let us start with the first topic. The Set-Up One of the hardest beginning lessons that table top gamers learn upon visiting their first Warmachine game is in army deployment. Very quickly they learnt that they’re not playing a game with 48” sissy elves bolt throwers and Spesh Mehreens guns. This is Warmachine. You’re in your opponent’s face, or nowhere near them. This leads to many players lamenting the perceived loss of tactical combat concepts such as flanking and rear guards, and with rare exception (eMagnus’ Tier 4 flanking Sword Knights and Bog Trogs), they are correct. Most games happen in the center 24” square, but make no mistake, deployment can make or break you in Warmachine just as easy as any other game. It may appear that these tactics are simply lost, which in turn creates a perceived lack of tactical depth to the game. In actuality, they are replaced by other tactical deployment stratagems that the growing player can use to great advantage. Stratagem 1- The 10” Wall In my opinion, the strongest opening play available to 99% of casters/locks, though it is somewhat reliant upon terrain features. In this style of deployment, the first model deployed is your warcaster/lock, and they are placed at the front edge of your deployment zone, approximately 10” away from a wall...

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Return of the Dark Horse: The Butcher’s Block

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So been a long time since I wrote one of these, thats what happens when you have a kid and try to balance real life/work/gaming all at once.  Been able to keep up with work, as well as created a RPG game club at the high school.  Been able to stay active in my boys’ lives, though one is a baby and the other a dog they both are still my boys.  Been able to keep wife happy because “happy wife equals happy life,” the rest of that phrase doesn’t rime but still important, “and you get to keep your stuff.”  But the one thing that has taken a hit was my time to write artciles.  I know all my fans, all two of them, have missed me so here I am trying to make a come back.  Focusing on this time some Minions with my favorite cook, Midas:   Midas+5 Targ 2 Razor Boar 2 Razor Boar 2 War Hog 8 War Hog 8 Boneswarm 4 Road Hog (9) Rorsh and Brine 6 Farrow Bone Grinders 3 Farrow Slaughterhousers 6 10 Farrow Brigands 8 Farrow Razorback Crew 3 Total:  50/64 Tier 1 Benefit:  Can include boneswarms with Midas, Bone Grinders become FA U Tier 2 Requirement:  One Bone Grinder Unit Tier 2 Benefit:  For each Bone Grinder unit one warbeast in Midas’s battlegroup gets advance move Tier 3 Requirement:  One or more Slaughterhousers Tier 3 Benefit:  For each unit of Slaughterhousers one Boneswarm begins the game with 3 corpse tokens Tier 4 Requirement:  Midas’s battlegroup includes four or more warbeasts Tier 4 Benefit:  Add one non-character warbeast to his battlegroup (yes for free as it has been ruled), this warbeast begins the game destroyed   So to start off with this might not be the most ideal list, I of course would love more Bone Grinders but I only own one unit and since I play everything I surely don’t desire to go buy more, let alone paint them.   So lets first take a look at Midas’s stats and abilities.  Same SPD as most farrow with being below the average SPD of others.  His DEF is above that of most farrow but of course not as good as the great Lord’s.  His ARM is average but however his below average life, though average for minions, means it won’t take much to get through.  He has one magical melee weapon that is just below average for a melee type warlock, as well as having an average MAT, though both of these are off set by special abilities.  For instance he has the ability to Curse a model/unit, allowing him and other Bone Grinders in the army to get a bonus to hit and charge against the cursed model.  Keep in mind he has an average CMD so if he can curse something then he more than likely won’t be making much use out of the distance.  Though this curse goes to all attack rolls so this means magic attacks as well.  He has dismember to allow him to roll more dice of damage against warbeasts and his melee weapon allows him to when he kills an enemy warbeast he can immediately cast a spell with cost of 3 or less for free or even the destroyed warbeast’s animus.  His...

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Running the Gauntlet Vol.1

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Running the Gauntlet: Examination and Preparation for the Iron Gauntlet Volume 1: Throwing Down the Gauntlet Hey everyone, Pwnstarr53 (or Dan H. if you prefer) here! I am here to invite you on a very interesting and hopefully fun journey of examining and preparing for Privateer Press’ newest format, The Iron Gauntlet. I plan on making this a 6 part series that I will put on here about every two weeks or so heading up to Lock and Load on May 31st. Over the series I will examine Iron Gauntlet itself as a whole, looking at what I believe the meaning of it is and even the rules themselves once they are released for use to look at. I will also be preparing to personally play in the Iron Gauntlet myself and I will go over my lists I end up picking, the dojo behind them, and even a couple pseudo battle reports in my preparation. In this first article I will explain a bit about the Iron Gauntlet and it’s known rules, a little theory about the implications of the Iron Gauntlet, and even a little story about how I came to decide to play in the event and embrace it.   Iron Gauntlet Intro So if you haven’t seen the announcement made at Templecon 2013 in the keynote that Privateer Press held or read about it on the forums, I will break down what we know about Iron Gauntlet: The Warmachine & Hordes World Championship so far. The Iron Gauntlet is a new format PP has created to bring the competition to a whole new level. The event itself is a series with qualifiers that beginning at Lock and Load 2013 and finishes at Lock and Load 2014 with the actual Championship Event itself. So far two events have been scheduled, Lock and Load 2013 and The UK Masters, but the keynote showed Australia and South America as places where qualifiers may be scheduled as well. The qualifiers will use a point-based system to see who qualifies for the main event. So far the rules that we know about are as follows: 2 Lists, 50 points each No faction restrictions meaning you can play Cryx/Khador, Legion/Ret, etc. Specialists are baseline, effectively giving each list a 10 point sideboard Character Restrictions are baseline Hardcore Painting rules This makes for a very interesting format altogether. The ability to take any faction is definitely the most intriguing aspect of this format. PP has definitely thrown down the gauntlet (mmm puns) for sure this time.   Opinion Time! This is the section where I talk about general thoughts, both the publics and mine, so go grab those pitchforks and torches or popcorn and prepare to use them. So far the Iron Gauntlet has been met with a ton of skepticism from everyone. I often visit multiple message boards and listen to several podcasts and so far the reaction has been the same. It seems everyone is intrigued by the idea of the world championship aspect but it also seems they are very leery of the multiple faction aspect. “OMG DOOOOOM, Haley2 and Gaspy2 will be in every list!!!!” seems to be what I end up seeing the most with sprinklings of Bart Galleon thrown in there. Now not everyone is saying...

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MoM’s First Fundraiser: To the Emerald City and beyond.

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The Muse Crew had a blast at Lock and Load last year. They got to meet new fantastic people, play games and explore Seattle, the Emerald City, which is an awesome town. But since last year something terrible has happened and without your help The Muse Crew may never again see the Emerald City nor regain what they’ve lost… [column col=”1/4″]Chad has no courage. The burden he bears as a Trollblood player is just too much. He jumps at loud noises and is often found curled into the fetal position weeping uncontrollably during thunderstorms. Will you help Chad to make it to the Emerald City to see the Wizard and regain the courage he needs to soldier on?[/column]     [column col=”1/4″]Keith has no heart. Through his eyes, the world is just one constant, loveless, lifeless, pointless, empty wash of grey. Without compassion or empathy and only the grim certainty of death staring back at him, what does he have to live for? Won’t you help him get to the Emerald City? Only the Wizard can mend his heart.[/column] [column col=”1/4″]Crump has no brain. A lovable simpleton,  easily distracted, easily confounded, he frequently walks into walls and he can’t even build a 20 point list. Please help Crump make it to the Emerald City the Wizard is the only one who can restore his mind and help him reach these kids.[/column]     [column col=”1/4″]John is far from his home (it burned down). He journeys with these three unlikely companions (you know his house burned down right?) to seek solace in the Emerald City and council from the Wizard (because as you may or may not know, his house burned down.) Will you help him complete this momentous journey (after all, his house did burn down).[/column] This has been a great year for Muse. In our first year we have exceeded almost any expectation we could have set for where we might be in a year’s time. After such a promising beginning we’be been galvanized. Muse has the potential to continue on as it has begun. It can keep growing as source and a meeting place for new ideas and discourse relating to all things Minis, and beyond.  This fundraiser goes further than the Emerald City. We want Muse to keep getting better; more content and better content, new mediums and broader themes. Your support can make it happen. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received from all of you has been truly touching. Muse is for all of you and we do this because we love it. To all you Muse fans, Thank you, -The Muse Crew (Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, and Scarecrow) P.S. Toto is Collin P.P.S. Josh is the Wicked Witch T- Shirts Muse on Minis Front Back DPBS...

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Crippled System Episode 15: Mayhem Cup aftermath

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The gang plus more get together to discuss the mayhem cup, some warmachine Hordes, Sweden and Nathan offends more countries. Hosts: Nathan H, Brian G, Andy W, Jeremy S, Katie S, Jordan B, and Jim B 7 people, we kind of keep it under control Music Intro – Devo – Dont shoot, I am a man.Intros Mayhem Cup reviews + recommendations outro Email: Twitter: @crippledsystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:50:30 — 75.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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