Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

PwMJ – Now with International Flavor

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And what is that flavor?  Why…it’s the flavor of SWEDEN!  That’s right folks, we have Nevindar (Christopher Arnsmar)   (  as my co-host this week.  We talk about topics such as…What color should Skaare’s panties be?  What is your favorite Citadel wash?  What colors should the bumpy bits be on a pink troll? We also Release the Kraken as per normal and so on and so forth. PROGRAM NOTE:  There will be no show this coming Sunday because I am going to be at my brother’s place in northern Wisconsin for the holiday.  Boardgames will be in play featuring Pandemic, Zombicide, and maybe some Munchkin. Like the Painting with MenothJohn Facebook HERE and visit, subscribe, and then share the YouTube HERE! For the best results…turn on the automatically generated close captioned subtitles.  It makes watching the show 435x more fun.  Hilarity ensues.  ...

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MoM’s Podcast Jamie P Bonisode

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  MoM’s Podcast Jamie P Bonisode Topics:   The famous Jamie Perkins stops by to talk some Khador Shop. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 56:10 — 25.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Talking Tactics – Perception vs. Reality

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What’s up guys, it’s Trevy the Great from Way of the Swan with my first post on this auspicious blog!  I’d like to thank Phatasian and all the Muse crew for deciding that it was a good idea to allow me to share my incoherent mewling with you all!  Anyway, I’m back from my long, arduous training for the New England Team Tournament to talk about some of the lessons that I learned over the course of my games…     Recently, I’ve suffered a series of seriously debilitating defeats.  Most of my losses come from practice games that I’m playing using a new list with which I am not only extremely inexperienced but which also requires an incredible amount of finesse that I’ve thus far disregarded in a primitive attempt to use it as a blunt club with which to brain my opponents. Of the remaining losses, I’m able to attribute a large number to my responses to my opponent’s lists and ‘casters.   What I mean by this is that there is a quantifiable change in the way I play based on my knowledge of my opponent’s ‘caster alone.  “That sounds like a commendable attribute,” I hear you cry (albeit in far less facile and eloquent terms), “obviously it means that you can adapt your play style to your opponent!”  Unfortunately, it’s not that awesome; it’s not even really a conscious decision.  I’m bad at explaining things, so let me give you an example; I recently played against a pDeneghra player in a practice game using my eHaley list.  For some reason, I decided that Cryx was a good Faction to start with to unfortunately pDenny was my first ‘caster and as such I know exactly what kind of awful, dirty and perfectly inhuman things she can do.  I was acutely aware of the assassination threat that Denny had (22” range from an Arc Node is the magic number) and playing with that in mind, I kept Haley extremely far back and tried to pick off as many Arc Nodes as I could get my hands on.   A battle report of the game will be up shortly on my YouTube channel, but the short story is that I played far too conservatively with Haley, saving her Feat to stop a potential assassination run in the future rather than using it to allow me to play my army more aggressively without fear of retaliation.  If Deneghra’s Arc Node is caught in Temporal Shift and more than 15” away, Haley is almost Denny-free.  If both Denny and the Node are caught, Deneghra activates first and can’t get the Arc Node in range of anything important. Both of these were possible in my game, but I was playing so timidly that I did not take the facts into account.   So that brings me to my point; our preconceptions of how a game will end up wildly change how we play certain matchups; ‘casters with long assassination threat can force us to play unreasonably far back while ‘casters with a strong attrition game can sometimes surprise us with interesting assassinations.  Speaking as a Cygnar player, eCaine and eHaley are great examples of this: eCaine is widely known as a powerful assassination ‘caster, but his attrition game is extremely strong and...

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Bringing the Retribution: Two Zeros and a Microphone

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Two weeks ago, I attended the prestigious event known as Die Con. I was super excited for the weekend, as it was the first convention I attended this year. I decided months in advance to play in the two main events: the 35-point Steamroller and the 50-point Hardcore. I tuned my lists to pitch perfect and was ready to go. On Friday I got destroyed in the steamroller. I ended up going 2 and 3 before dropping out for the day. I was disappointed in my showing. But after a wonderful dinner at White Castle, I was resolved to do much better in the Hardcore.   My original plan for the Hardcore was to play E Vyros. I talked about that list in my previous article found here. However, at the last moment, I decided to change tactics.  I was working on a pure mage hunter list that could capture those allusive zeros. I felt I had two options if I was going pure mage hunter: Rayvn and Kaelyssa. Having used Kaelyssa in the 35 steamroller, I had a lot of practice with her as a caster. I decided that getting a zero would be a lot easier with her since I could literally shoot the caster out of the opponents army without having to go through any other models first. I quickly set up the essentials for the list: Sylys, Mage Hunter Strike Force, and a Banshee. Looking over the models I had painted, I knew that I might be in trouble. I didn’t have my Nayl or my Narn model painted. I figured I would down without them in the list. After a lot of switching around and some good discussion with the rest of the MSG crew at the con, I came up with this list.   Kaelyssa -Sylys -Banshee -Discorida Arcanist x2 Mage Hunter Assassin Eiryss Magister Artificer Destor Thane Mage Hunter Strike Force + UA Lady Aiyana & Master Holt Stormfall Archers   The idea was simple: use the Banshee, Strike Force and Kaelyssa to kill the enemy caster. Kaelyssa, while only having a POW 10 gun, still has ROF 3 and the ability to steal focus or fury. Using Phantom Hunter too, I can shoot your caster with the Banshee to know you down, then go in for the kill with Kae or the Strike Force. This was the 1,2,3 combo that won me a good amount of games at my LGS. At first, I thought about running at unit of Halberdiers with UA to provide a solid jam I could just run up the board. I am still not sure if leaving them out was the best idea and I think if I tried to Mage Hunter again, I would include them over Discordia. The idea behind Discordia was to pop its 3” bubble to protect the MHSF from blast damage while also having a 10” spray that could reach ‘through’ other models to hit the caster. In the end though, I mostly just ran him into the enemy’s biggest block of dudes and let them beat on him for a couple turns. It worked extremely well and I think that having a full 12-man unit doing the same thing might have worked just as well if not better.   I threw...

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MoM’s Podcast #68

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  MoM’s Podcast #68 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Time Stamps: 0:02:30 = DieCon Masters 0:30:00 = Off the Scrap Heap (Feora1 and Ashlynn) 0:57:30 = List Selections in Tourneys   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:13:36 — 33.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Hacking the Cortex: Men Sana In Corpore Sano

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Last week, Josh Simpson asked a question about staying sharp and on your feet for the duration of a long day of tournament games. There are a number of factors involved, and I’ll be looking at them all over the next little while, but today I’ll be looking at one of the least discussed – what you should eat on the day of a tournament to maximize concentration. The work done by the brain accounts for 10-20% of the body’s energy consumption (Though, notably, still requires 800,000 times less than the world’s best supercomputer, and does twice as many FLOPs). Neurons are in a constant state of metabolic activity, continuing to do work even while you sleep, and spend a whole lot of energy shooting lightning at each other. You think by making lightning inside your skull. It was awesome to me as an eight year old, and it’s still awesome now. In order to do all of that hard work, the brain requires glucose. Glucose is the only thing which the brain burns for energy, and low levels of circulating glucose are associated with loss of concentration and memory function. As such, on the most basic level, to maintain the ability to think clearly through a day of Warmachine, you need to keep a steady level of glucose. The best foods for this are complex carbohydrates. They are long chains of sugar molecules which the body breaks down into glucose over time, meaning there is a steady release of energy. You want to start the day with a good breakfast containing a lot of these, so turn to natural foods – bagels, bananas, porridge, or muesli. Or some combination of the above. You want to add some protein to the mix as well, and just for sheer deliciousness I suggest a Canadian Breakfast – fried banana, bacon, and pancakes. It has all of the above, and is way more awesome than I could ever have predicted (For best results, make the pancakes yourself and use less processed ingredients ). It’s also important to maintain your levels of blood sugar throughout the day. Spiking high or low isn’t just for dice, and very high or very low blood sugar also impacts your concentration. Low blood sugar deprives the brain of energy, while high blood sugar causes insulin production to spike, pulling sugar out of the bloodstream for storage. To avoid low blood sugar, snack throughout the day. Your best foods here are nuts and dried fruit, and (depending again on the amount of processed sugar involved) chocolate. Dark chocolate is best as it is generally less processed. Many of us turn to foods with a lot of processed sugar in them for an energy kick, but because they trigger insulin production, they’re a bad long term prospect. The initial high wears off fast, and high insulin levels mean that you’ve probably worked yourself closer to a crash. Because of that, I’d recommend avoiding sweets and soft drinks as your energy fixers. To add to the Bad News for soft drink drinkers, they reduce the amount of pure water you tend to drink, which can lead to dehydration. Don’t get dehydrated. Shockingly, water is best. You need about 1.5 L over the course of the day, and it’s best to...

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Board Game Spotlight: CLASH !!

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**NOTE**  I’m posting this for a friend of the show.  It looks like a pretty interesting game and I think everyone should check it out !!  –PA   Board Game Spotlight: CLASH! At the moment I have a project on up Kickstarter, it’s for the creation of a really fun steampunk fantasy card game me and my friends have been working on for the past 6 months called CLASH! I’m trying to take all my favorite elements from different games(I play everything from lords of waterdeep, to warmahordes, to l5r, to king of Tokyo) and put them together into a board game that’s strategically deep and challenging, while still being easy to learn and fun to play again and again. In the game each player will play as either the brave Champion of Hope, or the wicked Herald of Fear, in a battle for a location. Sometimes it will be a physical battle, and sometimes it will be about manipulating others to help you further your cause. The game is an asymmetrical card game because the goals of the hero and villain shouldn’t always be a mirror match. We’ve carefully play tested and designed a system where the Herald of Fear and his underlings try to destroy the location, while the Champion of Hope aims to stand in the way of evil, and protect innocence. The way this mechanic works is that each game the Herald of Fear will try to destroy the city by discarding the unique 10 card setting deck, while the Champion of Hope aims to foil the schemes of the Herald. What the Setting Deck allows us to do though, is add another variable to the game besides the individual characters and there 60 card decks. Each Setting Deck has a different special ability that will add a fun twist to the game depending which is used. With board games I don’t know about you, but I always love when a game comes with everything needed to play for two players. That’s why when designing this game we decided to include everything needed to jump right in with a friend. Another interesting feature of CLASH! Is that the combat is dice based, making for some fun times when luck swings either direction. If you’re interested in the game at all I’d recommend checking out the Kickstarter page, it has a game play video as well as a link to download the beta rules for free. You could really help the project by just sharing it with one friend you think might like it, or even sharing it on facebook. Thanks for all the support and feedback, -Jared Barry...

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Crippled System Episode 28: You’re killing me, Smalls

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Diecon quick recap*, Movies that shape your childhood*, Tweet/Email Thunderstorm*, Recommendations* *Random tangents thrown in Hosts: Brian G, Andy W, Nathan H, Jeremy S our youtube channel email us at Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:40:07 — 68.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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MoM’s Podcast #67

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  MoM’s Podcast #67 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Time Stamps: 0:02:50 = DieCon Hardcore 0:37:10 = Lightning Round   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:31:15 — 41.8MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Getting Into The Game: How To Play Hordes

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This video is a simulation of the “Hordes Demo” experience that you might have at a gaming convention or a friendly-local-game store. In this video we cover what’s needed to play the game, an explanation of the stat cards, a Starer-Box Battle Report, and we go over things that weren’t covered during the batrep portion of the...

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