Guild Ball Tonight Episode 31: Math Homework

February 9, 2016

Captain Rage Preview [3:20]
We’ll be at Events [20:26]
– Life’s A Pitch (February 27th)
– Bourbon Trail Open (March 12th)
– Crucible Orlando (March 19-20)
– Adepticon (March 31st)
WAAC Hunter Raffle [30:23]

Guild Ball Math (with James Morehouse) [34:26]
Vengeance 2016 Update (with Jay Finnegan) [1:09:53]
Twitter Questions [1:15:29]
– Andrew Massoura: Weather?
– Jon Bucket: Deathclocks?
– Joe Girard: Starters?
– Paul Sutton: Commissioned models and awards?
– Chris Smith: Dream team?
– thunderamc – Competitive interest long-term?

WAAC Hunter Raffle:

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Author: Phil

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