Guild Ball Tonight Episode 28: Bill Takes a Breather

Episode 28: Bill Takes a Breather
December 29, 2015

(with Jason Tate in for a vacationing Bill)

News: Championship events update [6:32]
Beating the Brewers (with Chris Rutter) [8:21]
Twitter Questions:
– New way to play (Scott Parking) [55:50]
– Measuring device of choice (Andrew Mossoura) [57:35]
– Rage as captain of other guilds (Chris Smith) [1:01:03]
– Fewer Union subs in season 2? (David Bartlety) [1:07:21]
– Sci-Fi version? (Nate Zettle) [1:15:08]
– Dice superstitions? (Jamie Wyness) [1:18:35]
– Season 1 awards (Lee Parry) [1:22:40]

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