Guild Ball Tonight Episode 26: Like 30 on Hoist Alone

Episode 26: Like 30 on Hoist Alone
December 1, 2015

Black Friday, Hoist, and Venin [2:50]
New sanctioning tiers [46:03]
Capital Regional and Crucible Orlando reminders[53:16]
A conversation with James and Jason [1:02:20]
Frequently Mistaken Rules, part 1 [1:43:23]
Most anticipated captain (Teery of Destiny) [01:59:20]
Themed pitches (David Raghanti) [2:02:33]
Season 2 dimensionality (Lee Parry) [2:04:46]
Which season 1 players have we changed opinions on the most (Andrew Massoura) [2:08:39]

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