Guild Ball Tonight – Episode 20: What’s A Madeley

Episode 20: What’s a Madeley?
September 9, 2015

First 2 season 2 preorders are live [3:50 ]
Hoist preview & unknown Hunter [9:18]
Smashed Shins Podcast launches [14:46]
Huzzah Fall Scrimmage (Oct. 3) [17:46]
Armada Games tournament report (with Steve, Josue, Yohann, and Dan) [22:22]
Masons Team Talk (with Siskey) [33:45]
Listener Questions:
First Union choice per team? [1:15:08]
Official Terrain? [1:36:45]
Will there ever be a nonhuman? [1:40:18]
Is Kraken worth it? 1:43:59 ]
Why am I so bad at this game? [1:48:49]
The WCWW guys stop by [1:49:10]

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Author: Phil

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