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Chunder from Downunder – Super Series Sydney

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Hello Amusing Musingerers, today I have  an actual tournament report. The gods of work aligned to send me to Sydney the week before the Sydney Super Series qualifier. For those who might not know, the Super Series is a series of qualifier events run across Australia, culminating in the players that qualify competing in the Super Series final at the end of the year. For details of the various events, and to find if and when there is a heat near you, follow the link below: Oz Super Series I brought my Skorne along to this event, and my expectations were mixed. On the one hand, I had only been playing Skorne (and Hordes) regularly for a couple of months. So though my expectations weren’t very high, I still definitely wanted to give qualification my best shot. I would need to go undefeated to qualify, something I have yet to manage in any event – I pretty much always punt one game per event, though my two previous Super Series hitouts I’d managed to avoid that problem, so I was hoping it would be a thing of the past. My two lists were: Lord Arbiter Hexeris (*6pts) * Cyclops Savage (5pts) * Cyclops Shaman (5pts) * Bronzeback Titan (10pts) * Titan Gladiator (8pts) * Titan Sentry (9pts) Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts) Venators Reivers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts) * Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts) Venators Slingers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts) Agonizer (2pts) Extoler Soulward (2pts) This eHexeris list is the one I am more confident in. I feel it is a lot more versatile and able to take on my tougher matchups like Cryx and Saeryn. My second list: Supreme Aptimus Zaal & Kovaas (*5pts) * Cyclops Brute (5pts) * Cyclops Savage (5pts) * Cyclops Shaman (5pts) * Titan Gladiator (8pts) * Aptimus Marketh (3pts) Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts) Praetorian Karax (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts) Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer (3pts) Venators Slingers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts) Ancestral Guardian (3pts) Ancestral Guardian (3pts) Extoler Soulward (2pts) Hakaar the Destroyer (4pts) I was not as confident in this list, but felt it would be good for a couple of reasons. I didn’t expect my opponents to be familiar with Zaal, and I felt there would be matchups it would be excellent in. As long as I could get one of those matchups, I could play Hexeris the remainder if need be.   Game 1 – Anthony Tortorici – Legion Ouch, first game was going to be a tough matchup. I knew Anthony would go for Saeryn, so I opted for eHexy, as his shooting gives me much better options on feat turn. From memory, Anthony’s list was: Saeryn 2 Angelius 2 Scytheans Seraph 2 Shredders 2 Forsaken 2 Shepherds   The scenario was Bunkers, which I knew would be a struggle vs. Saeryn. I could have played it safe and camped in his zone and made it an attrition game, but I’m really still testing my Skorne, so I elected to go for it. I sent the Slingers and Reivers to the Legion zone, with the Shaman and Savage as backup in later turns. I sent the Sentry, Bronzeback and Gladiator to the other zone. I put Ashen Veil...

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Tick tock Death clock – Tourney report

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Tick Tock, tick tock!   Tick tock goes the clock, and as the wheels of your mind slowly grind into action before reaching the penultimate whirring of a plan – you look across only to see that you are now five minutes into your time, and with a thump like a shotgun your heart pounds into action as your each down with a clarity and force of action to move that first piece – the first domino that will unravel your opponent for good!   Last weekend I played in my first ever death clock event,  I was looking really excited to this for a number of reasons not least of which being that I haven’t been able to play in anything organised for the last three or so months.  Due to the long lapse between events I was actually rather torn as to what to take in.  There were a number of competing forces within me, do I take RET and take the high road, drop a gear and zoom ahead with Skorne and even then which casters to take – what did I think the field would be like, who would play well into the death clock format.  In the end, what it came down to was that I overslept on the morning and instead of having time to put my raider and Nihlators together I quickly grabbed my RET bag, jumped out the door and called in my apologies at the first set of lights.  So, I had half an hour to come up with a pair of lists – in the end I just went with the two I had been dabbling with on my phone the night before and that turned out to be enough to do the job. The lists I ended up taking are a bit left of centre and not necessarily what I would normally take, looking back on them the Ossyan list in particular lacks polish or any of the fail safes that I would normally like (Aiyana and Holt specifically – /Passage).  The Rahn list was designed as an all comers list and is something that I’ve been working on for quite a while, it just seems to project an elegance and clarity of function that can sometimes be lost with attempts to be too tricksy, I don’t want to appear vain here but I feel that despite its apparent shortcomings it is fact a particularly good list, and certainly performed admirably.  The Ossyan list was also a bit different to what I would normally take – although that being said I generally like to use him in a more tactical function than a dedicated gun line and that suits me well.  I find the later can sometimes lead to an over reliance upon his feat which is in essence a trap.  Before going too much further here they are:     March of the battle mages (Tier 3) Adeptis Rahn (+6) Phoenix 10 Phoenix 10 Arcanist – Arcanist 1 House Shyeel Magister 2 House Shyeel Magister 2 House Shyeel Magister 2 House Shyeel Battle mages 5 House Shyeel Battle mages 5 House guard Halberdiers (max) 7 Halberdier O&S 2 House guard Riflemen (max) 8 Riflemen O&S 2 Total: 50pts Reinforcements Arcanist 1 Daemon 9 Total: 10pts   Lord...

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Hordes Faction Overview

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Last week I covered the strengths, weaknesses, and storylines behind each of the Warmachine factions: http://museonminis.com/warmachine-faction-overview/ This week I am continuing the topic by covering each of the Hordes factions. Trollbloods Strengths:  Trollbloods have strong infantry and solos.  Their warrior models have Tough.  The faction has some of the best fast-strike and multi-wound units in the game.  Many Trollbloods warrior models use medium bases, which means they can be useful for preventing line of sight and blocking trample lanes. Their beasts are hard hitting and can heal significant amounts of damage through snacking and regeneration. Trollbloods forces can excel at layering synergies, and it is often difficult to unravel their layers of synergy. Weaknesses: Trollbloods have a steeper than normal learning curve.  It takes play experience to not have your own models get in the way of the rest of your force when moving medium bases.  Additionally, the need to activate your models in the proper sequence in order to correctly layer your synergies leads to a difficult order of activations.  Trollbloods have slightly below average fury management for the main Hordes factions. Fluff: Trollbloods have traditionally had a tribal social structure.  The recent wars made them refugees that are seeking a new homeland.  Their desperate situation has led them to unite behind one chieftain, Madrak Ironhide. Circle of Orboros Strengths:  Circle of Orboros is a highly mobile army, which provides many strategic options.  They have good beasts with strong animi.  Circle uses both living beasts and golem style constructs. Fury left on construct warbeasts after leaching does not result in a frenzy check.  Some of the constructs also have the ability to cast spells from their warlock.  The faction has access to a comparatively large number of models with stealth, pathfinder, offensive spells, or denial abilities. Weaknesses:  Circle of Orboros can have a steep learning curve to play at their full potential, but overall circle has a lower barrier to entry.  Model placement and threat assessment are important for mastering this faction, and those abilities generally take a while to mature with a Warmachine or Hordes player.  The faction possesses average infantry that can struggle versus high armor targets. Circle has the worst fury management options for the main Hordes factions. Fluff:  The Circle of Orboros is an ancient organization composed of druids that wield the power of nature.  They view civilization as their enemy. Legion of Everblight Strengths: Legion of Everblight warbeasts are fast and strong with good animi.  The warbeasts have eyeless sight, which allows them to avoid some negative targeting and attack modifiers.  The faction is fast enough that it can often get the first strike on their opponent.  Legion of Everblight has fantastic fury management options.  New players can often begin winning faster than normal with Legion of Everblight. Weaknesses:  Legion of Everblight possesses average infantry.  The faction usually has to dictate the terms of engagement to be victorious.  Legion of Everblight generally needs to either avoid an attrition battle or fight one with finesse.  Although many Legion of Everblight players begin winning faster than normal with the faction, many also plateau and struggle to master the game. Fluff:  Everblight is an ancient and powerful dragon.  He has imbued his generals with part of his essence to aid him in advancing his schemes.  He...

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the Proteus Conundrum Part 1

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The Proteus Conundrum Part 1 I was one of the many spectators huddled around the Domination book at WMW 2011. I remember feeling like a gitty girl as we neared the Legion section of the book. At this point I was impressed by Ghetorix, Tiberion and so so about Rok with Primal. Then it happened, the page turned to Proteus and I quickly glanced over his rules and stats and stood there dumb founded and lost. “Am I missing something” I thought to myself. Maybe there is something I just don’t see yet, perhaps a synergy that was hidden in his rules text that would push him up to the next level. First we look at Proteus’s abilities and stats. PT Cost 11 SPD 6 STR 12 MAT 6 RAT 6 DEF 11 ARM 18 CMD 7 FURY 5 Proteus packs three initial melee attacks one that is a chain weapon with reach and Pull at P&S 14 and two non-reach attacks at P&S 16. He has 1 ranged 6 attack with drag at P&S 14 with the chain weapon ability. His other abilities are Herding – Allows you to be able to force, leech, reave, heal and transfer damage to friendly faction warbeasts in Proteus CMD range. Animus is Heighted Metabolism which costs 2 fury and grants snacking to a friendly warbeast. Looking through Proteus’s abilities and stats you will realize that instead of being focusing on melee or range that he does nothing particularly well. Drag is an awesome ability but with range 6 you will most likely put Proteus in threat range of the opposing army to attempt to drag a target into threat range of other models. His low P&S on his weapons is what really turns me off to him. 11 pts for a P&S 14 and two P&S 16’s doesn’t seem like a bargain when you can get a Scythean and a shredder for the same cost. I can go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get a better bargain on 2 Pillows than Proteus. Who knows, they might even have Higher P&S too! To add insult to injury, his chain weapon is a P&S 14 weapon. Normally, models that have shields get +2 armor and his stronger weapons are P&S 16. This means when fighting models with shields or bucklers that the damage output of both his weapons are a wash against shields and the claws win out against bucklers. his only saving grace is he has 5 fury which is a first for Legion. Comparing Proteus to the Scythean The comparison here will be Proteus’s damage output compared to a Scythean. The Scythean is one of legion’s staple beasts that packs two P&S 17’s reach weapons and chain attack Blood Bath which is similar to a thresher attack. We will compare them both against an armor 18 model assuming all attacks hit. The Scythean at P&S 17 will be dice – 1 on all attacks and will get 7 total attacks due to triggering Blood Bath. Through the course of all attacks the Scythean will deal an average of 42 damage to an armor 18 model. Proteus’s gets 3 initial attacks and can buy up to 5 additional attacks. At dice -4 and dice -2 Proteus’s average damage output is 38...

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Road to War Episode 8

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Road to War In this episode, we talk about Lock and Load and go over the Colossals book.   Send us an e-mail at aroadtowar@gmail.com with any questions!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:37:55 — 89.7MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Reflections of a dawn

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Reflections of a Dawn   Hi there everyone, my name is Tobias Ford and I was invited to post on Muse from a good gaming friend of mine Ben Hayes (The chunder from down under).  Initially he asked me as a positive spin for the Ret faction as that element is currently under-represented by the other authors and being fond of writing I said that I’d love to!  Of course then life and work and everything in between got in the way so I have been unable to complete the registration or write anything until now. I thought I’d start with a bit of a brief introduction through my WarMachine journey and how I got started with the Retribution. So it’s not really secret (to a lot of Australians at least) that I am a fan of Dawnlord Vyros.  Well, the story goes – that back in 2009 I managed to take out the Aus Gencon WM event (Trumping my very good friend Heath Eblen or Kojiro) – and well, the game has grown and evolved in leaps and bounds down under since then, but it remains one of my crowning glories. That was the twilight of mki and Retribution had just been released.  The lion’s share of my prize was a burgeoning Ret force that consisted of a squad of Sentinels and their UA, a Chimera and Dawnlord Vyros.  I thought to myself, I’ll just give them a bash – Elves are cool (and I have a lot of nostalgia for my first fantasy army – High Elves), maybe I’ll just buy enough to get thirty five points… Well, we all know how that fairy tale goes, and three years later they are my primary faction.  In the interim I’ve sold off all of my Cryx who were the faction that I started this game with back at the beginning when the cards were black and white and the only infantry you could buy for love or money were scrap thralls.  I never managed to sever the ties with my Skorne though (the faction I won Gencon Aus with) but they have taken a back seat – like a ceremonial blade.  I’ve dabbled in mercenaries, Circle and recently Cygnar but my faction of choice is the Retribution. My progress with them has been a pretty checked affair.  I remember when Skorne came out in mki and I started playing them the learning curve was quite steep.  They had some serious obstacles to cross and right up until metamorphosis they were a difficult faction to do well with (for me at least anyway), so I was certainly use to the xp grind. Vyros was similar in a way to Xerxis in that it took me a long time to make any progress with him, eventually though I started to get the hang of him though, and stop making bone headed errors.  Lacking any particular strength or an overwhelming feat, so all his game has to come from list creation and player skill, and the occasional prayer that his armour will hold together :p. I’ve gone through a lot of incarnations with him, trying to get him to work in various guises from assassin, to tank to support caster.  Over time I’ve found that he is capable of doing it...

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MoM’s Podcast #13

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MoM’s Podcast #13 Topics: 00:00:00 = Intro/News and Announcements 00:39:00 Tourney Recap 1:49:05 = Team Tourney Coverage 01:55:15 = Mountain King Preview 02:15:00 = Lock and Load Previews 02:43:00 = Colossals Review Discuss the podcast here Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:56:00 — 216.1MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Muse on Minis Interviews Doug Seacat

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Keith and Doug talk about the story behind Colossals and...

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