Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Schemes & Stones Episode 47 – The Future of Malifaux

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If your new to Malifaux and haven’t listened to my Welcome To Malifaux podcast posted on Muse here, I would start there first. If you’re ready to dive more in depth though then in this weeks episode were Jo, Per, Adam, and I talk about Malifaux’s future. Schemes & Stones Blog site (with new Building on a Budget articles) is here Schemes & Stones facebook group can be found here Addition discussion on the episode can be found here Please give us your feedback on twitter @SchemesNStones, leave us a review on itunes, or email us at Schemesandstones@gmail.com. Thanks for listening. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:10:22 — 64.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Klaw Plays Trolls Pt 12: Still Ending the World

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This article started out as a reply to the following topic on the PP forums. I know, it’s the forums, they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but every once in a while, some of the great voices leave a bit of their wisdom. Or so I tell myself. The main discussion point is whether Madrak2 is to be seen as the top 5% in Trolls. Going into the WTC, the general population of Troll players seemed to think so. Now, a measly 39% win rate later, I think we can conclude that the hype isn’t to be believed1.     My guess is that Madrak2 was omnipresent at the WTC, because he was the easiest entry point (someone in the thread mentioned this). As a WTC player, you only had three months to come up with two good lists that covered the meta. This is difficult for the following reasons: You have no idea what the meta looks like. Even more so because a developing meta changes every two weeks. Lists that were problematic in July, could have completely disappeared by August. You need to learn how the new game plays and what your new faction does. In Mk2 I played Grissel1, Grissel1 and then some more Grissel1, with some other warlocks on the side. None of these warlocks play the same now. All your friends are in the same position, so don’t expect much help there. These three factors meant that Madrak2 was such an attractive choice. One simply doesn’t have the time to grind 50 games against a variety of opponents2, and … the first tests were very promising. I mean, I only played against opponents who never met him. Surf up, kill stuff. Easy. What I did learn about Madrak2 in the three months before list deadline, is that he doesn’t handle heavy ARM well. I tried to alleviate this by adding Mulg and Hutchuck to the mix, which did help a lot, but that still wasn’t enough (against Vyros2 for example, but more on that later). The reason why I never tried the troop spam option is that in my preliminary tests, my infantry just got shot off the table. Let’s just say I never connected those dots.   Going through the WTC lists, I realized I had made a big mistake in my list building. I didn’t have a list that could handle Vyros2, Amon or Karchev, despite the rest of these factions being relatively good matchups for Madrak2, on average. I also didn’t have a list for Wurmwood, but … whatever. It was an acceptable hole in my pairing3. Anyway. I’m not sure the Madrak2 troop spam list would have been the better option. It does counter ARM spam, but … as soon as your opponent brings, say, 20 semi-accurate shots, I think your list crumbles fast. Going back to the three problem matchups listed above, you would get pushed into a list chicken situation. Ret typically brings a more shooting focused second list (like Ossyan), Menoth has the High Reclaimer, and Khador has … whatever they damn well please (Vlad1, Vlad2, Sorscha1, Irusk2) to make it a rough game. Sure, a list chicken is a step up from an autoloss, but still not something I’d be happy about.  ...

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Dark Guidance 12: The Brian-sode

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Brian returns to resurrect the month long dead Dark Guidance for its 12th episode. On this episode Superstar Brian Woods does all the work and gives a quick shout out to the awesome Big Blue event in Brisbane and the superb MOAB tournament in Sydney that he took part in during the hiatus. Following that Podcast Superstar Brian Woods will interview some scrubs from the WTC that go by Team Echidna, and one guy from Team Koala. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:20:56 — 64.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Storm Chamber Episode 7 – Khadorable

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Welcome to the 7th episode of the Storm Chamber; a podcast focused on the single greatest Warmachine Faction.  It’s Cygnar, obviously.  This time we talk about the dirty reds, gush some more about Stryker1 and non-sequitur all over Western Immoren. Remember to like the podcast on its sweet Facebook page and remember our epic bywords courtesy of TFB: “It’s terrible. Don’t listen to this. JVM sucks.”  ~Timothy Fletcher Baer Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:11:23 — 50.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Combo Smite Podcast 131 – Full Circle Review

Posted by on 7:00 am

Nick and I finally got around to doing Circle… 4 and a half hours of reviewing magic druids, insane cannibals, and robots made from stones. Good times! Give it a listen, let us know what you think! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:17:12 — 235.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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4 Man Meta – Episode 9

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Hello and Welcome to 4 Man Meta! In this Episode we cover the last 3 games of this season’s roster Mercenaries vs. Cryx vs. Convergence vs. Khador Enjoy! We are still refining the process and your comments are appreciated, email us at: FYI: This Episode is a bit more ramble-y than normal. 4manmeta@gmail.com Visit our Website at: http://4manmeta.com Or Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/4manmeta Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Fully Boosted – Episode 23

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Fully Boosted: A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast.  Episode 23 – This week in a “quarter pole” episode, we look back on our initial impressions and of MK3, along with early predictions we made, and see how everything holds up so far.  We also discuss a potential “limited format” and grade the factions. Facebook – Fully Boosted: A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Email – fullyboostedpodcast@gmail.com Twitter – @Fully_Boosted Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:54:05 — 104.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Crippled System Episode 177: The Kerr returns

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Intros Announcements Tourney recap 100 pts good? Zappity Grumble Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Nathan H, Brian K, Brian G Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:45:05 — 72.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Lost Aspect Episode 6: Business as usual!

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Introductions Announcements Warmachine, Politics, Adult Toys Not in that order Recommendations Hosts: Amanda S, Jackie S, Cylest B Like Lost Aspect on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CS_lostaspect Follow @CrippledSystem Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:22 — 80.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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MoM’s Podcast #283

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  MoM’s Podcast #283 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics: Introductions (John, Nigel, Chad, Keith) DOJO feat. John (Protectorate), Nigel (Khador) and Keith (Mercenaries?!) Pre-Ramble (Luke Cage, Nigel talks)     Follow us on Twitter @museonminis and like us on Facebook! If you really like the show support our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/MuseOnMinis Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:49:35 — 50.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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