Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

Meat the Butchers – Brisket

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Original post can be found HERE Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the star of the show, the striker for the Butchers: Brisket. Stats She is pretty fast at 6″/8″ compared to some of the other members of the team. She can leave Boar and Ox behind, though this might sometimes leave her exposed. Her TAC of 4 is below average for the team, while she has the best Kick stats of the butchers currently both for dice pool and range at 3/8″. Her DEF of 4+ is average but she does have Charmed and 1 ARM to help with that, her INF stats are also pretty average at 2/4. Character Traits Unpredictable Movement – When an enemy model gets into her melee zone she can make a 2” dodge move. This makes her very hard to pin down, however it is only once per turn so a clever opponent will force you to take it early and leave her high and dry so be careful. Charmed – If a Male attacks her, her DEF gets a bonus. Again a nice little bonus to have, and the balance between males and females means she can be pretty well protected from a lot of models. But don’t bank on it all the time. Attack Support – When she is close to Princess then she gains extra TAC, which is pretty good as it is a pretty big boost. Playbook Almost to reiterate the feeling that Brisket is the superstar of the Butchers, every column in her playbook has the potential to generate momentum! Her damage starts low but as we have seen buffing damage is not an issue for the team! Plays Super Shot – This boosts her Kick stats to make her pretty accurate and is a shining light in goal scoring, in a team that just hurts people as standard. Dirty Knives – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 3 hits) or 2 Influence. A targeted enemy takes a hit to their DEF, takes a point of DMG and also gains poison. Pretty nasty for something that has reasonable range on it. Again buffing friendlies by debuffing enemies is great way round a lot of models. Overall She is the goal scorer for the Butchers and she is pretty good at it! Don’t be afraid to use her in that way as the rest of the team can deal with stomping teams into the dirt. Let her hang out by the goal, ready for the off chance that you can get the ball to her! Once in a goal scoring position, she will generally not let you down!...

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Welcome To Guild Ball Informer!

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Hi Guys and thanks for checking us out! Welcome to Guild Ball Informer – Hope you enjoy this small video giving you a rundown of the dedicated Guild Ball YouTube channel bringing you content for this brilliant game! From battle reports and tactics videos to our brand new how to play series ‘Guild Ball 101’ Check out the video and please subscribe to the channel it helps alot and check out our existing content and let me know anything you guys want to see!! Happy Guildballing...

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Meat the Butchers – Boar

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Original post can be found HERE. Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the Big Man – Boar. Stats He is the slowest moving Butcher at 4″/6″ which makes sense for something so big. His TAC of 8 is huge, he has scary amount of it although his Kick stats do suffer as you would expect, at 1/6″. Like all big monsters he has very low DEF at 2+ but unlike others he has no ARM. He does have some healthy HP of 22 and ways to keep going. He generates 1 INF and can use 1 INF, so basically the most efficient model around. As to why we shall see from his traits. Character Traits Bezerk – If he damages a enemy model he can make an additional attack without spending INF (this is not an infinite loop). This means he is self-reliant on himself and no-one else really. Furious – He gets to Charge without spending INF. This means he can generate a good number of hits during his activation with little INF around. Regenerate – At the start of each maintenance phase he heals 2 HP. This is on top of his vast number of HP to start with. He will keep ticking unless some serious effort is put into taking him down. Playbook He has a pretty full playbook, with plenty of damage around plus all non-damage results are debuffs (knock down or his plays) with a bit of pushing in there as well. You need to get over eight hits before you get a wrap-around but on the charge this is not impossible! Plays Hamstring – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 3 hits). This hands out a big negative to MOV -4″/-4″ which means generally they won’t be getting away from him. Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 8 hits, but you’re doing 4 damage too!). Target loses a point of INF they have on themselves. Incredibly nasty in a resource management game! Overall A self-reliant monster that takes his one INF and goes on to try and generate more as he goes. He has the potential to create 4 attacks from that 1 INF so he can be scary. He comes with some nice debuffs as well, which just adds insult to the injury he causes. Like a lot of the big men he makes a great target for team buffs as he is pretty straight forward: STOMP!! Always remember you don’t need to move first a la Warmachine and Hordes. You can knock something down freeing an engaged Boar up to get his free charge.. 😉...

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Dublin Super League – Alchemists v Masons

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One of the other Pundits in Dublin suggested that we start a league to get people playing more Guild Ball. Eleven of us signed up, one more joined, and now we have two divisions. Exciting stuff! We play one game every two weeks, and my first game was against Eoin (another Eoin, it’s a common enough name for our generation) playing Alchemists. Eoin came over to my flat, and in the sweltering 19 degree heat with 2 tables borrowed from the montessori school downstairs, we played our first game. I’ve gone with Masons, even though I now own the guts of four teams I’m starting to feel good and loyal already. The league format gives us a roster of 8 players from which we pick 6 each match, so my line-up is as follows: Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Flint, Tower, Brick, Harmony and Minx. After my roster was locked in I saw the glory that is Decimate, but that’s for next league I suppose! For last night’s game, I was wary of Midas’ True Replication, so I decided not to bring Harmony. I’ve also been finding her quite fragile, and I didn’t want to be giving away any easy take-outs, so my team for this game was Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Flint, Tower and Brick, the same as up in Ards. There was still the potential horror of Midas copying Where’d They Go from Flint, but my initial plan was to keep far enough away that he couldn’t do it. Eoin’s team is Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and Decimate. In the photos they are represented by various Star Wars miniatures because his Alchemists are being painted right now. For ease of identification, they are as follows: Han Solo (Midas), Tusken Raider (Flask), some sort of bounty hunter (Vitriol), Lando Calrissian (Mercury), Hobgoblin (Calculus) and Decimate (Decimate). We draw our plot cards. I get Make A Game Of It, Man Down and Man Marking. Eoin gets Miraculous Recovery, Protect Your Balls and Keep Ball. I win the roll, and elect to receive. Midas kicks the ball up. Game on! Turn 1 – Honour Quick Times herself and charges Midas, who uses Unpredictable Movement to move back. D’oh! – Flask moves up, drops a Smoke Cloud on himself. – Tower jogs up, passes the ball to Mallet, he fails but the ball ends up on Flint. He then tries to Shutout Midas to no effect. – Decimate sprints. – Marbles uses Tooled Up on Brick, jogs up. – Calculus jogs up. – Mallet sprints. – Brick jogs laterally. – Mercury sprints forward, Fire Blasts Mallet. – Flint sprints up, passes the ball to Tower who dodges in behind Mallet. – Midas uses True Replication to copy Where’d They Go (I had forgotten my plan to keep Flint away from him), attacks Flint, gets a momentous Guild Ball result and uses Where’d They Go to end up next to Tower. Right, so the first turn could have gone better! I could have remembered Unpredictable Movement and not wasted Honour’s activation, but that was just a brain-fart on my part. It looks pretty likely that Midas will get the ball off Tower next turn. I can just hope that I get the first activation and can use Shutout on him to grab the ball...

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Guild Ball Tonight Episode 18 : More Canada than Usual

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Episode 18 : More Canada than Usual August 11, 2015 New Union Starter [5:40] GBT Goal Coins [13:22] Veterans Contest Reminder [17:58] Retailer Update [19:01] New Concepts: Truffles and Pin Vice [21:01] IGG Mat Update [23:28] Match Report (w/ “Midas”) [26:20] Interview With Jamie P [47:09] Twitter Asks: What animals for new mascots? [1:19:28] Favorite player not named Flint (or Midas)? [1:28:35] Best in-game moment [1:36:49] Interview with Adam Tremblay [1:40:30] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:01:10 — 55.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Meat the Butchers – Ox

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Original post can be found HERE Todays post will be looking at Ox, the head honcho of the Butchers. Stats As a leader he is not too bad across the board. His MOV of 5″/8″ is average for a heavily set gentleman. His base TAC of 7 is pretty good, he should be able to get some decent number of hits to fire up the playbook, particularly when charging. His kick of 3/6″ is not impressive there are better captains for kicking with, both with distance and dice pool. His DEF of 3+ is in that average range too, however he does have 1 ARM to help counter act this. Finally he is generating a lot of INF at 4/5, like all captains but he is also not too greedy about taking it off others. He has a low melee reach at 1″ so will be easy to lock down for some opponents, although he probably won’t be locked down for long. Character Trait The Owner – All friendly models gain +1 DMG to character plays or via the playbook. As it is an Aura he also benefits from this. Butchers hurt people, this helps. Legendary Play Get’ em Lads! – Another aura play that is the same as The Owner plus it hands out -1 ARM to enemies. This is incredibly nasty as stacked these grant +2 DMG for a turn in a reasonably large bubble. Literally there is going to be dead space around Ox as no-one will want to be near him. Playbook Ox has a good mix of plays he can do with his playbook. He has a reasonable number of momentum gaining choices which is great. While being very good at moving around, he also has a good chance to knockdown a model with only 4 hits needed. Plays Tough Skin – Costs 1 INF and allows him to increase the ARM of a nearby friendly model. But unfortunately he can only do it once per turn. They Aint Tough! – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild ball (equivalent of 2 hits). This hands out -1 ARM to target enemy. Butchery – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild ball (equivalent of 7 hits). Friendly models gain +1 DMG to target model for playbook damage. Overall He is a great force multiplier for the Butchers. On a given turn he could be granting +3 DMG and -1 ARM reasonably easily to him and his team. Then the minimum damage a model can takes goes from 1 to 4!! They are going to take models out quickly! As he generates lots of INF but doesn’t use much more you can play he efficiently! He sets models up to be pounded. He doesn’t necessarily need to do the pounding himself. As he is the force multiplier you need him to go early or after a model you want out of the game has activated, then simply set up and stomp. –...

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Team Talk Series – Introduction

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Hello For those fortunate not to have met me on social media or god forbid real life my name is Dave AKA Docbungle AKA Bear. I have been asked to share my blog posts about Guild Ball teams on here (Team Talk series), in which we take a beginners/basic look at each team member and see what is what. Hopefully they help people out as much as it did me writing (and editing) them. But enough about that time for some self-promotion 😀 My blog is Mini Musings of a Bear LINK, in which I cover all my Hobby ADD. This takes the form of posts of my painting, my various ramblings about the systems I play (not many honest) and sometimes you may even see some sense… I am a co-host of Flock and Awe podcast LINK, again we cover many things most of them pointless. Give us a listen, we may break you.. Finally some of you may have seen the WAAC fundraiser in various places that is my fault! It stands for Wargamers All Against Cancer and it raises money for MacMillan charity after they helped my mum during her fight with cancer which unfortunately she lost last year. But we have managed to raise over £11000 in 2 years so far so some good has come of it.  For more information you can check out the Facebook page LINK, use #WAAC (or #WAAC2015) on twitter or better yet head on over to this years donation page LINK. But for now I will leave you waiting for the first set of articles about the Butchers.   -Docbungle...

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Siskey’s First Tournament Win

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This weekend just gone I headed up to Northern Ireland for my second Guild Ball tournament. This would be my first as a proper player, since I ran the first tournament as a Pundit – the Guild Ball equivalent of Pressgangers – a couple of weeks ago in Dublin. This one was to be in Newtownards (or “Ards” as everyone calls it), a couple of miles outside of Belfast in the North Down Wargaming Centre. My wonderful fiancée drove us both up, while only making very occasional mention of how I had persuaded her to come up North on the basis that it would be a romantic weekend, when I would in fact be spending all day Saturday in a room full of dudes playing with fecky little men. She’s classy like that.   After a nice Friday night of meeting friends and eating good quality buffet food, we drove out slightly late to Ards the next morning. We were still the first there, apart from the shop owner and my Pundit counterpart Rick. In the end the tournament got eight people, which was pretty good going. My fellow countrymen from the Republic (or “down South” as the locals refer to it) had flaked out and some others from Portadown didn’t make it, so the Guild Ball scene looks like it’s going to get bigger and better…as soon as we can rely on people to show up! I’ve seen other people take pre-bookings which might be a good idea in future to assure attendance. Anyway eight was a pretty good showing, it meant we would have a proper 3-round tournament.   We were playing the “Local Friendly” tournament format, which is outlined in the Organised Play Document. This meant we would pick a 6-model team and stick with it throughout the tournament. We were playing 50-minute deathclock. Once the time ran out we would have 2-minute activations, and after each activation we would grant our opponent 1VP. In our previous tournament myself and Rick went 12-11 to me in our very first Pundit-Off. Coming at the game as a Warmachine player, I think this version of Deathclock is much better, but granting a Scenario Point to your opponent would be a bit weird!   Anyway I had to pick a list. I was playing Masons (to whom I have already begun to cleave like unto a new spouse; I have a problem, it’s called faction loyalty) and I had also brought two unpainted Union players, but since there was a painting prize I was eager to make a team composed of my painted models only. Another consideration was the field of teams. I knew there would be at least one Alchemist player coming, so that meant Harmony was out. The reason for this is that she has an ability called Scything Blow, and their team captain Midas can copy that ability. While Harmony gets to use it on 5 hits, Midas can use it on just 1. Scything Blow is particularly nasty when you’re on the receiving end, so I made a team of the remaining six Masons players: Honour, Marbles, Flint (so dreamy), Brick, Mallet and Tower.     I also had the benefit of knowing who my first match-up would be, so I could begin to play...

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