Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football from Steamforged Games. The Century War has wracked the land, and all that forges the fractious nations of the new Empire together is the blood-sport of Guild Ball, brought together by the scheming Guilds. Will you play the slippery Fishermen, the arcane Alchemists, or the suspicious Union? Read some articles, listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, and maybe you’ll find out which is best for you!

The Alchemist Formula – Vitriol

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Vitriol is next up in the lab. Stats Vitriol is straight out fast, with great MOV stats. She has a TAC score that’s better than many strikers, great KICK, with higher than average DEF but no ARM. INF is pretty standard. She is also the only Alchemist player with a 2″ melee range. Character Traits Cover of Darkness – Did I say that Vitriol is fast? Well how about a bonus 2″ move when she starts an advance benefiting from cover? This trait makes her insanely quick. Skilled within Shadow– Vitriol gains +2 TAC against enemies benefiting from cover. You should note that this does not allow her to ignore cover, so you end up with +1 TAC (can’t complain, it’s still positive). Hidden Damage – To round out the cover theme she gains +1 DMG to playbook results when the enemy is benefiting from cover. Playbook Three momentous options, an early tackle, and two results that deal three damage are all pretty sweet. Vitriol also has a low score Push/Dodge to get away from markers before shooting. Plays Smoke Bomb– Costs 1 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″. So Vitriol gets a bunch of cool benefits from all things to do with cover right? Well once per turn she can make a smoke cloud that grants cover! It’s almost like they planned it that way! Clone – Cost 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (three hits), RNG S. Clone allows Vitriol to ignore the next Character Play or Playbook result against her, and dodge 2″ just for fun! Nice ability to help keep her safe and sound. Overall Vitriol is a really potent striker; from cover she can hit the goal from 19″ away, or further if you hit and dodge before heading for goal. She has good DEF and Clone helps, but she really doesn’t stand up well to concentrated efforts to take her out. She will score buckets of goals, even if my own Vitriol is at a 50% miss...

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The Alchemist Formula – Mercury

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Today we move on to Mercury, the fire man. Stats Mercury is pretty fast for a midfielder. He sports average TAC, mediocre DEF and a perfectly average INF (sensing a theme?). He has one point of Armour like his co-midfielder Calculus, and an above average KICK. Character Traits Burning Spirit – Move up to Mercury, or start your activation within an inch of him, and you’ll be Burning. Tactical Advice [Flask] – If he is within 4″ of Flask in the maintenance phase, Mercury gains an INF bonus. Playbook Nothing too exciting here, only two momentous results, but an early tackle is handy sometimes. Plays Fire Blast– Costs 2 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″. Neat play that not only deals two damage, but also sets models hit on fire (Burning condition for the rules peeps out there!). Also, if other models end or move through the AOE they gain Burning too. Handy to slow down those enemies! Flame Jet – Costs 3 INF , RNG 6″. Fairly straightforward, three damage and Burning if you hit! Overall Mercury is pretty much exactly what you expect from an Alchemist midfielder: solid, with a good kick stat. Getting Burning out is great for slowing down the enemy and the AOE can funnel people where you want them to...

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The Alchemist Formula – Calculus

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Next up for the Alchemists is Calculus, one of two central midfielders for the team. Stats Calculus is on the faster side with a higher than average MOV stat. He has low-ish TAC, standard KICK, with average DEF and a point of Armour, which is not that common in the Alchemists. INF is perfectly average too. Character Traits Poison Fumes – Move or activate within an inch of Calculus and you’ll be poisoned. Granted, she can’t just wander up and poison you, but it’s still a neat ability. Playbook Four columns with only two Momentum generating results seems low; then again, if you’ve got Calculus leading the fight you’re probably not getting the best use out of her. Plays Blind – Costs 1 INF, RNG 6″, AOE 3″. Nasty play that will cause enemy models to take -4″ Mov and -4 TAC! One die means you can’t rely on hitting every time, but with bonus time it’s a very good play. Noxious Blast – Costs 2 INF , RNG 8″, AOE 3″. An AOE that remains in play. Models hit take damage and the Poison condition. Enemy models that move through or end their activations in the AOE become poisoned. A nice play that gets conditions on the enemy pretty consistently. Overall Calculus is a solid model for the Alchemists, bringing two good plays to the pitch. With some Armour she can take a little bit of damage, but don’t get her stuck in the middle of the battle or she will...

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Episode 6: je bent gewoon verkeerd neuken

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we talk about all sorts of stuff and even the errata, 0.0 to 13m Intro and waffle 13m to 31m Mr and mr 31m to 33m Devonian or Cornwallian 33m to 36m glue sniffing and pronunciation 36m to 1h 46 errata day 1h 46 to 1hr 50 efficient murdering 1hr 50 to 1 hr 52 competition 1hr 52 to 1hr 57 UFC 1hr 57 to 1 hr 59the resident band 1hr 59 to 2hr 05 tournament details 2hr 05 to end wind down and goodbye   Website: Facebook: Twitter: @WCWWpodcast Tournament on the 12th Dec: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:06:58 — 116.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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The Alchemist Formula – Flask

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Time for the obligatory cute mascot chat… what do you mean a little robot can’t be cute? He’s carrying all kinds of cool chemicals on that tray, don’t you know! Let’s talk Flask. Stats Flask is actually faster than you might think. His KICK is pretty standard for a mascot, and his TAC isn’t going to excite you. Low-ish DEF is boosted by good ARM, with standard INF for a mascot to round out his stat line. Character Traits Light Footed – Flask has tracks so nothing slows him down, which does make his MOV better than the raw number. Overheat – When Flask gets taken out, he really gets taken out as he explodes! All models within 3″ take 3 DMG and gain Burning. It can sometimes be fun to run a one-wound, on fire Flask at the enemy and watch them try to scatter. Smoke Cloud – Once per turn, Flask can place a smoke cloud centered on him. Handy for when you might need a patch of cover. Playbook Flask’s playbook looks light with only two columns, but with one hit generating a momentous Guild Ball token result, it’s better than it looks. He has a tackle, but I wouldn’t use him to steal the ball very often! Plays Intensify– Cost 2, RNG S Pulse 3″. Flask may only have one play but it’s a good one. All enemy models with 3″ of Flask take 2 damage if they are suffering from any conditions. Super fun if your opponent has bunched up a little. Overall Flask isn’t the most amazing mascot in the game, as he often just wanders around not dying. The times you manage to get Intensify off, and follow-up with Katalyst, it can be really potent. The damage threat from taking him out often cause opponents to leave him be.  His smoke cloud can also be really useful, depending on who you take in your team (more on that in a future...

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OzMachine – Episode 50

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Welcome to our celebratory 50th episode!  Bwoot bwoot!  🙂 We have the lucky winner of the Clockwork Dragon OzMachine prize on as our special guest, Blacky!  He joins us as we talk about Minions, building a community (specifically in Ballarat, but pertaining to any newish meta) and then we talk about Naaresh. Also after our preamble is our first Guild Ball segment!  We give people who may not have heard about the game a primer on the game, delving into some of the basic rules, the guilds themselves, and then our plans for the game.  The excitement is palbable! Feedback, comments, criticisms and most of all, suggestions for topics are greatly appreciated. Catch us on Twitter: Big Deno @sious69 Moops @Warcast Leeper @billiamsthorpe Cheers for listening! Deno Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:12:33 — 176.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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The Alchemist Formula – Midas

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It’s time to take peek into the lab and see what the Alchemists have cooked up… what do you mean only the Bear can do cheesy intros?! As ever, let’s start out with the Captain for the team, Midas. Stats Midas’ stats pretty much gives you the idea that he is more about agility than brute force, with higher than average MOV, good KICK, high-end DEF, and no ARM. He has a higher than normal max INF, with the standard captain-level TAC. Character Traits Light Footed – To keep with the fast and not-so-furious theme, rough ground is no impediment to Midas. Unpredictable Movement –Advance into Midas’ melee range and he can skip away (Dodge 2″) once per turn, just to make him even harder to pin down. Heroic Play Metallic Skin – Midas is one of the few models that has both a Heroic and a Legendary Play. Metallic Skin allows Midas to pick one of the following benefits for a turn: +1 DMG to playbook damage results, +1 ARM, or +2/+2 MOV. All have their use, but the MOV option makes him one of the fastest models in the game. Legendary Play Pseudoepigraphy – Once he uses this play, the Alchemists team gains one Momentum each time Midas spends an INF point, to a maximum of three Momentum. This means Midas can self-generate INF to shoot a goal from downtown if the Alchemists win the initiative. Playbook Midas has the standard 6 columns, access to both T and KD (though the latter does require lots of hits), with KD being rare for the Alchemists overall. Early access to a Guildball logo and double logo make for some interesting choices, especially in conjunction with one of character plays. Plays True Replication – Costs 5 INF, RNG 8″. I know, 5 INF! What the ability allows Midas to do is copy any play from an enemy non-captain, human model. So Midas could copy Lob Barrel from Stave, or Where’d he go from Greyscales for even more speed. The added bonus is that if the copied play can be triggered by Guildball symbols on the original model,  Midas can do so too… and remember that he has a single Guildball in column one… Scything blow on one hit anyone?! Heavy Burden – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild ball (one hit), RNG 6″. A really nice de-buff that drops MOV -4/-4 and -2 dice to character plays. It can only be used once per turn, but it’s a good choice. Clone – Cost 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (three hits), RNG S. Clone allows Midas to ignore the next Character Play or Playbook result against him, and dodge 2″ just for fun! Nice ability to help keep Midas safe and sound. Overall When you first look at Midas you’ll most likely scratch your head and think “Hmm… he looks ok but…”, and you’d be wrong. He is a really versatile model that can do almost anything other than stand toe to toe and bash. True, he does really shine when playing a fast kicking game, but if you choose to replicate an offensive play and use his Heroic play to get +1 ARM, he can really take it to the opponent’s team. True Replication isn’t something I do every game, as it does...

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Fermenting the Brewers – Team Talk

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Welcome to the last post in the Fermenting the Brewers series. Like all the other Guildball teams, there are some nice synergies between players. First up, two things the Brewers bring to the game in spades are Knockdown and Pushes (only Friday can’t Knockdown). This is how they play; they knock you down so you can’t stop them from scoring. They also bring Tough Hide and lots of ARM, which means that when you hit them you won’t be getting as good of results as you want AND you will be doing less damage. They are also a building crew; you need Momentum to get some of the great bonuses that are available. This means they build up during the turn to become quicker, more efficient, etc. Let’s start with Tapper. First of all, he ideally needs Scum nearby most of the game to get the extra INF each turn. The Brewers don’t bring large amounts of INF to the table anyway, so any bonus is a good one (also see Stoker and Stave for another boost). From here, Tapper then ups it again by handing out INF like candy for the price of a MP. This is easier as the game goes on and you rack up more MP, which is another thing easily done by the Brewers. He also grants extra TAC and damage to anything in an aura he generates, which again is amazing for getting more wraparound results (made easier by the fact that Brewer playbooks are smaller than the base TACs). Stave and Scum don’t add much to other members, apart from what’s mentioned above, other than slowing down an enemy in Scum’s case and adding lots of Knockdown and repositioning by Stave. Both generally don’t want to be at the forefront of the team, but rather supporting with barrels or extra bodies when needed. Stave does make it easier to clear a path, he is your bulldozer. A well placed barrel and some ramming means much of a team could be knocked down and a long way from each other. Very nasty if a team is reliant on bubbles of boosts (I would imagine this would hurt Ox a lot). Hooper likes knocked down models the most. Receiving the extra damage plus what Tapper and Spigot can grant means Hopper can hit very hard, especially with his Heroic play for more TAC (min damage 4 is Butchers’ level of pain). While a lot of captains are the lynchpin for a team, that’s not as true for the Brewers – for them it’s really Spigot. Increasing the speed and KICK of your team members within an auras plus boosting damage means you won’t have enough Spigot around to do everything you want. He even helps out the young lass as well; Friday becomes incredibly hard to pin down as her DEF goes to crazy levels, while also getting a mighty impressive KICK stat as well. All this and there is Stoker on his own setting things on fire….. My initial feel for the team is that you have Scum lurking near Tapper as much as possible, both for INF and any ganging up fun. Spigot goes where he is needed (usually after the ball) with Friday not far behind, ready to receive the ball....

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Engineers service manual – Salvo

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Salvo, the Marksman Overview Salvo is similar to Ballista in that he is a tool box player. Faster, less durable and perhaps a little less dependable than Ballista, Salvo brings a lot of flexibility to the Engineers line up. He works well within Ballista’s aura and has the greatest potential to generate momentum using character plays from the Engineers roster. Salvo also makes a great back up striker when the opportunity presents itself. Stats Fast for an Engineer, Salvos speed is further enhanced by easy access to dodges. His TAC is relatively poor with limited momentous potential from his playbook (especially against models that don’t have the ball). Salvo is an average kicker, but still capable when the time comes. His DEF, ARM and hit points are all average, which among the engineers line up makes him somewhat fragile. Traits and Plays Pumped- once per turn Salvo can use bonus time without spending a point of momentum. Often this helps him get that important character play off against a player with a decent DEF. But it also has great use for improving his goal scoring. Swift strikes- Salvo can make a 1″ dodge after causing damage to an enemy model, which coupled with his two character plays makes him very agile. This trait is great to use for hit and run tactics (along with Ballistas Second Wind this can become a team tactic), to gain better position for the next turn, or perhaps to get out of engagement and go for a pass or goal attempt. Kick Bolt- for a cost of 1 influence and with a range of 6″, the first of Salvo’s character plays causes 2 damage and a 3″ push. A successful Kick Bolt will trigger the Swift Strikes dodge and can be a source of momentum if Ballista is nearby. With a cost of 1 there are positives and negatives to consider with this character play. On the plus side you have the potential to push a player up to 9″ away from their starting position (watch those wings), this is situational and you will likely need to make use of both the swift strikes dodges and Salvo’s advance to get the full 9″ push (unless you were base to base at the start of his activation for example). The Kick Bolt push couples nicely with Ballistas legendary play Minefield, against a non tough hide player Salvo can cause 9 damage! (3 lots of 2 damage from the kick bolts and 1 for each push through the minefield, or add Tooled Up from Rage and turn up the pain even further). The negative on this play is that a dice pool of 1 dice makes it somewhat unreliable, especially against high DEF players. Pumped or traditional bonus time can help, as can using Salvo’s second character play Floored Bolt first. Floored Bolt- also a cost 1 range 6″ character play, causes 1 damage and the knocked down condition. Again as it causes damage there is potential for gaining momentum from Ballistas aura and of course dodges from the Swift Strikes trait (even against tough hide models as the damage is caused and then reduced). Floored Bolt has a variety of uses, from knocking a player down so that they can be hit by other character...

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Fermenting the Brewers – Spigot

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Next up in the Fermenting the Brewers series is Spigot. Stats Spigot is faster than the Brewers we have seen so far, but his DEF is similar to others and ARM to balance. His TAC is pretty average, as is his INF stat; however, he does have a decent KICK, made better by Football Legend. Character Traits Football Legend – A great ability to have around, as the aura just makes kicking so much easier. Even Scum could be tempted to kick with this trait in effect. Floored – Spigot gains additional TAC when he is targeting a knocked down model, making his potential playbook results quite impressive. On the charge he is one of the only players that could get double wrap, which is pretty extraordinary. Heroic Play Time’s Called – Wow! If you have been following these posts you will know the Brewers are not the fastest team around. This play solves a hell of a lot of problems; +2 MOV suddenly means the Brewers become something to fear. The only issue is the requirement for some Momentum, so they won’t be getting this bonus early game and the entire team won’t benefit at once. Regardless, this play could be game changing if you consider Football Legend as well. Playbook Spigot has a very similar book to the other Brewers, a sprinkling of damage supported by knockdown, and access to pushes, and healthy access to Momentum as well. Plays Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF. Adds +1 DMG to a friendly model, meaning the Brewers can suddenly start hitting hard with this bonus and forces the other team to respect the Brewers a little more than they typically would. Shame they can’t do it on multiples 🙂 Ball’s Gone – Costs 1 Guild Ball (which means 2 hits). This is basically a super tackle. You get to take the ball from an opponent and give it to a friendly model within 4”. A superb play that nicks the ball and passes it before your opponent can do anything! Overall Spigot is the ball supplier for the team. If the opponent has the ball and Spigot can reach them, he will steal it (made easier with his Heroic play). He is a support piece that lets other members of his team kick better, cause more damage, and move faster. He can literally do it all, but the problem is going to be that you will want him everywhere and he can’t manage that. Deciding who and in what way Spigot supports his teammates in a turn needs to be decided early so they can get the most out of him. Want Hooper to hit something hard? Easy. Need to help Friday get the ball into the goal? Done. Doing both in one turn? Pretty difficult. Original posts can be found here...

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