Grumpy Wargamers Episode 4


Another long(ish) hiatus but we are back, freshly invigorated for the new year – Grumpy Wargamers Episode 4 is upon you all!

This episodes topics are:

  • Review of the Bad Things from 2013
    We review some of the bad things that happened over 2013.
  • Looking forward to 2014
    Ok, so this may not be grumpy, but we chat about what we are looking forward to in 2014 – briefly.

The show is hosted by:

  • Jon Webb (Boosted Damage podcast)
  • Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Boosted Damage/Malifools podcast)
  • Dave Bartley
  • Mat Hart (Boosted Damage).
  • Mike Marshall (Malifools)

We hope you enjoy the 4th episode and we would love to hear your feedback on the show. You can email us at or tweet us at @grumpywargamers.  You can obviously hit us up on 0ur usual twitter accounts!

Mike Marshall – @OldManMyke
Conrad Gonsalves – @nepalese_ninja
Jon Webb – @J0nW3bb
Dave Bartley – @MephistonAG
Mat Hart – @C4RP3R



Author: nepalese_ninja

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