Grumpy Wargamers Episode 2

Thanks for all the comments and support for the pilot Episode 1 it has enthused to record another one!!

The four hosts from Episode 1 return to talk about some new juicy topics.

This episodes topics are:

  • The changing materials of miniatures. Does the move from metal to plastics make sense? Is metal worth more than plastic on a phsycological level. Does it matter what a miniautre is made of? Does the in game worth change things?
  • Cost v Reward. Gamers spend large amounts on models/rules but are less willing to pay for events/supplies.

The show is hosted by:

  • Mike Marshall (Malifools podcast)
  • Jon Webb (Boosted Damage podcast)
  • Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Boosted Damage/Malifools podcast)
  • Dave Bartley
  • Our guest host is in the shapely form of Mat Hart (Boosted Damage).

We hope you enjoy this second episode. We would love to hear your feedback on the show. You can email us at or tweet us at @grumpywargamers.  You can obviously hit us up on 0ur usual twitter accounts!

Mike Marshall – @OldManMyke
Conrad Gonsalves – @nepalese_ninja
Jon Webb – @J0nW3bb
Dave Bartley – @MephistonAG
Mat Hart – @C4RP3R

Enjoy and Welcome as the journey continues for us.


Author: nepalese_ninja

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