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Welcome to Muse on Minis. Today is Wednesday December the 7th 2011 our official launch day. I’m Keith Christianson the editor for MoM. We have a bunch of great articles posted already, and more on the way. Here’s a brief glossary of the current articles and authors you can find.


Strategy and Tactics

Riding a Dark Horse- Tournament pro, all-faction-collector Chuck Elswick (pg_Bulldog) brings you his thoughts on models and lists no sane person would think to play. Read how he makes it work and take away some new perspective.


This Guy!!!- “Sportsman” John (Phatasian) DeMaris shines some light on the Menoth perspective. Tips, tricks, new lists, and play experiences for the faithful.


A Study in Purple- I named my article with my favorite Sherlock Holmes novel and my awesome purple shirt in mind. I will be starting with a Cryx focus and expanding to talk about my other factions as the mood strikes. Write-ups on casters, tournament reports, etc.


Mind Tricks- Gencon champion Jake (Neutralyze) VanMeter offers insight and advice on playing the Legion of Everblight.


Strategy and Tactics will be expanded soon to include articles from other names you’ve heard. Players like Chad Shonkwiler, Will Pagani and more.


Something for the New Player


Climbing the Mountain- Lance (judgeito) Becker is a newer player who is working to break into the competitive scene. Read about his experiences from local tournaments and conventions as he works his way towards the top of the mountain.


New Player’s Guide- Nate Kapke takes his readers step by step through learning to play Warmachine. Starting with reading the rules, Nate will take walk his readers past the pitfalls of learning a complicated wargame.


Thursdays with Thanan- Starting on Thursday Dave is taking a look at all the battleboxes with new eyes. Where he goes from there, remains to be seen.


Painting Modeling and Terrain


Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog- Brian (Carnage4u) Giese will show his readers pictures and give tips on building beautiful and functional terrain for local play and tournaments.


Last but not least…


Weapons of Mass Distraction- Josh Holt takes us on a frenetic journey as he plays every game that crosses his path. Along the way he may stop for a smoke break or two and document some of his painting and modeling work as well.


Chunder from Downunder- Ben (Chunky04) Hayes will tell you tales of gaming in the Australian Outback. I hear they use poisonous animals for terrain there. And being a world traveler Ben can compare and contrast trends in Warmachine worldwide.


Hapiness is Rolling Dice- Ryan Miesen’s premier article takes a look at the Board Game Super Dungeon Explore. After that, who knows?


Building a Warmachine Community- Brian (pg_Finkmonkey) Finken, a pressganger in a growing community shares his experiences in planting and nurturing the Warmachine seeds.


We’re are looking for more contributors. If there’s something you want to talk about this is the place to do it. Contact us.


Author: sepher32

Keith wears a purple shirt. He's one of the regular hosts on the Muse on Minis podcast. He plays Cryx. Keith is from Madison, WI.

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