Gotta Win ‘Em All – 1: Chuck Elswick wins with every caster!

Recently I started using the Iron Grudge application on my smart phone to track all the Warmachine & Hordes games that I play. This application allows for you to track your games by recording how you won, when the game was played, the factions and army lists used, scenario, and your opponent. Iron Grudge even records a breakdown of control points scored and army points destroyed.

I came up with the idea that I think it would be cool to see a win with every warcaster/warlock in the game tracked on my profile.  I figured that there was no better way to try and master all of the models in the game than by getting a win recorded in the app with each one. Whether they are pick-up, tournament, or convention games I have tracked every one since I started using it on 6/17/2014. So far I have logged 275 games with 218 wins and 57 losses.


So below is a list of every faction and the ‘casters I have yet to get a recorded win with in Iron Grudge. I say recorded win because I have won games with all of these ‘casters in the past but they are not in my app so I can’t count them, have to start all over again to achieve my goal. Each week I will update this blog with which ‘casters I have “knocked off” the list for the week and the stats I have tracked with them.



Changes since last time I have added 6 wins.  I have knocked off all current casters prior to Lock and Load 2015

About the Author: Gotta Win ’em All is written by Chuck Elswick in an effort to log a win with every warcaster and warlock in the game. Chuck is a well traveled Warmachine & Hordes player who hails from the Detroit Meta, and both owns and plays every faction.

Author: Bulldog

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