Gencon By The Numbers

Alright, time for the big one! A look at Gencon Indy 2012. This included the 7 singles tournaments, but not the Team Tournament.


A total of 186 players with 197 factions played 417 games.

Faction # armies % armies
Circle Orboros 27 14%
Cryx 30 15%
Cygnar 25 13%
Khador 33 17%
Legion of Everblight 11 6%
Mercenaries 3 2%
Minions 8 4%
Protectorate of Menoth 28 14%
Retribution of Scyrah 9 5%
Skorne 13 7%
Trollbloods 10 5%

Fairly remarkable results. While Mercs are very underrepresented, Khador and particularly Protectorate of Menoth were uncommonly popular. Any reason for this in the meta, or just a coincidence?

Faction Performance

The red bars are confidence intervals for each faction’s performance so far in 2012.

Faction win % confidence
Circle Orboros 54% 11%
Cryx 54% 9%
Cygnar 33% 9%
Khador 55% 9%
Legion of Everblight 48% 15%
Mercenaries 39% 23%
Minions 39% 17%
Protectorate of Menoth 56% 9%
Retribution of Scyrah 42% 14%
Skorne 53% 14%
Trollbloods 63% 15%

Khador and Menoth were the overachievers here, while Cygnar fell far short of the norm, with win rate of about 1 in 3.

Trollbloods were the best performers, winning almost 2 out of every 3 games.

Top Bracket

Let’s once again look at how the Top 25% of players did.

Faction win % confidence
Circle Orboros 4 8%
Cryx 5 10%
Cygnar 4 8%
Khador 10 20%
Legion of Everblight 3 6%
Minions 0 0%
Mercenaries 1 2%
Protectorate of Menoth 11 22%
Retribution of Scyrah 2 4%
Skorne 4 8%
Trollbloods 5 10%

Gee. You might have noticed from that graph that Khador and Menoth seem to be rather conspicuously present among the top 25%. Calculation, or was it just a lot of good players of these factions showing up?

Well, all those Menoth and Khador players certainly got a good result, with win rates around 70%, but so did a number of other factions. The field at GenCon seemed to find that truly excellent Circle players had the most potential out of all the factions.

Once again, Cryx scores highest among the unwashed multitudes, but is unremarkable in the top tiers of competition.

Faction Matchups

Finally, the breakdown of each faction’s result against the others, and the amount of times they faced one another:

  1. Natetehaggresar Reply

    Thank You, its very interesting to see!

  2. Steampunk Jim Reply

    I love these so much… please do them forever and ever.

  3. Trollock Reply

    Great write up! Would love to see (at the end of the year that is) how faction performance and such varied over time, and if faction popularity followed their performance in the past :D

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